Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lover's Lane

Real-life couple Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are set to play lovers in a new film from director Lasse Hallström says Bang Showbiz.

In American Lover--Paradis stars as 20th century French feminist Simone de Beauvoir a writer and philosopher famous for her treatise The Second Sex, which looked at women's oppression and contemporary feminism.

de Beauvoir also had an open relationship with existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.and traversed through Latin America with macho writer Nelson Algren (Depp) in the late 40's.

Depp has been shooting The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and then moves on to the ocean for Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pick-Au Pairs

RJ Cutler is going from making documentaries – his last The September Issue was about the publisher of Vogue magazine to direct a film adaptation of the teen novel series The Au Pairs says Variety.

Based on the works of author Melissa de la Cruz--the story follows three teen girls who take summer jobs working for a wealthy family at their Hamptons mansion where they learn some big life lessons.

Liz Garcia will adapt the screenplay.

Drew Barrymore, Nancy Juvonen and Leslie Morgenstein will produce.

Cop & Crazies Shut Out

The island on TV's Lost has some competition on the big screen as America's favorite getaway spot.

Martin Scorsese's film adaptation of Dennis Lehane's novel Shutter Island is still on top of the box office in the US... Kevin Smith 's comedy Cop Out lands at #2 while The Crazies is in 3rd place...


James Cameron's Avatar became the first movie ever to top the $700 million mark domestically. With a $14 million weekend, the 20th Century Fox release now is at $706.9 million domestically and $2.5 billion worldwide.

Andrew Stewart of Variety

Paramount continued to scare up business this weekend at the domestic B.O. with Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island" holding on to the top spot in its soph sesh with $22.2 million at 3,003 engagements.

Nicole Sperling of EW

No one will question Paramount Pictures' decision to move Shutter Island out of last year's crowded fall corridor into Spring 2010 ..

And the Weekend's top 10 Chart...

Next Up:Tim Burton's updated CGI and 3-D enhanced version of Alice in Wonderland is here staring Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp; Director Antoine Fuqua is back on the police beat with Ethan Hawke in Brooklyn's Finest

Strapped For Ca$h

Here's a theatrical trailer for the March 26th thriller Ca$h:

The pic follows a struggling young couple, Sam (Chris Hemsworth) and Leslie Phelan (Victoria Profeta) who find a suitcase full of cash. They are sure their luck will take a turn for the better-until the strange and sinister criminal Pyke Kubic (Sean Bean) arrives at their doorstep, looking to collect what he believes is rightfully his...

The film is written and directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson (South Central) and is notworthy of another bad ass role for Bean and Hemsworth prior to his super stardom as Thor...scheduled for release in theaters on May 6, 2011.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Captain's Chair Up For Grabs?

Even as the casting for the title role in the comic book pic "The First Avenger: Captain America" heats up, the rumor is out there that director Joe Johnston may not be calling action on the film

CHUD is citing an article at The Moving Image that claims Marvel is delaying the start of filming because they want to replace Johnson due to the poor box office of The Wolfman remake

Marvel has since contacted CHUD's Devin to issue a statement about the rumors:

"I just heard back from some folks at Marvel... they categorically, up and down, completely and without hesitation deny that there is any delay on The First Avenger: Captain America or that the production is any trouble. Everything is moving forward right now, they tell me."

Red Shirt Alert

The folks at How It Should Have Ended take on the JJ. Abrams' reboot of Star Trek:

Hilarious! Lens Flare!!

Reign Of Supermen?

There are more rumors surrounding the next Superman movie called "Man of Steel"

The IESB gang claim that The Prestige screenwriter Jonathan Nolan brother of "Batman Begins", The Dark Knight helmer Christopher Nolan, is being groomed to direct MOS, which he's tipped to be co-writing the script with David Goyer

Though he has never called action on a film before--The site says brother Chris will indeed oversee the next Superman through development thus guiding Jonathan-- also even serving a similar role for Green Lantern and The Flash films while directing Batman 3 culminating with the long troubled Justice League movie ... which Chris Nolan would direct after he's done with Bats 3.

Rumors for now--somehow though beyond speculation seem to make sense...

Take this-At the recent Feb. 17th celebration honoring Clint Eastwood and the release of their new DVD box set Clint Eastwood: 35 Films 35 Years at Warner Bros. IGN spoke exclusively with Warner Bros..chief suit Alan F. Horn about the studio's DC plans going forwaard, including the rumors of Nolan rebooting Superman.

