Monday, February 28, 2011

Dumb Is As Dumb Does

Currently in Australia promoting Hall Pass filmmaker Bobby Farrelly told  Moviehole that a sequel to 1994's  "Dumb and Dumber". might  happen with original stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprising their roles.

"[Dumb & Dumber] has run a bunch of times on TV in the states, and kids will come up and they'll be able to quote lines from that – lines that I've long forgotten. If we could get those two guys back together, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels that might be a worthwhile sequel – and that ball is in motion. We're starting to think about what those two dimwits would be doing twenty-years later in life, and hopefully we'll be able to come up with something worthy of a sequel."

The original grossed $247.3 million worldwide. But the ill advised prequel "Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd" made just $39.3 million worldwide.

R.I.P. Gary Winick (1961 - 2011)

Gary Winick, the director of “Letters to Juliet" and “Bride Wars” died on Sunday after a long battle with brain cancer. He was 49.

Winick was also the founder of the small independent film company InDigEnt, which produced  “Pieces of April” "TadpoleRichard Linklater's Tape, Rebecca Miller's Personal Velocity and Steve Buscemi's Lonesome Jim. and, more imprtantly, he helped  bring about the digital era of indie film

He also helmed the live action version of ," "Charlotte's Web" and the comedy 13 Going on 30

IFC has more...

Oscars '11 @ A Glance

The Oscars are over for another year... I thought the telecast was pretty good Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway didn't do too badly--all things considered Franco did seem a bit more uneasy than  did Hathaway And the banter seemed a bit forced at times. I thought Anne's song about Hugh Jackass was amusing.

I thought the film spoofs worked pretty well...Franco in ballet mode...

Hathaway Delivers Sushi to Audience Member During Oscar Break--Hathaway, Franco Give Oscar Nominees Luna Bars--Oscar Co-Host James Franco - in Drag - Makes Dig at Charlie Sheen--Franco Tweets Pics of Oprah, Backstage Videos While Hosting Oscars

Was it a bad idea to have actors host? No, it was spectacularly bad, writes THR's Tim Goodman, who says Franco and Hathaway failed to provide any spark. What other Critics said about the show....

Melissa Leo Bleeped Accepting Best Supporting Actress at Oscars--"The Fighter" star drops the F-bomb. Read more  Good thing somebody had their hand on the button. Leo Apologizes for Dropping F-Bomb at Oscars Christian Bale Jokes About 'F-Bomb' Tirade While Accepting Supporting Actor Oscar--Oscar Winner  Bale Won't Drastically Lose Weight Again

Best Peresenter--Legend Kirk Douglas Meanwhile Robert Downey Jr. Happy to Be Butt of Oscar Joke

Worst Singer-Gwyneth Paltrow painful to watch Worst Acceptance Speech Aaron Sorkin Too long dude! Sorkin Is Nervous About Writing Next Script Best Score Winner Trent Reznor: 'I Am Truly Stunned' to Win an Oscar

Best Return-Billy Crystal Yes!! I wish he would host again...

Corey Haim Snubbed During 'In Memoriam' Segment Corey Feldman can't be happy about that--Frank Sinatra's "On the Town" co-star Betty Garrett also was also among those not recognized at Sunday's ceremony. Read more

'The King's Speech' Wins Best Picture Oscar

I liked the fact that most presenters did  more than one award...Most Awkward Moments During the Telecast

Backstage: What the Winners Say About Their Oscars

Natalie Portman: Winning an Oscar Feels 'Very Dreamlike' But naming her unborn baby Oscar? "Definitely out of the question," the best actress winner jokes. Read more Colin Firth: 'I Am Against' PG-13 Cut of 'King's Speech' So Am I...Director Tom Hooper: ‘I Don’t Want to Go on Oprah Drunk’ After Winning Oscar

PersonallyThe Oscar telecast was made more special for me because I got to watch it with two very special folks in my life KB and EB Thanks gals. It was fun..Love Ya!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh Gno!


The 2 Weeks in release animated pic Gnomeo & Juliet beats newcomer adult comedy Hall Pass for the top spot at the cineplex....Drive Angry stopped Dead in its tracks....

Pamela McClintock of THR

The Farrelly brothers' R-rated comedy Hall Pass opened to No. 2 in its debut, beat out by holdover Gnomeo & Juliet, which won the domestic box office race for the first time since since debuting three weeks ago.

Weekend results were another sobering reminder of the continued downturn in theater traffic. Revenues year-to-date are down at least 20% from last year.

Hall Pass, from New Line, grossed a soft $13.4 million from 2,950 theaters. The picture had been expected to open at least several million dollars higher.

