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Wiseman Talks 2 Defunct Films

"Underworld" and "Live Free or Die Hard" director Len Wiseman did an interview with Film School Rejects, in whic he briefly talked about both the Gears of War movie based upon the Xbox 360 game and the remake of  Escape from New York...

He was attached to both pics. And then they fell appart.

As far as 'Escape', Wiseman said former "Lost" star Josh Holloway was considered to star- "He's great. He's got the wiseass, modern Snake Plissken vibe about him. He was somebody we talked about."

In regard to "Gears of War", Wiseman says the main reason that went nowhere was because the budget wasn't right to do a film that was faithful to the game:

"It just got to the point where it was too expensive for what they considered too much of an isolated, male-driven movie. You know, just even the fact it's called Gears of War [Laughs]. They felt it was risky. The vision I had for it was an appropriate one for the game. The game is epic and massive. I didn't really want to see the 50 or 60 million dollar version of that movie."

Wiseman also says Dwayne Johnson's name kept being mentioned as a potential star, but he thought Daniel Craig would have been a great choice for the role of Marcus.

Trek 2: We Will See The Return Of.....[BIG SPOILERS]

TrekMovie has reportedly confirmed the chatter that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch's villain role in the as yet Untitled Star Trek Sequel. is none other than Khan Noonien Singh.

I was hoping that the bad guy was anybody else--All I can do is cross my fingers and hope it all works

Kahn is the genetically enhanced human of the 1967 episode of "Star Trek" called Space Seed as well as the big screen sequel Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan played by Ricardo Montalban and in the process solidified himself as the best Trek villain period...,

Cumberbatch had a “very powerful audition.” The site also reports that although Khan will be the antagonist in the sequel, the plot will not mirror the series episode.

The other news is the return of Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime following his larger cameo from "Star Trek" '09 , a fact that the actor himself revealed the news talking to CNN last week (see video), and then AICN and a tweet he sent out this morning.

Nimoy’s work for the film is reportedly already completed...This is a surprise! And very welcomed indeed...

Lastly, the Klingons might be making an appearance in the Star Trek sequel. The adversaries were left on the cutting room of the last pic, but are reportedly too vital to the storyline to be left behind this time.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin John Cho and Bruce Greenwood have all returned to the Final Frontier in their respective roles as Kirk Spock Uhura Dr. McCoy Scotty Chekov Sulu and Admiral Pike.

The Supporting Cast Includes Nazneen Contractor who will play the wife of Noel Clarke’s family man character Alice Eve has a major role as does former "Robocop" star Peter Weller and actor/stuntman Joseph Gatt

Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof wrote the script for director J.J. Abrams.

The sequel will be produced by Abrams, Kurtzman, Orci, Lindelof, Bryan Burk, and David Ellison.

Star Trek 2 is currently on schedule to finish up shoots in Northern California, having wrapped in Southern California and on the lot.

The film will be released May 17, 2013 in 3D.

Selick Circles Gaiman's Graveyard

"Coraline" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" helmer Henry Selick is attached to direct the film adaptation of author Neil Gaiman's Award-winning novel "The Graveyard Book for Disney according to Deadline.

The story follows a boy named Nobody Owens who is raised by ghosts in a cemetery after his family is murdered. When he is a teen, he is pursued again by his family’s killer - a being named 'The Man Jack'.

Gil Netter and Ben Browning will produce the film.

Miramax Films and filmmaker Neil Jordan previously tried to get a Graveyard adaptation off the ground--but it got stuck in the development stage..

Meantime Selick is almost finished work on an as-yet-Untitled 3-D Project also at Disney reports The Los Angeles Times

The top secret project will be based on an original story of Selick's and is the first project under his exclusive deal with Disney/Pixar Animation Studios which he inked in 2010.

Roché Joins Bell's "Wer"

The great character actor Sebastian Roché has joined the cast of  "The Devil Inside" director William Brent Bell on the horror flick "Wer" reports The Playlist

The pseudo-doco follows a defense attorney (Kate Moore) looking to clear a client (Brian J. O'Connor) suspected in a grisly multiple slaying of a vacationing American family. There's more to the client however than it would appear on the surface.

Roché plays an French ex-military type turned detective.

A.J. Cook and Simon Quarterman also star in the film

Bell and Matthew Peterman wrote the script,

Peterman, Morris Paulson and Steven Schneider are producing. 

Production is currently underway in Romania

The Future Of Iron Man Films

With filming on "Iron Man 3" about to get going, studio suit Kevin Feige talked to Bad Ass Digest late last week on the future of the franchise.

Feige was asked what would happen if star Robert Downey Jr decided to leave the franchise, and he insinuated that they'd like recast rather than reboot.

"I think [pre-Casino Royale] Bond is a good example. Let’s put it this way: I hope Downey makes a lot of movies for us as Stark. If and when he doesn’t, and I’m still here making these movies, we don’t take him to Afghanistan and have him wounded again. I think we James Bond it."