"Well, I can say the DC library represents a repository of very, very important assets to us and we are, especially as Harry Potter finishes its now decade-long run here at Warner Bros., we're excited about ramping up the DC properties. I thought the first Superman -- "Superman Returns, -- was actually a pretty good film, and Chris, of course, has done a great job with the two Batman films," Horn said.

"So we expect him to be a big part of our future going forward, including with our DC properties. But I guess we think of DC as lining up planes ready to take-off on the runway. A number of properties we're very excited about and you'll be hearing about them shortly. ... I think we're going to be announcing something in the next couple of months."

Waiting for that official word...

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Reel Stretch

Twilight's Taylor Lautner, has dropped out of starring in Max Steel in favor of another toy-to-film adaptation, Stretch Armstrong according to The Vulture blog.

The reason merely boils down to Hasbro vs Mattel

Per one insider familiar with Lautner's decision, "When you sign up to make a movie with Hasbro, you know it will be in theaters a year later."

Hasbro also has a better film success record Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

That said I think Steel makes the better sounding flick

Lautner also recently dropped out of the Tom Cruise pic.Northern Lights over 'casting issues.' according to Deadline Hollywood.

Wow! Snubbing Cruise!!

Going For A Drive

Billy Burke is set to join the 3-D action pic Drive Angry according to Variety.

The film follows a tough-as-nails man with a curious past (
Nicolas Cage)--racing through the desert in pursuit of the man who killed his daughter and then kidnapped his daughter's child.

Burke plays "a charismatic cult leader whose nefarious influence leads to kidnapping and murder."

Dread Central says that horror genre favorite Tom Atkins (the 1980
version of The Fog, Halloween III, Creepshow and Night of the Creeps) has also joins the cast...

William Fichtner, Amber Heard, David Morse, and Charlotte Ross also star.

Patrick Lussier will direct this project from a script he wrote with Todd Farmer.

Atkins reunites with Farmer and Lussier who also worked on My Bloody Valentine 3D.together.

Production is set to start next month in Shreveport, La., in order to meet a February 11, 2011, release date.

Red Square Bots

Director Michael Bay talks Transformers 3 going 3-D during an interview on the Starz program In The House via MTV:

"It's a process we're testing with some Transformers scenes. How successful it is with my movie in terms of a lot of real stuff coming out of the frame, real dirt, real complicated little particles coming towards the lens, because hopefully that process will work. I've seen some tests that look great on other movies. I just want to see how it looks on my footage."

He also said he had to abandon his plans to do a small movie before the next Transformers: "I've become friends with these guys that run Paramount and they [told me] 'We're going to get fired if we don't have a 2011 franchise,' so I'm like you can't let these guys down. The economy's been so rough, it's kind of important. When you say yes to a movie like this you automatically give 3,000 people jobs: 1,000 for the toys, 2,000 for the filmmaking. I'm going to put [the small film] on hold and do it right after [Transformers 3]."

For the next pic im the series: "You can't just rehash the old. We're adding a lot of new elements. We're adding new characters. We're adding a lot of twists".

Production is set to begin in June and Bay said on his blog that the story would include big action sequences shot in Chicago and Moscow.

Going Rougue

The Broken Lizard gang have set "Rogue Scholars" as their next film at Universal Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter.

The 5 man comedy troop behind "Super Troopers," and "Beerfest"--Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske. will play unruly professors in this college-set comedy.

It's expected they'll hire college-aged comedians as the students and an older generation as the administration.

The studio will also release an untitled project the group are working on that's being kept secret. Both projects are still in the early script stage.

Cop A Plea

Jamie Foxx may reunite with his Valentine's Day co-star Ashton Kutcher for the buddy cop comedy Streets on Fire, says Pajiba

The plot from
Justin Britt-Gibson sounds very genre formulaic--Witness a straight arrow veteran (Fox) and a cocky newcomer (Kutcher) as they uncover a gang of killers as well as a bunch of dirty cops.

Kutcher is producing the film...

Kutcher and Foxx are both very funny guys with the right material to work with... But I just can't see this one doing the well worn genre any faves.

Intelligence Test

Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest "Fun with Dick and Jane") will direct the comedy "Central Intelligence" according to Variety.