The other new wide release, Nicolas Cage starrer Drive Angry 3D, was dead on arrival, grossing an estimated $5.1 million to come in No. 9. Summit Entertainment is distributing the film for Nu Image/Millennium Films.

Disney's Gnomeo grossed an estimated $14.2 million from 3,037 theaters for a cume of $75.1 million in its third weekend. The film, made by the now-shuttered Miramax and released under the Touchstone banner, fell only 26% from last weekend.

Like Gnomeo, Paramount's updated version of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Version 2.0 also was a bright spot at the weekend box office. Jon M. Chu's director's fan cut -- which included 40 minutes of new footage -- succeeded in sparking repeat business.

Never Say Never fell only 29% to an estimated $9.2 million for a cume of $62.8 million in its third weekend. The film, placing No. 6, should eclipse the $65.3 million cume for Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour this week.

The Weinstein Co.'s Oscar frontrunner The King's Speech prospered on the eve of Sunday's Academy Award ceremony. The film was up 17% from last weekend for a new domestic cume of $111.2 million. King's Speech placed No. 8.

Coming in No. 3 in its second weekend was Liam Neeson action-thriller Unknown. The Warner Bros./Dark Castle release fell 43% to an estimated $12.4 million for a cume of $42.8 million in its first 10 days.

Sony's Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy Just Go With It continued to hold well in its third frame, grossing an estimated $11.1 million for a cume of $79.4 million, and coming in No. 4.

Just Go With It was in a close race with DreamWorks Studios and Touchstone's teen sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four, which fell 43% in its second weekend to an estimated $11 million for a cume of $37.7 million.

New Regency and 20th Century Fox's Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son saw a bigger dip in its second weekend, falling 54% to an estimated $7.6 million for a cume of $28.6 million....

John Young of  EW has more...

Next Up: Johnny Depp is Rango; Matt Damon is being chased again this time by The Adjustment Bureau; Alex Pettyfer turns from a stud to Beastly; And Topher Grace, Anna Faris, and Dan Fogler want their dates to Take Me Home Tonight


The Razzies-"honoring" the worst films of the year were handed out last night....

And all I gotta say is poor M. Night Shyamalan--he can't catch a break--his film The Last Airbender was named worst pic...The gals from Sex and the City 2 were named both worst ensemble and lead actresses  Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.

'Airbender' recieved five nods in all also including director, screenplay, use of 3-D and supporting actor (Jackson Rathbone).

'Worst Actor' went to Ashton Kutcher for two roles in "Killers" and Valentine's Day
and 'Worst Supporting Actress' to Jessica Alba for her four roles in "The Killer Inside Me," "Little Fockers," "Machete" and "Valentine's Day"

THR has more....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wrath Of Jon

Out promoting his March 11th alien invasion flick Battle: Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman was asked about his next project Wrath of The Titans, the sequel to last year's Clash of the Titans

He tells Blackfilm that shooting on the pic kicks off next week

In terms of correcting Louis Leterrier's errors from the first film (ouch!), Liebesman says "The story just didn’t work in the first movie. It’s a rich source material, Greek mythology obviously and you had such an amazing cast who are coming back and it just felt like a missed opportunity all around. I think what we’re doing with this one is that we’ve had fantastic writers who are just focused on the heroes journey, a much more sort of a return to just the simple joys of stuff, of why stories work. Then stylistically just ground it. Make it feel more real. Redesign the costumes so that they’re more recognizable to what you’d expect from the time and juxtapose that reality with the fantasy of Greek mythology within this reality, within real camera work and stuff. I think that’s a sort of fresh take on that genre, on the fantasy genre that we haven’t yet seen. That’s how we’re approaching it."

Liebsman adds that while they don't have the burden of the original 1981 Clash of the Titans film hanging over them this time, they do have "the burden to get people back who were burned by the  [2010 film]... You’ve got some of the best f**king actors working today in Ralph  [Fiennes] and Liam  [Neeson] and in Sam Worthington. How do you use them this time, use their ability as opposed to…and again, I don’t know what happened on the first movie. It’s just an obvious missed opportunity."

What about using 3-D?

