Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Director Elias Will Miss TLR

One of the best things about doing TLR has been getting to know filmmakers from all over the world--I took a lot of folks by surprise when I announced that I am bringing the blog to a close this month. Among those saddened by the decision was Gut helmer Elias.

He took time out of his busy schedule to pen a wonderful short essay about the blog. The big E even suggests where my online career should go next. Here it is:

"We came across Tom and his blog back in 2012 when I was promoting my first feature film "Gut". We had been querying and sending out screeners for review to any and all of the movie blogs we could find in an effort to get the word out about the film. We received our fair share of praise and critique for the film and Tom's review fell somewhere in the middle, managing to be both critical and complimentary, but unquestionable fair -- qualities in film reviews that are often lacking in my humble opinion. Still it was a mixed review ultimately, and you might think we would have all left it there, but Tom very graciously followed his review with a written interview of yours truly where I was able to expand more on my intentions with the movie, my experiences making it, and working in independent film overall. It was a kind and generous gesture for Tom to continue the conversation about Gut on his blog, and one that he didn't have to make, but that reflects his dedication and love for movies and respect for those that make them, which this filmmaker and movie buff deeply appreciates. The Last Reel will be missed, Tom, but our friendship will remain, and I'm grateful for that. Perhaps a podcast is in the future? I know someone who would be glad to come on and banter about movies and filmmaking anytime " ~Elias

Thanks for your very kind words--They mean more to me than you know....Our Round 2 chat was even more fun.

I am working on my exit post to be published soon....Stay Close.

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