As it happens over the weekend, MTV News asked RDJ what he thought about the notion of being recast.

"I would really hate for someone else to think they could step into my shoes. I wonder who's playing Tony Stark next.… I know things are looking like that they could go on for a long while. As usual in my book, it's all about quality control and delivering a product that you can have this kind of reaction to. If they keep doing that, maybe I'll keep showing up" says the actor.

I think RDJ will be playing Stark for awhile--"The Avengers" opened in many international markets over the weekend and has already racked up a whopping $178.4 in global ticket sales.

Chronicle 2 Deets

"Chronicle" writer Max Landis talked to TBreak about the film and the subject of Chronicle 2 came up.

Landis is currently writing the script which will focus on the aftermath of the events in the first film.

"The movie you saw (Chronicle) in the sequel, is a thing. That edited footage … is a thing. So it’s not like ‘we found this footage after this kids died’. You can’t deny cars being thrown in the air in Seattle. You saw all those helicopters. The world changed. That’s the end of ‘Chronicle’. And things are going to be different now. They can’t possibly cover up what happened" says Landis.

Aussie actor Alex Russell (pictured) is expected to return as Matt Garetty.

I loved Matt, and I felt really bad for him because I understood just how emotionally lazy he is and how he doesn’t really do what he’s doing. And that’s why I’m putting him through hell in [number] 2" And he adds that the film will essentially be about the world’s first super-villain.

Landis says that director Josh Trank will most likely pass on the sequel- "Probably not. Josh is all over the place with other projects. I’m also all over the place with other projects, but ‘Chronicle’ is really my baby. Josh will probably be involved in some respect but right now I just want to get the script done."

The first film hits Blu-ray/DVD on May 15th.

New Prometheus Trailer: "An Invitation..."

The newest international trailer for for director Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" has hit the Net...

This peek gives you a bit more of  the mission specs. It also puts the Charlize Theron character, Meredith Vickers, front and center. “My name is Meredith Vickers, and it’s my job to see you do yours,” she says when greeting the crew. It seems that Ms. Vickers may have a hidden agenda on this mission.

As to the other footage--HOLY CRAP!.....

Michael Fassbender Noomi Rapace Idris Elba Rafe Spall, Sean Harris, Logan Marshall-Green Ben Foster and Kate Dickie star. With Emun Elliott Patrick Wilson and Benedict Wong also in the cast as well. Guy Pearce cameos as Peter Weyland CEO of Weyland-Yutani that became the big biz of the franchise

Damon Lindelof worked with director Scott on the film script, which was originally written by Jon Spaihts.

Scott is said to have shot both an R rated and a PG-13 rated version of the script.

The lastest chapter in the Alien franchise has a June 8th, 2012 release date Stateside.

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Weekend Box Office Update: Still Da Man

Wow! For the second straight weekend the Rom-Com Think Like A Man came out on top--beating 4 new wide debuts!! The CG animated Pirates! Band of Misfits takes 2nd. Zac Efron romancer The Lucky One only slips to 3rd place.  Five-Year Engagement and The Raven disappoint big time...

Pamela Mclintock of THR:

The African-American themed comedy Think Like a Man grossed an impressive $18 million in its second weekend to stay at No. 1, while Jason Segel-Emily Blunt comedy The Five-Year Engagement came in No. 5 with a disappointing $11.2 million debut.

From Sony's Screen Gems, Think Like a Man has earned $60.9 million in its first 10 days of play, making it one of the most successful African-American movies of recent times and already pacing ahead of the lifetime gross of most Tyler Perry films.

Otherwise, the domestic box office was decidedly muted, with revenue down a steep 30 percent from a year ago, when Universal's Fast Five opened to $86.1 million.

After Think Like a Man, the race was close between Sony's animated 3D pic The Pirates! Band of Misfits ($11.4 million), The Lucky One ($11.3 million), The Hunger Games ($11.25 million) and Five-Year Engagement.

The biggest box office headline was overseas, where Disney and Marvel Studios' The Avengers rolled out in 39 markets, grossing a massive $178.4 million.

Heading into the weekend, Five-Year Engagement was expected to come closest to beating Think Like a Man in North America. The pic reunites many of the principals from 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which opened to $17.7 million, including Segel. This time around, he teams up with Blunt as they play a couple enduring a long-term engagement.

Universal says its financial exposure on the R-rated comedy is limited, between a modest $30 million production spend and co-financing arrangement with Relativity Media.

Five-Year Engagement, which received a B- CinemaScore, skewed noticeably older, with 57 percent of the audience over the age of 30. Females made up 64 percent.

"Although it opened slightly lower than expected, the movie will make up ground in ancillary markets," Universal president of distribution Nikki Rocco said.

Sony and Aardman Animations' The Pirates cost in the mid-$50 million range to produce, and has already earned $63.7 million internationally for a worldwide total of $75.1 million through Sunday.