Liebesman says that he's shooting on film and will convert it into the format in post, but it won't be the rush job of the first film - "The first movie was never conceived, never shot, never edited for 3-D and had six weeks where all of a sudden it was like, ‘Oh, lets just do this thing in 3-D.’ That’s obviously the worst case scenario. This movie has been conceived, everything has been designed from the sets to the storyboards, it will be edited, everything has been done with 3-D in mind. The big decision for me was, ‘Should I do digital which will enable me to go native 3-D or do I shoot film where I’ll have to convert?’ And I did a lot of tests with amazing cameras which guys are using and it just feels like for the look that I’m going for which is a gritty realism I do need to shoot on film. But because of the way that the conversion technology is today it will still look great and because the movie has been conceived in 3-D. Also, we’re doing things, like we’re shooting 1.85 which I think is a better aspect ratio for 3-D. That’s what ‘Avatar was shot on. So even though you think a Greek epic needs to be in widescreen I think that 185 gives you more vertical and allows you to cut less and we’ll just choreograph shots more. So everything has been thought of in that way for the movie to, obviously, counteract the fact that the first one was so b**ch slapped."

The sequel hits theaters March 30th 2012

Tell That To Ted

2011 Independent Spirit Awards (See winners here) host and TV star Joel McHale is in final negotiations to join Seth MacFarlane's feature film directorial debut the comedy "Ted" says Deadline,

The film sees a grown man (Mark Wahlberg) dealing with his cherished teddy bear that came to life as the result of a childhood wish.

Mila Kunis will play Wahlberg’s girlfriend, who wants their relationship to move to the next level and has had enough of the bear.

McHale will play Rex, Kunis' womanizing boss who constantly hits on her. Adam Scott was previously linked to the role. Giovanni Ribisi was cast earlier this week as an obsessed fan of Ted (voiced by Macfarlane)

MacFarlane also co-wrote the film with his Family Guy staffers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild.

MacFarlane, Scott Stuber and John Jacobs are set to produce the pic

More Birds Flock To Thriller

Kate Mara and Treat Williams have both joined the indie crime thriller "Blackbird" according to  Variety.

The pic follows a pair of sibling fugitives (Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde) who cross paths with a young convict boxer (Charlie Hunnam).

Williams and Mara will play a father-daughter duo whose storyline intertwines with the main plot.

Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek also star as the boxer's parents.

Stefan Ruzowitzky ("The Counterfeiters") directs from a script by Zach Dean.

Production  kicks off next month in Montreal.

Crossover Event

James Franco reprised his role as serial killer Franco on Friday's episode of daytime soaper  General Hospital  and threw in a couple of Oscar jokes in the process I Iiked the reference to 127 Hours as well

Sporting a tuxedo and surrounded by shirtless portraits of himself, Franco pokes fun at his hosting gig as well as his jack-of-all trades reputation during a phone call with hit man Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

"You know, I've been doing some more art," he says. "Self-portraits. I know, I know, multi-tasker. How about you? You kill anyone lately? Well, I miss that, I really do. Look, I could chat all night but I have to run. I have a big event to attend. Very, very big deal."

The actor reportedly filmed the cameo while rehearsing for the Oscars in Los Angeles. His character will return to General Hospital for a longer story arc on Monday's episode

To See Or Not To See

While my old computer was in meltdown mode for almost 2 weeks I had some free time to actually see some films at the theater and at home--Here now are some quick thoughts on each of them. But I begin with a flick I saw in January...

Draft Notice

Just the other day, director Jon Chu talked about all of his potential plans for the as yet  Untitled G.I. Joe Sequel should he get the job...

The suits at the studio and Hasbro must have been impressed by what he showed them as THR says the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never officially got the gig....

While star Channing Tatum is expected to reprise the role of Duke. It's likely that several of the supporting roles will be recast with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Sienna Miller's return most in doubt.

Yes Chu has done other films but this would be his most high-profile beating out F. Gary Gray and  Jaume Collet-Serra.

The sequel was written Zombieland duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick

I stand by the fact that I enjoyed to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and hope the sequel is as much fun.

Ummmm...Just thought of something Justin Bieber could conceivably appear in the pic...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Kneel Before Viggo?

Actor Viggo Mortensen is "a person of interest" to play the villain in  Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel says Heat Vision Indications are that the role could be that of General Zod!

While Mortensen isn't the only actor being considered for the role, he's the one Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan are hoping to get.

Mortensen is also up for the role of the Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron--if he doesn't do that film he's likely to get the MOS gig

Henry Cavill plays Supes Kevin Costner is being eyed for an unspecified role

The new pic's screenplay is being written by David S. Goyer based on a story by Goyer and Nolan

Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Nolan and Deborah Snyder will produce the reboot

Zod or not--Mortensen would make an interesting casting choice as the bad guy

Production will start this summer with a December 2012 release date expected.

Franco Takes A Wiz

The very busy James Franco has accepted the lead role in the prequel to "The Wizard of Oz," called "Oz, the Great and Powerful" -- a part that Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. were circling says Deadline

Black Swan's Mila Kunis is in talks to play the Wicked Witch of the West.