The film follows an accountant (Ed Helms in his first leading role) whose reconnecting with an old friend through Facebook throws him head first into the world of international espionage.

The long-lost friend is still being cast.

Ike Barinholtz and Dave Stassen wrote the script.

Peter Principato and Paul Young will produce the pic.

Go With The Flow

Nicole Kidman has joined the cast of the Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston rom-com "Just Go With It" says Variety.

The story has Sandler's character hiring a single mother (Aniston) and her kids to pretend to be his estranged wife and fake family.

Allan Loeb, Tim Dowling, Tim Herlihy and Sandller co-wrote the script.

Deets of Kidman's role are being hushed but it is said to be akin to Tom Cruise's ala "Tropic Thunder".

SI swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker will also appear in the pic--says TheWrap.

Sandler's pal and frequent collaborator Dennis Dugan directs when shooting kicks off next month in Los Angeles.

Hall Gets Bigger

A trio of beauties Christina Applegate, Alyssa Milano and Vanessa Angell have all joined the comedy Hall Pass says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story revolves around two couples with both wives giving their husbands permission to engage in extramarital encounters. When the wives begin exercising the same privilege for themselves, things get complicated.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly direct from a screenplay they wrote with Kevin Barnett and Pete Jones.

Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer, Amanda Bynes, Stephen Merchant, J.B. Smoove, Larry Campbell, Nicky Whelan and Derek Waters also star.

Shooting began this week in Atlanta.

I like these latest additions of course--"Pass" is definitely following the Valentine's Day casting model


Gossip Girl gal Leighton Meester's teaming with House star Hugh Laurie and actress Catherine Keene in the dramedy Oranges says Variety.

The Jay Reiss and Ian Helfer script follows a man who gets into a relationship with the daughter of a family friend

Julian Farino directs the pic when shooting kicks off this April in New York City

Meester is keeping very busy with a wide variety of upcoming roles--the comedy "Date Night," the thriller "The Roommate" and is working with Gwyneth Paltrow and Garrett Hedlund ("Tron Legacy") in Love Don't Let Me Down


The sequel Wanted 2 has been cancelled after Angelina Jolie pulled out of the project deciding to take another film instead reports Vulture.

Universal Pictures suits decided to pull the plug on the film instead of recasting the role.

Wanted helmer Timur Bekmambetov was to return--star James McAvoy was back as well The pic was due to shoot later this year.

Rather Jolie is now expected to star in the space thriller "Gravity" which Alfonso Cuarón ("Children of Men") is gonna direct

Jolie will play the sole survivor of a space mission gone wrong who desperately tries to return to Earth and see her daughter again

David Heyman, who worked with Cuaron on "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", will produce the flick

Jolie is currently working with Johnny Depp on the thriller "The Tourist"-Written by Julian Fellowes (“Gosford Park,” “The Young Victoria”) and Christopher McQuarrie (“Valkyrie”), under direction by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck,

Flash Forward

Greg Berlanti (Showrunner on TV's Brothers & Sisters) is at the top of the list to direct the long gestating comic book flick "The Flash " according to the folks over at

Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original 'Flash' first appeared in "Flash Comics" #1 (January 1940). 'Jay Garrick', nicknamed the 'Scarlet Speedster', possessed 'super-speed', including the ability to move extremely fast, using superhuman reflexes that seemingly violate laws of physics.

Berlanti co-wrote the script for Green Lantern and was originally attached to direct that pic before Martin Campbell was hired. The studio however was apparently so keen on Berlanti's early work on GL--he's now tipped to bring red spandex wearing speedster to the screen...

Berlanti would mark at least the fourth potential director of the 'Flash' film--folowing David Goyer (Blade: Trinity) Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) and Wedding Crashers helmer David Dobkin..

Ryan Reynolds, who is now playing GL, was previously attached to play The Flash when Goyer was attached to call action

Purple Crayon Colors Big Screen

Pajiba reports that famed children's book Harold and the Purple Crayon is headed to the big screen.

Written by Crockett Johnson the tale follows Harold, a curious four-year-old boy who, with his purple crayon, has the power to create a world all his own simply by drawing it.

The book proved so popular that Johnson wrote 6 additional adventures with Harold's further exploits.

James Lassiter and children's book author Maurice Sendak and actor Will Smith are producing the film adaptation that will be an all-computer-rendered pic going for a The Neverending Story vibe.