"Pirates opened right in our sweet spot domestically," Sony president of distribution Rory Bruer said.

The weekend's other new offerings -- Safe and The Raven -- came in No. 6 and No. 7, respectively, both doing modest business.

Safe, directed by Boaz Yakin and starring Jason Statham, debuted to $7.7 million after receiving a B+ CInemaScore. Safe, distributed by Lionsgate, was fully financed and produced by IM Global.

The Raven, opening to $7.3 million, was directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) and stars John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe. FilmNation and Intrepid Pictures co-financed and co-produced the film, with Relativity distributing.

Top 10 Domestic box office, April 27-April 29

1. Think Like a Man, 2/2,015, Sony, $18 million, $60.9 million.

2. The Pirates! Band of Misfits, 1/3,358, Sony/Aardman, $11.4 million.

3. The Lucky One, 2/3,175, Warner Bros., $11.3 million, $40 million.

4. The Hunger Games, 6/3,572, Lionsgate, $11.25 million, $372.5 million.

5. The Five-Year Engagement, 1/2,936, $11.15.

6. Safe, 1/2,266, Lionsgate/IM Global, $7.7 million.

7. The Raven, 1/2,203, Relativity/Intrepid, $7.3 million.

8. Chimpanzee, 2/1,567, Disney, $5.5 million, $19.2 million.

9. The Three Stooges, 3/3,105, $5.4 million, $37.1 million.

10. The Cabin in the Woods, 3/2,639, Lionsgate/MGM, $4.5 million, $34.7 million.

Next: Summer Blockbuster Season Is Here! And to kick things off--The Avengers FINALLY Assemble!!!!

The Hobbit @ 48 FPS: Jackson Responds To Critics

Peter Jackson's has responded to mixed reaction over the 10 minutes of footage from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey/The Hobbit: There and Back Again that screened during CinemaCon (formerly called ShoWest)

Jackson told THR: “It wasn’t particularly surprising because it is something new".

The Oscar-winning director is filming his two-part 3D prequel to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy at a higher frame rate of 48 frames per second. Movies have been shot and projected at a standard rate of 24 frames per second since the arrival of talkies, and with that there is a different aesthetic look to the film.

Jackson’s epic, is the first major motion picture to be made in 48 fps that Jackson believes can result in smoother, more lifelike pictures.

A lot of the critical response I was reading was people saying it’s different. Well, yes, it certainly is,” Jackson, speaking by phone from New Zealand, said. “But I think, ultimately, it is different in a positive way, especially for 3D, especially for epic films and films that are trying to immerse the viewer in the experience of a story".

It does take you a while to get used to,” he said. “Ten minutes is sort of marginal, it probably needed a little bit more. Another thing that I think is a factor is it’s different to look at a bunch of clips and some were fast-cutting, montage-style clips. This is different experience than watching a character and story unfold.”

Because of that, he isn’t planning to release a 48 fps trailer for the movie. “I personally wouldn’t advocate a 48-frame trailer because the 48 frames is something you should experience with the entire film. A 2 1/2 minute trailer isn’t enough time to adjust to the immersive quality.”

Jackson himself has grown accustomed to watching 48fps imagery. He watches dailies in 48 frames every day, sometimes two hours worth.

"You get used to it reasonably quickly,” he said, commenting that now when he views traditional 24 frames footage, “I’m very aware of the strobing, the flicker and the artifacts."

We have obviously seen cuts of our movie at 48 and in a relatively short amount of time you have forgotten (the frame rate change). It is a more immersive and in 3D a gentler way to see the film.”

Jackson also explained the footage presented at CinemaCon would look different once it goes through the post-production process.

Because production is still going on the usual post production that affects the overall look of a film has not yet been done, so the clips were unfinished. They were not yet color corrected, nor had the visual effects been completed.

While the CinemaCon footage may have hinted at the direction in which Jackson is heading, he added, “People haven’t experienced it yet in the way it should be experienced.”

I think the higher fps will be easier to adjust to than everyone thinks--I hear many folks still complaining about 3-D in my travels--Heck I still think it's lame. And though it's impact on box office may have lessened a bit--it's generally accepted that Tentpoles will be using that format. This is no different....This is just another shift for the medium like going from Silents To Talkies or from B&W To Color.

The prequel sees Bilbo (Martin Freeman) travel on his journey with dwarves Thorin Oakshield (Richard Armitage) Bofur (Stephen Hunter), Bombur (James Nesbitt), and Bifur (William Kircher). Oin and Gloin (John Callen and Peter Hambleton) Jed Brophy as Nori, Adam Brown as Ori Mark Hadlow as Dori Balin (Ken Stott) and Dwalin (Graham McTavish)

Stephen Fry, Ryan Gage Benedict Cumberbatch Luke Evans Conan Stevens Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving Dean O'Gorman, Elijah Wood, Ian Holm, David Tennant, Barry Humphries., Lee Pace Bret McKenzie Orlando Bloom Billy Connolly Ian McKellen, former "Lost" actress Evangeline Lilly and Christopher Lee also star in the Hobbit 2-fer...Production takes place through July.