Thanks Robert Now I Get To Go To Oz

The story has The Wizard as a “snake-oil salesman” who enters the Technicolor world of Oz after escaping the vengeful husband of his latest sexual conquest. Once in Oz, he lies to the natives, claiming to be a wizard. This deceitful Casanova soon falls for Glinda the Good Witch, and spurns Theodora prompting her to becomes a bad witch and team up with the downright evil Evanora to destroy Oz.

The pic is written by Mitchell Kapner and David Lindsay-Abaire, and will be produced by Joe Roth.

Sam Raimi, who directed Franco in his 3 Spider-Man films will direct

Kunis and Franco were great together in the best part of the comedy Date Night

Trio Joins Prometheus

Director Ridley Scott said in an interview with The Daily Mail that Idris Elba, Sean Harris and Kate Dickie have joined the cast of his upcoming Alien sci-fi film project Prometheus.

The three actors join the already cast Noomi RapaceCharlize Theron and Michael Fassbender.

Scott also talked about how he's gone to great lengths to keep the script of his new movie secret--and revealed that the actors, who've all signed secrecy clauses, were only allowed to read the script at Ridley's production office.

Asked about the plot, Scott says "It’s the story of creation, the gods and the man who stood against them. It’s not a small film."

Scott also re-iterated that it's not an "Alien" prequel, despite a recent report via Bleeding Cool which claimed film's setting "is, in part, a planet that has been terraformed to create the perfect environment in which a particular bioweapon would prosper."

Jon Spaihts. wrote the original script which was generally thought to serve as a prequel to Scott's 1979 classic and would explore the alien “Space Jockey” seen during one scene in the original. flick Now, Scott and Lost's Damon Lindelof worked together on the current script which has taken the story into a whole new direction.

The same report indicates that the creatures will be in the film, but not in the same form that we know.

As the previous films in the franchise have indicated, the xenomorphs take physical traits from their hosts - that's why the ones in the first two films they're bipedal in nature while the creature from the third film was more like its canine host. As the creature here has no human DNA, it won't be recognisable.

The Bits Are Back

Lots of no frill industy bits to end the work week

-Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz, and Rebecca Hall are all under consideration for the lead roles in "The Trade", the true story of two former Yankee pitchers in 1972 who swapped partners and families reports The New York Post

-Charles McDougall is in talks to direct the Steve Carell-led magician comedy "Burt Wonderstone" for New Line says The Hollywood Reporter

-Kat Dennings will star in the upcoming drama "Renee" which has just begun production in Florida reports The Orlando Sentinel.

-"The King's Speech" producers Iain Canning and Emile Sherman are teaming with Christina Piovesan on the romantic comedy "American English" for See-Saw Films and First Generation Films reports Variety

-Acclaimed stop-motion filmmaker Henry Selick ("Coraline," "The Nightmare Before Christmas") and Disney Pictures are teaming for a new horror feature aimed at children reports Bleeding Cool.

Superman The Movie Credits

-A list (with videos) of the fifty greatest opening title sequences of all time is up at

-24" producer Howard Gordon told TV Squad "The '24' movie is on hold for now, although conversations are ongoing"

-Simon Pegg tweeted about the "Star Trek" sequel, saying "Word on the bridge is the new script is AMAZEBALLS and I cannot wait!!!!"

-Nicolas Cage says that the upcoming "Ghost Rider" sequel will include an entirely new origin sequence.

-King's Speech director Tom Hooper has revealed to the LAT that he was offered  to direct "Iron Man 3". When he turned it down, Shane Black is gonns helm Iron Man 3 instead. Hooper is instead focused on a new adaptation of "Les Miserables".

- "Inception" is undergoing 3D conversion for an upcoming 3D Blu-ray release according to filmmaker Jonathan Liebesman via MovieWeb

-Stephen Root has signed on to play Arthur Koehler, a wood specialist who was instrumental in the case of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, in Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar" says Variety

-Actress Kristin Davis told E she's against the idea of a prequel to “Sex and the City”

-With her most recent film "In A Better World" is expected to walk away with the Best Foreign Film Oscar, Susanne Bier has already moved onto her next project says Deadline.Bier’s longtime writing collaborator Anders Thomas Jensen (“Brothers,” “After the Wedding”) is said to be almost done with the script for "Rapt", a remake of the Cesar-nominated French true story thriller.

-The Animation Picture Company will make the 3-D animated feature "Zombie Pet Shop" reports Variety.The story concerns a mysterious plague that sweeps through a mall pet shop, turning all of the animals into zombies. An ordinary pug must find the antidote that will save his four-legged friends, as well as the humans that might take them home.