Fifteen years ago Spike Jonze was attached to direct a combination live-action and animated film as his first feature, but after more than a year of work on the project, the whole thing fell through. two months before filming was to begin. Sendak, a protege of Johnson, was also involved back then. But he had Jonze adapt his own book, "Where the Wild Things Are," instead.

The initial screenplay was written Michael Tolkin and then re-written Shrek The Third’s Josh Klausner

Harold was brought to the small screen for a cable TV series

Looking For A Miracle

Producer Michael Aguilar tells Shock 'Till You Drop that The Hangover co-star Zach Galifianakis has signed on for Miracle Workers

The film is a supernatural buddy comedy about two friends who decide to pose as exorcists. The two think they've got a good thing going until they're faced with a real menace.

Galifianakis may be on a roll thanks to The Hangover but I'm afraid this one could go either way--depending on the strength of the screenplay and casting of the other "buddy"

Police Blotter

This weekend funny cops and a malicious horde invade the cineplex..

Director Kevin Smith takes Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, and Seann William Scott, on a ride along in Cop Out (reviews) Director Breck Eisner unleashes The Crazies-(reviews) a remake of the 1973 classic from George A. Romero...

Andrew Stewart of Variety:

Studios are calling this weekend at the domestic B.O. the calm before the storm, with two R-rated pics opening in wide release: Warner Bros.' buddy comedy "Cop Out" and Overture's horror pic "The Crazies."

Launches come a week before Disney rolls out its much-anticipated 3D "Alice in Wonderland," which is expected to do boffo business as it bows day-and-date in several key territories overseas.

Paramount's reigning champ "Shutter Island" should hold well after an impressive opening last weekend, earning $41 million -- the highest opening for both director Martin Scorsese and star Leonardo DiCaprio.

..."Cop Out," launching on 3,150 screens, stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, playing police officers who investigate the case of Willis' stolen baseball card.

Directed by fanboy auteur Kevin Smith, "Cop Out" is co-scripted by Mark and Robb Cullen and reps the first film Smith helmed but didn't write. Originally titled "A Couple of Dicks," Smith reportedly allowed the change after taking flak for "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." That film opened to $10.1 million at 2,735 playdates in 2008.

Tracking for "Cop Out" is strongest among males, but weaker for femmes.

"The Crazies," about a smalltown residents contaminated by a toxic water supply, opening at 2,477 engagements, should also play best among male auds. Overture said it hopes positive early reviews for the film can help it cross over to other demos.

Pic is co-financed by Participant Media and Imagenation Abu Dhabi.

"Shutter" has seen strong mid-week figures, having cumed $50.2 million as of Wednesday, with Par adding 12 engagements in its soph sesh for a total 3,003 playdates. Scorsese's thriller about U.S. Marshals, played by DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo, who investigate the case of a missing woman at a remote insane asylum, overpowered a host of holdovers in its opening weekend. Pic beat out Warner's "Valentine's Day" and 20th Century Fox's "Avatar."

"Valentine's Day" saw a steep drop of 70% in its soph sesh last weekend after becoming the highest-grossing opener during Presidents Day Weekend with $63.1 million. Pic has cumed $89.9 million.

Entering its eleventh weekend, "Avatar" should pass $700 million, having already cumed $691.7 million. With "Alice" set to occupy most 3D screens in the coming week, pic should continue to play well on 2D screens as it holds steady during mid-week.

Fox's other holdover, kid-targeted "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief," will continue to benefit as the frame's top family title until the "Alice" onslaught. "Percy" earned $15.3 million in its soph sesh, down 51% for a cume of $60.7 million...

Nicole Sperling of EW:

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan pairing up for a buddy comedy flick from director Kevin Smith seems like a good idea on paper. But with reviews for Cop Out stuck in the terrible category, this Warner Bros. flick is going to have to actually fight to land the number one slot...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scary Activity

Scarface, Mission: Impossible, and The Untouchables director Brian De Palma is on the short list of three directors to helm Paranormal Activity 2 says The Los Angeles Times.

The other two are Brad Anderson ("Session 9") and Greg McLean ("Wolf Creek").

Right from the jump my gut says that while De Palma has lots of polished flicks under his belt. I think it would be a mistake to turn the sequel into a seemingly bigger deal than it need be

The first 'Activity' out last Fall. had its marketing take off by low-cost word of mouth and online viral campaigns, the pic went on to make more than $100 million at the U.S. domestic box-office - stellar business for a movie made for just $10,000.