Journey will bow on December 14th 2012 while Again reaches cinemas on December 13th 2013.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

No Iron Man 3 For Scar-Jo

Contrary to earlier casting reports actress Scarlett Johansson tells Screen Rant that she will not be joining writer/director Shane Black's "Iron Man 3" as Black Widow.

The character first showed up in Iron Man 2  and has a role in next week's superhero team up film The Avengers

The story for IM 3 is based on the popular six-issue mini series "Extremis" by Warren Ellis--And the film's events take place after The Avengers. The plot involves the spread of a virus through nanobots.

 Robert Downey Jr Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle Guy Pearce Ben Kingsley Andy Lau and Jessica Chastain star.

Production will take place on location in Hong Kong, Shanghai and other parts of China later this summer once filming wraps up in North Carolina which starts in a few weeks.

I think it makes perfect sense that metal head goes solo again--Although I have to admit I will miss not seeing Widow's skills and particular assets on screen anytime soon after Avengers

Koepp Pens "Huntsman 2"

We may be some 5 weeks away from the June 1st release of Snow White and the Huntsman....But suits at Universal are betting the film will be enough of a money maker to warrant a sequel.

The first pic saw Hossein Amini rewriting original scribe Evan Daugherty's take pn the classic fairy tale which also had Evan Spiliotopoulos taking a crack at it The story expands the role of the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth). Ordered to take the evil Queen's (Charlize Theron) stepdaughter Snow White (Kristen Stewart) into the woods and kill her, The Huntsman instead lets her go and becomes something of a mentor who teaches her how to fight and survive.

Sam Claflin plays the Prince while Ian McShane is Caesar, the leader of the dwarfs. with--Ray Winstone Bob Hoskins Toby Jones Nick Frost and Steven Graham round them out--Liberty Ross and Noah Huntley will play the parents of Snow while Lily Cole and Sam Spruell also star.

Now we find out that David Koepp is in talks to work on writing the new script says Deadline.

The studio is hoping to fast track the project with the first film's director Rupert Sanders meaning that it would be the next film he does.

Potter Film Scribe Opens The Jungle Book

Frequent Harry Potter film series writer Steve Kloves is making a deal to write, direct and produce a new adaptation of author Rudyard Kipling's classic story "The Jungle Book" reports Deadline.

The pic will be a live action version of the story about an orphaned boy raised by wolves and other animals, which try to protect him from the ferocious tiger Shere-Khan. The tone will be a bit darker than previous film adaptations of the work

The most well known of which are the 1967 animated classic and the Stephen Sommers directed 1994 live-action live-action version starring Jason Scott Lee and Lena Headey.

Stewart Travels To "Cali"

Kristen Stewart will star in the action thriller "Cali" says Variety.

Michael Diliberti's script sees Stewart as Mya one half of a San Fernando Valley couple ooposite Chris often involved in dangerous behavior. After selling a fake snuff film they disappear with a bunch of cash. Years later Mya must return to save the younger sister she left behind.

The plot throws in angry former business partners, homicidal porn stars, stoner vets, and an assassin in a stetson as well.

Perhaps if he isn't busy they should try and get Robert Pattinson to play Chris....? Just sayin'...

Diliberti, Craig J. Flores and Zev Foreman will produce
Production aims to kick off later this Summer.

Flanagan Expands His Vision In Oculus

Mike Flanagan ("Absentia") is set to direct the horror feature "Oculus" says Variety.

Flanagan and Jeff Howard wrote the script in which two sibling orphans witness a haunted mirror killing someone - a murder the young brother is charged with. Now rehabilitated and in his twenties, the brother wants to move on but his sister is determined to prove the truth about the mirror.

The story riffs on Flanagan's '06 short Oculus: Chapter 3 - The Man with the Plan.

Here's the trailer for the short:

Trevor Macy and Marc D. Evans will produce the film.

Production kicks off in late Summer.

Foster Affleck & Mara Are "Saints"

Ben Foster Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara are attached to star in the film "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" reports Deadline.

David Lowery wrote and will direct this expanded version of his own award-winning 16-minute short "Pioneer" that screened at both the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW last year.

The short followed  a father (Will Oldham) who tells his little boy the most epic bedtime story ever.

James Johnson, Toby Halbrooks, Amy Kaufman, Lars Knudsen and Jay Van Hoy are producing the film.

Daredevil Reboot Gets Yet Another New Writer

David James Kelly has been hired to re-write a script for the as yet Untitled Daredevil Reboot says Deadline

At one point Fringe TV series writer Brad Caleb Kane was at work but has stepped aside. Kane was said to be adapting the "Born Again" comic book story arc, by writer Frank Miller that sees our hero go insane and destitute at the hands of the villain 'Kingpin', as well as his subsequent struggle to build a new life for himself The great storyline originally appeared from issues #227-233 in 1986.

David Slade remains attached to direct. Robert Pattinson Garrett Hedlund Bradley Cooper  and Xavier Samuel, who like Pattinson, worked with Slade on "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" were rumored to be up to play the lead at one point. Slade himself started the Samuel chatter: after sayng that there is some big news coming and then posted a photo of the actor. Since that time though nary a word save for this.

Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark will produce the remake.

Raimi Produces Poltergeist Redux

Sam Raimi is set to produce the remake of the 1982 supernatural horror classic "Poltergeist" reports Heat Vision.

Like the older film, the story focuses on a family whose house was built on a holy site and whose daughter is taken by ghosts.

David Lindsay-Abaire is writting the script.

Raimi WILL NOT not be directing the remake but will help in the search for a helmer.

It's one of two remakes MGM is working on at present, the other being the remake of the 1976 film "Carrie" starring Chloe Moretz.

Raimi is producing a remake of his own 1981 classic horror pic The Evil Dead as well

Mouse House Opens Graveyard Book

Disney won a bidding war for the film rights to Neil Gaiman's Award-winning book "The Graveyard Book" reports Heat Vision.

The story follows a boy named Nobody Owens who is raised by ghosts in a cemetery after his family is murdered. When he is a teen, he is pursued again by his family’s killer - a being named 'The Man Jack'.

Gil Netter and Ben Browning will produce the film.

Miramax Films and filmmaker Neil Jordan previously tried to get an adaptation off the ground--but it got stuck in the development stage.

Bell, Mara Will Be "Fighting Jacob"

Jamie Bell and Kate Mara are attached to star in the indie rom-com "Fighting Jacob" says Variety.

In the film Jacob (Bell) is an up-and-coming boxer whose extreme OCD is the key to his success in the ring. After a devastating breakup, he's forced to evaluate his many neuroses and whether he can be truly happy while still being a fighter.

Charlie McDowell will direct from a script by Justin Lader

McDowell, Kenny Goodman, Oren Kamara and Gary Ousdahl will produce the film.

Production kicks off this summer in Los Angeles.

Nolte Plants A "Bitterroot"

Nick Nolte is circling the drama "Bitterroot", according to Variety.

The story follows an aging Montana rancher who is scammed out of his life savings. Unable to locate the swindler, the rancher packs up his guns and rides his horse into Bitterroot to get his money back.

The Black List script was penned by Michael Gilio

Gore Verbinski and Jonathan Krauss will produce the film.

Plec Gets A "Tiger's Curse"

"The Vampire Diaries" showrunner Julie Plec will write an adapted screenplay for the epic adventure Tiger's Curse reports Heat Vision.

An adaptation of the young-adult novel by Colleen Houck, the story follows a 17-year-old girl who takes a temp job caring for a white tiger at the local circus. She soon discovers that the tiger is a cursed Indian prince who turns into a man for only 24 minutes per day. Their quest to end the curse leads them through exotic Indian locales and brushes with Hindu gods.

Mary Parent will produce the film.

The book was self-published as an e-read before it released in January last year in stores.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hornby's Brooklyn And Long Way Down Casting News

Rooney Mara will star in a film adaptation of author Colm Tóibín's best-selling novel "Brooklyn" says The Hollywood Reporter.

Set in Brooklyn and Ireland in the early 1950s, Mara would play a young woman torn between her family in Ireland and the American who wins her heart.

British novelist and screenwriter Nick Hornby ("About a Boy," "High Fidelity") is adapting the script for the pic which is being made by much of the team behind 2009's "An Education".

Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey will produce.

Production will kick off in Spring 2013.

There's also casting news for a film adaptation of Hornby's book A Long Way Down.

The story follows four strangers on New Year's Eve who coincidentally plan to jump to their deaths from the same rooftop.

Emile Hirsch has joined the cast, meaning there's only one of the four key roles still to be cast. Hirsch will be playing J.J., a pizza delivery man and former rocker who gave up his dreams of being a rock star to be with a girl only for the band to break up and his girlfriend to dump him.

Pierce Brosnan is also in talks to play a scandal-plagued talk show host. Toni Collette  would to play the helpless single mom of a disabled young man.

Jack Thorne ("The Scouting Book for Boys") wrote the adapted script.

Production on 'Down' also takes place in London in the early Fall.

Around The Horn With Rothman @ Fox

Doing press at this week's CinemaCon in Las Vegas, studio chief over at Fox Tom Rothman spoke with MTV News about a number of films on the company's slate.

Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" and the question of the film's as yet undetermined rating. An 'R' seems right for the material, but a 'PG-13' is generally the the desired rating for Tentpoles It's uncertain as to which way Motion Picture Association of America will go.