They should not slick up the sequel in any way or you might as well just call it Blair Witch 2 Surprised a big name De Palma is even on the list at all.

That film's director Oren Peli's has since moved on and as a consequence Saw VI director Kevin Greutert was set to helm the 'Activity' sequel. But Lionsgate flexed its option on Greutert to direct Saw VII -3-D which is opening the same weekend, October 22nd 2010 forcing Paramount Pictures to find another director.


The newest theatrical trailer for the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street is now online..

The reboot directed by Samuel Bayer, stars Jackie Earle Haley as killer Freddy Krueger and Rooney Mara, Kellan Lutz Kyle Gallner, Katie Cassidy, and Thomas Dekker as a group of suburban teens being haunted and killed in their sleep.

I must say as opposed to remakes as I am--In trailer form at least--this looks pretty dang good and Haley is quite effective as the horror icon--But it is just the trailer....

The Nightmare begins anew on April 30, 2010.

Mr. Anonymous

Mr. End Of The World Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012) may be gearing up to do Foundation..but not until he tackles William Shakespeare...Sort of...

Vanessa Redgrave, David Thewlis and Rhys Ifans have all joined "Anonymous", a Shakespeare-themed royal political thriller says Empire Online.

John Orloff ("A Mighty Heart") wrote the script which explores the theory that Shakespeare was not the author of his plays, but that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford wrote all of the stuff

The film will also explore the declining years of Elizabeth's reign as her court devolved into feuding factions between the Cecils and the Essex's..

Redgrave will play Elizabeth, Thewlis will be both the old and young incarnations of William Cecil and Ifans will be the Earl of Oxford.

Production kicks off in Berlin next month.

Zoo Crew For 2

Why oh Why?!!

Deadline Hollywood reports that Paramount Pictures and Ben Stiller want to-make a sequel to the 2001 cult comedy Zoolander

Justin Theroux, ("Tropic Thunder" and "Iron Man 2") will co-write the script with Stiller and potentially direct the follow-up--that will see the fashionista head to Paris Fashion Week to “immerse” himself in the world of current haute couture.

Drake Sather Stiller, and John Hamburg wrote the first pic

They hope Owen Wilson will return for the sequel but nothing is set, Jonah Hill ("Superbad," "Get Him to the Greek") is apparently in negotiations to play the villain.

I know the original has gained some measure of popularity since its release--but surely the talent involved could make better use of their time...


Cuba Gooding Jr. and Cole Hauser will star in the indie thriller "Hit List" says Variety.

Written by Evan and Chad Law follows a man who telld his problems to a stranger (Gooding Jr.) whom he has met in a bar. Soon a drunken ramble about the five people he'd most like to see dead turns deadly serious as the people on that list start getting killed.

Richard Salvatore and Freddy Braidy are producing.the pic.

Shooting kicks off this week in Spokane Washington

Rites Of The Devil

Sir Anthony Hopkins will star in the supernatural thriller The Rite says Heat Vision.

Based on author Matt Baglio's book that follows a young American seminary student who has a crisis of faith attends a Vatican exorcism school and encountering demonic forces.

Hopkins will play a mentor style character, an unorthodox priest and expert in exorcisms.

Mikael Hafstrom directs from a script by Michael Petroni

Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson are set to produce the adaptation.

Casualty Of War

Bradley Cooper has dropped out of the romantic comedy "This Means War" Entertainment Weekly.

The July start date for the pic overlapped with the start of The Hangover 2.

Cooper would've played one of two life-long friends who fall for the same woman (Reese Witherspoon) and end up fighting as they vie for her affections in New York City.

No word yet on what Fox plans to do to replace Cooper as the script was at the top of their priority list.

McG (Terminator Salvation) is still slated to direct the film.

Cavemen Mentality

Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds are set to voice cavemen in the 3-D CG-animated toon comedy "The Croods" says Variety.

When an earthquake destroys their habitat, Crug (Cage) must lead his family out into a deadly and unfamiliar world.

Reynolds plays a nomad with forward-thinking ways who charms the family, except for Crug who doesn't like the nomad's intent to woo his eldest daughter.

Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch" the upcoming How To Train Your Dragon"--due March 26th) and Kirk DeMicco ("Space Chimps" wrote and will direct the pic looking for for a March 2012 release.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Captain Candidates

The Heat Vision Blog and Deadline Hollywood reports there are six actors (mostly from TV) on the shortlist for the lead in The First Avenger: Captain America.--John Krasinski Michael Cassidy, Patrick Flueger. Scott Porter, Mike Vogel , and Chace Crawford.

Left to right, top to bottom: Crawford, Krasinski, Porter, Vogel, Cassidy, Flueger, Hedlund and Buckley

Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy) was also under consideration, but so far has been unable to make a test deal as had Jensen Ackles.

The actors are now on 30-day holds during the testing process. Chris Pine was rumored for the role a few weeks ago as well

Krasinski from the The Office TV show?? Really??

Porter gets my first vote Vogel is my #2, Crawford, rounds out my top tier

Joe Johnston is directing the super hero pic with a planned release date of July 22, 2011.

Stay Tuned...

Steely Resolve

Latino Review first reported that "Batman Begins", The Dark Knight co-writer David Goyer will pen the screenplay for a film titled "Man of Steel" bringing Superman back to the big screen.

David Goyer image.jpgAccording to Variety Goyer's script is going to be "modern…believable… and fun," and will involve more action than 2006's "Superman Returns," and will feature the hero battling Lex Luthor and Brainiac using the late 80's John Byrne era Ironically called The Man of Steel as inspiration... The awesome period began as a six-part mini-series.

Byrne took the character back to basics by significantly reducing Superman's powers. In this incarnation his foster parents are still alive, Clark Kent is more of an extrovert, there is no Fortress of Solitude and people are unaware of Superman having an alter-ego...

If that's the way they decide to go I endorse the notion 100% Byrne knew how to reboot.

SR's Brandon Routh nor director Bryan Singer are expected to return for the film.

UPDATE: AintItCoolNews reports that Goyer is not a lock to write "Man of Steel," according to Legendary Pictures founder Thomas Tull

...I don't know what to believe...But perhaps this and his work on and the as yet Untitled Batman 3 is why Goyer left his current TV gig FlashForward earlier this month...

Given this rumor that was then quickly denied by the suits Goyer's involvement here would make sense on some level.

And there is the leagel deadline to worry about and for all parties to fret over...

Until it's all sorted out and official plans are revealed I will not get excited...

Speedy PC-Style

Plans are underway for a live-action/CG-animated feature film based on the animated Looney Tunes character Speedy Gonzales says Heat Vision Blog.

The story has Speedy, a young and misunderstood Mexican mouse, finding himself leaving his family to go out in the world and figure out what he's good at. He soon makes friends with a nervous race-car driver.

Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen, who adapted comic "Garfield" for the big screen--as a similar style live-action/CG hybrid family film, will write the script for the coming-of-age story set in the present day.

George Lopez will voice the character and produce the pic.

Gonzalez is of those generational cartoon characters that would fail by today's PC standards —The film will carry the "Latino seal of approval."

The comedian's wife, Ann Lopez, who will serve as a producer on the film, says: "We wanted to make sure that it was not the Speedy of the 1950s - the racist Speedy. Speedy's going to be a misunderstood boy who comes from a family that works in a very meticulous setting, and he's a little too fast for what they do. He makes a mess of that. So he has to go out in the world to find what he's good at."

Gods Gets Pinto (& Roarke?)

Slumdog Millionaire star (and cutie) Freida Pinto is joining director Tarsem Singh's "War of the Gods" aka Dawn of War says Variety.

The film follows Theseus (Henry Cavill) , a young warrior who leads both men and the Olympian gods in a battle to defeat the Titans, the long-imprisoned former deities who plan to use demons to restore their power.

Pinto plays Phaedra, an oracle priestess who joins Theseus' quest.

Jason Keller penned the script's most recent draft for the project--after Charley Parlapanides and Vlas Parlapanides. The film is described as a "hardcore action film done in Renaissance painting style" with modern touches.

Gianni Nunnari, Mark Canton and Ryan Kavanaugh will produce the action pic.

Meantime in related news Deadline Hollywood says Mickey Rourke is up for a role in the picture as well...but he is also circling to play Corin the father, in Marcus Nispel’s Conan

Shooting on War kicks off in April which is slated for 2011 release.