Rothman says that the film is going to the classification board shortly, and did make one promise to concerned fans - "This I can tell you and I can tell all the fans, not one frame will be cut. The movie will be what it should be. We will not cut a frame of the film. We will stand behind it 100 percent and if that means it's an R, then so be it, because not an ounce, not a percentage are we going to compromise the film."

The Wolverine--The Japan-set storyline remains Rothman says all the sound stage work will take place in Sydney, all the location work is happening in Japan and a great number of Japanese actors will be in the cast. He also says that the decision over 3D has not been made.

The Untitled X-Men First Class Sequel Matthew Vaughn and Simon Kinberg and Jane Goldman are all working on the script now and production is set for January 2013 with a release planned for either Christmas 2013 or Summer 2014.

Production began this week on "A Good Day To Die Hard " which, save for the New York City bookend scenes, is set entirely in Russia.

An Untitled Rise of the Planet of the Apes Sequel is indeed in development for a Summer 2014 release. Rupert Wyatt is back in the director's chair and Rothman claims the plan always was that if the first film worked, they'd go ahead with their plans for a trilogy. The question they're trying to answer now is what point in time will the next film take place

Finally the studio is developing a "Chronicle 2." and Rothman seems hopeful that  original "Chronicle" director Josh Trank will take on the Fantastic Four film series reboot.

Skarsgard & Sanada Join The Railway Man

Stellan Skarsgard and Hiroyuki Sanada have joined the cast of the film adaptation of The Railway Man.

The film follows Eric Lomax (Colin Firth), a real-life army officer who suffered at the hands of Japanese soldiers during World War II --only to seek revenge decades later.

Skarsgard plays the best friend of Lomax

Nicole Kidman takes on the role of Patricia 'Patti' Wallace, Lomax's second wife. Patty was instrumental in helping her husband deal with his psychological damage and put him together with one of the Japanese officers (Sanada) was responsible for his torture

"War Horse" star Jeremy Irvine will play the younger version of Lomax.

The script by Andy Paterson and Frank Cottrell Boyce will adapt the Lomax memior of the same name.

Jonathan Teplitzky will direct.

Chris Brown Bill Curbishley and Paterson produce.

McKay Moves "Uptown"

Adam McKay is in talks to direct the remake of the 1974 Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier buddy comedy Uptown Saturday Night." currently in development says Deadline.

The original film followed 2 estranged friends who have their wallets stolen at a nightclub. The next morning, they learn that one contained a winning lottery ticket and they set out to find it. The remake will alter that storyline somewhat.

The studio is hoping to get Will Smith and Denzel Washington to star

Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin had been attached to call action on the remake first.

The updated script is written by Tim Dowling (Role Models).

If McKay signs on he would likely do this once he wraps work on Anchorman 2

Farrell May Work In "Winter"

Colin Farrell has been offered the lead in Akiva Goldsman's supernatural thriller Winter's Tale says Variety.

An adaptation of the 1983 Mark Helprin novel of the same name, follows Peter Lake, an orphaned mechanic who tries to rob a palatial West Side mansion. There he meets a young dying girl ("Downton Abbey" co-star Jessica Brown Findlay) who he becomes determined to save. A flying white horse also figures into the story which is set in both 19th Century and contemporary Manhattan.

The likes of Luke Evans, Tom Hiddleston, Garrett Hedlund, Liam Hemsworth, Aaron Johnson and Benjamin Walker have also been under consideration at various points along the way and if Farrell passes, one of them could well accept the offer.

Russell Crowe is in talks to play a half a demon gangster boss named Pearly Soames, with Will Smith perhaps appearing in a small part as a judge. Both men have worked with Goldsman on films before.

Production kicks off October 15th in New York

Ramsey Is "Here" With Own & Zach

Laura Ramsey has joined the film "You Are Here" says Deadline.

The story follows local weatherman and freewheeling bachelor Steve Dallas (Owen Wilson) and Ben a bi-polar man-child (Zach Galifianakis), childhood best friends who embark on a road trip home after Ben discovers that his estranged father has passed away. Once there, Ben is shocked to learn that his eccentric father had big plans for him and he's inherited a whole lot more than his father's money. As Ben struggles with his new responsibilities, his friendship with Steve is tested by the complications of his inheritance, his sister Terry's (Amy Poehler) ambition, and Steve's desire to be with his father's beautiful young widow Angela.

Ramsey will play a young beautiful widow and love interest for Dallas.

The film will mark the feature film directorial debut for "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner who also wrote the script

Gary Gilbert, Scott Hornbacher, and Jordan Horowitz will produce the film.

Production gets going in North Carolina this May.

Gad Up For Wozniak Role In "Jobs" Biopic

Josh Gad is in talks to play Steve Wozniak in the biopic about the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs titled "Jobs" and starring Ashton Kutcher says Digital Spy.

Matt Whiteley wrote the script that producer Mark Hulme says will focus on the early years of Apple, its founding and the up and down years from 1971 to 2000. The film itself is not based on one particular book though. Unlike a rival biopic in development based on Walter Isaacson's authorised biography called Steve Jobs

Wozniak was one of Jobs's Apple co-founders in the 1970s. Though not close, the partners maintained a strong professional bond right up until Jobs's death last fall after a battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

Joshua Michael Stern ("Swing Vote") will call action on the biopic which will be shot during Kutcher's hiatus from Two And A Half Men as he moves closer to new deal to stay with the sit com

The film is intended for release late this year.

"Admission" VS. "Admissions"

2 films with similar titles are making casting news...

Michael Sheen will reunite with Tina Fey in the comedy "Admission" says The Hollywood Reporter.

Fey is tipped to play an Ivy League admissions officer whose relationship with a 17-year-old recruitment prospect threatens to ruin her career and personal life. Fey also meets a man she went to school with (Paul Rudd) but never really knew. It turns out he's been harboring thoughts about her, and possibly a secret as well.

Much like his story arc on Fey's TV show 30 Rock Sheen will play the uptight British boyfriend to Fey’s character

Owen Wilson would play a teacher at an alternative high school who falls for Fey.

Karen Croner ("One True Thing) wrote the script

Paul Weitz will call action and produce.

Filming begins next month in New York.

Meantime, Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia will star in the  indie rom-com "Admissions" according to Deadline.

This film deals with two people who strike up a spontaneous romance when they meet while taking their children to tour the same college.

The pic will be directed by Adam Rodgers from a script he wrote with Glenn German.

Joe Drago, Sig Libowitz, Garcia and German will produce the film.

Trio Still Have Their Innocence

Kelly Reilly Chloe Sevigny and Sophie Curtis have joined the cast of  the coming of age vampire pic "Innocence" says Bloody Disgusting.

Based on author Jane Mendelshon's book the story follows a bereaved girl who recently lost her mother and finds herself being targeted by a group of vampires at her elitist private school who want to make her a ritual virgin sacrifice.

Abigail Breslin stars in the film.

Tristine Skyler wrote the adapted script from which director Hilary Brougher will call action.

Pamela Koffler and Christine Vachon will produce the film.

Dafoe Gets Into The "Furnace"

Willem Dafoe  has been cast in Scott Cooper's Out Of The Furnace, aka The Low Dweller according to Vulture.

Brad Ingelsby's script follows Slim (Christian Bale), a recently released con who just wants to live quietly and marry his long-time girlfriend (Zoe Saldana). When his brother (Casey Affleck) is murdered he swears to track down and punish those responsible.

Dafoe will play the role of John Petty a sleazy bookie.

Sam Shepard plays the uncle of the brothers--a role that Robert Duvall was the top contender to play.Forest Whitaker would play a sleazy bookie involved in the death Woody Harrelson will play Curtis DeGroat, a crime ringleader--a role that both Billy Bob Thornton and Viggo Mortensen were circling.

Back in 2008 the script was highly sought after attracting directors like Rupert Sanders and Ridley Scott as well as actor Mark Wahlberg.

Scott his brother Tony Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran will produce, with Brooklyn Weaver is executive producing.

Shooting is underway in Pennsylvania

Hannah Marks Says You Can't Win

Hannah Marks has joined the film adaptation of author Jack Black's 1926 autobiographical novel "You Can't Win" says The Playlist

The pic will follow Black's (Michael Pitt) adventures on the road across the Western U.S. and Canada in the 19th century. Along the way he becomes a highwayman and drug addict who gets up to all sorts of trouble.

Marks will play a tomboy-turned-prostitute.

Robinson Devor helms the project

Devor, Pitt, Barry Gifford and Charles Mudede wrote the adapted the screenplay

Lars Knudsen, Jay Van Hoy, Robert Scarff and Zachariah Sebastian will produce the pic.

Production starts at the end of the month in Seattle.

Geraghty Climbs "Kilimanjaro"

Brian Geraghty ("The Hurt Locker") will star in the indie drama "Kilimanjaro" says The Hollywood Reporter.

In the pic Geraghty will play a man determined to climb the African peak called Mount Kilimanjaro after a recent breakup.

Walter Strafford will call action from a script he wrote.

Production kicks off mid-May in New York.

Box Office Preview: Spring Cleaning

This weekend at the cineplex it's the calm before the start of the Summer Movie Season...4 new wide releases join the fray:

Jason Segel and Emily Blunt have a Five-Year Engagement (reviews); John Cusack is writer Edgar Allan Poe on the trail of a killer in The Raven (reviews); Jason Statham plays it Safe (reviews) in another action pic; Meet the CG animated Pirates! Band of Misfits (reviews)

Gregg Kilday of THR:

With four new wide releases hitting theaters this weekend, Hollywood is staging something of a spring clearance before the first of the presumptive summer blockbusters, The Avengers, descends on the multiplex the following weekend, May 4.

Of the new entries, Universal’s romantic comedy The Five-Year Engagement is showing the most box-office potential, although it’s not expected to dislodge Sony/Screen Gems’ Think Like a Man from the top spot that it claimed when it opened last weekend to $33.6 million.

The R-rated Engagement, which is opening in 2,936 theaters in North America, is looking to attract younger females with an opening in the low-teen million dollar range. That would probably put it in the second spot, since even if Man, the African-American ensemble comedy directed by Tim Story, falls by 50%, it would still gross a figure in the high-teen millions.

Engagement, a $30-million production on which Universal partnered with Relativity, re-unites many of the principals from 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which opened to $17.7 million. Once again, Jason Segel stars – this time teaming up with Emily Blunt as they play a couple enduring a long-term engagement. Segel, who wrote Marshall, co-wrote Engagement with Nicholas Stoller, who directed the new movie just as he directed Marshall. The comedy also bears the imprimatur of the prolific Judd Apatow, who served as one of its producers.

In a play for younger audiences, Sony is taking over 3,358 theaters, the widest opening of the weekend, for its PG-rated animated movie The Pirates! Band of Misfits. From Britain’s Aardman Animations, which created last year’s Arthur Christmas, the movie features a voice cast that includes Hugh Grant as its Pirate Captain and Salma Hayek as Cutlass Liz. The movie also is expected to open in the low-teen million range, which could be quite crowded since Warners’ romance The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron, which opened to $22.5 million last weekend, should also occupy the low-teen million territory in its second weekend.

Likely to debut in the $8-10 million range is The Raven, from Relativity, which will set down in 2,203 locations. The R-rated movie directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) stars John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe. In the period thriller, the writer is drafted to help pursue a serial killer who is taking cues from Poe’s own stories.

Rounding out the new arrivals is the new Jason Statham action movie Safe, from writer/director Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans). In his newest R-rating outing, set in New York, Statham plays a former black-ops supercop trying to protect a young Chinese girl from pursuing Russian and Chinese gangsters. Statham’s last film, Killer Elite, opened to $9.3 million last September, and this new one, which Lionsgate is releasing in 2,266 theaters, is expected to bow in the $6-8 million range

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CinemaCon '12: Skyfall & Bond 24

While the first trailer for the new James Bond film-Skyfall won't hit theatres until we see "Men In Black 3" on May 25th, it seems a screening of it took place during CinemaCon (formerly called ShoWest) in Vegas yesterday and a few descriptions have popped up online.

The audio hears Bond (Daniel Craig) playing a word association game with an MI6 psychiatrist. Words spoken: "Country"/"England", "Gun"/"Shot", "Agent"/"Provocateur", "Murder"…"Employment".

We then see M (Judi Dench) and Ralph Fiennes' character behind glass watching Bond while this is going on. When the questioner asks "Skyfall", Bond responds "Done" and walks up to the glass.

Cut to a quick montage with looks at scenes shot in Shanghai and London as well as sequences set around a Macau casino and the London underground. The clip ends with Bond saying "Some men are coming to kill us. We’ve got to kill them first" as coffins covered in Union Jack flags are shown.

Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Simon Russell Beale, Rhys Ifans, Helen McCrory Ben Whishaw Tonia Sotiropoulou  and Rory Kinnear also star.

In the 23rd adventure in the longest-running film franchise of all time--Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

Sam Mendes directs from a script by Patrick Marber John Logan Neal Purvis and Robert Wade

The studio also confirmed plans to return to a 2 year pattern of 007 film releases meaning after "Skyfall" Bond 24 will hit late the cineplex in late 2014.

Meanwhile Empire has devoted a special issue about the film and offered a few key bits of information. For instance Fiennes' role is confirmed to be an MI6 higher-up named Mallory.

Mendes has some niffty rules for the character like he can't have a similarly aged partner - "there's this constant tension where he only has relationships with his senior figures in MI6 - and women". He must also have some racy interactions with women."

"He doesn't live entirely in the real world, in the sense that you can't put him on the street. He's not Bourne. Bourne is a footsoldier. You walk into Waterloo station this morning, he's probably there, standing next to you. Bond can't do that. He has to have his own space around him." meaning there's a return to a slight touch of playfulness missing in the last two films, especially the last one.

Mendes says he's wants this sequel to supply, along with plenty of action, a "kind of emotional engagement that maybe you haven't seen before in Bond. You've got to give him an arc, not just a mission."

Mendes, Craig and the crew are filming scenes on Koca Calis Beach this week in Fethiye, Turkey according to Second unit filming has already been busy in Istanbul for weeks  on a motorcycle chase across roof tops and a car chase through the Grand Bazaar markets.

Sounds like fun...

Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are producing the film.

The sequel arrives in theaters on November 9, 2012.