-Arrested Development" creator Mitch Hurwitz is set to direct a remake of Lars von Trier’s Norwegian comedy "The Boss of it All" ("Direktoren For Det Hele") says  The Wrap. The story centers on an IT company that hires an actor to serve as the company’s president in order to help sell the business. Turns out the current boss pretended there was another boss above him so it would be easier to break bad news to employees

-Norwegian actress Ingrid Bolsø Berdal has joined the cast of "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" says Bloody Disgusting.The story picks up the fairy-tale siblings 15 years after their traumatic gingerbread house incident, which has provoked them to become witch bounty hunters. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton play the pair.Berdal will portray one of the witches, and is described as a “superbad killing machine". Famke Jansenn also stars in the 3D feature.Tommy Wirkola ("Dead Snow") directs from a script he co-wrote with D.W. Harper. Shooting kicks off in a few weeks in Berlin.

-Robert Downey Jr is in talks to star in one of Paul Thomas Anderson's potential next projects "Inherent Vice" says Risky Biz Blog.

-Malcolm D. Lee, Spike Lee's cousin and the director of 1999's The Best Man, has some criticism for Tyler Perry. Lee said, "He’s not interested in art, he’s interested in turning out a product" via BET What???!!

-Gabriele Muccino ("Seven Pounds," "The Pursuit of Happyness") is said to be in the running to helm "Adaline" states Variety. The story follows a young woman killed and then revived in a freak accident that physiologically locks her into her late 20's. After decades of living a solitary existence, she finally meets a man who might be worth losing her immortality over so they can grow old together. Mills Goodloe and Sal Paskowitz penned the screenplay.

-Christopher McQuarrie ("The Usual Suspects," "Valkyrie") has reportedly signed on to provide the screenplay for a new feature film adaptation of "Star Blazers" reports Deadline.But AICN says they've heard the rights are still up for grabs with several companies negotiating for them.

-John August ("Big Fish," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory") is the latest scribe to have a go at the screenplay for "The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft" reports Tracking Board. Mac Carter and Jeff Blitz penned the graphic novel which transforms the young writer's darkest nightmares into reality when he comes across a book that puts a curse on him and lets the evils he conjures up loose on the world. The story also borrows elements from the legendary horror author's life, such as his family's struggle with mental illness and his own bouts with writer's block.

-Paramount Pictures has acquired the film rights to John Scalzi's Hugo award-winning novel "Old Man's War" reports Variety.The first book in a series, the story follows a 75-year-old man who joins an off-world military coalition to protect human colonies after his wife dies. He is given a genetically enhanced body, allowing him to have the experience of age but the strength of a younger man.Wolfgang Petersen ("Air Force One," "Poseidon") is set to direct while David Self will adapt the script. Petersen and Scott Stuber will produce

Take A Pause

Sharon Stone's infamous leg-crossing scene in "Basic Instinct" has been named the most-paused moment in movies in a poll from movie subscription service LOVEFiLM

Nudity was on the list a lot  Jennifer Lopez's naked bottom in 2010's "The Back-up Plan" coming in at No. 2, Jamie Lee Curtis flashing her breasts in "Trading Places" at No. 4, a flash of a manhood  in "Fight Club" at No. 6, and Nicole Kidman naked in "Eyes Wide Shut" at No. 10.

There were two subliminally sexual animated film moments on the list: Jessica Rabbit's dress flapping up in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" at No. 5, and the shot where the letters 'S.E.X.' appear in the sky in a scene from The Lion King".

Geek faves included a Stormtrooper hitting his head on a door in "Star Wars" at No. 3, Captain America: The First Avenger shield appearing on Tony Stark's desk in "Iron Man 2" at No. 7, and a brief appearance by Pacman in the original "TRON" at No. 9.

Gotti Catches Kardashian?

Another realityTV star might be headed to the big screen

Kim Kardashian reportedly met with producers about appearing the the upcoming biopic Gotti reports TMZ.

John Gotti who took over the powerful Gambino crime family in the 70's, was convicted in 1992 of committing thirteen murders. The film will likely explore that through the eyes of his son John A. Gotti Jr.

Kardashian would play Kim Gotti, John Gotti's daughter-in-law.

I know Kim K is famous for being famous BUT CAN SHE ACT?

Last month it was reported that John Travolta was in talks to star as Gotti

Nick Cassavetes is also in talks to direct the project Leo Rossi is writing he screenplay. The studio wants to nab James Franco to play the younger Gotti.

Production  aims to kick off sometime this Summer.

Ewan The Stalker

Ewan McGregor is in negotiations to join the cast of Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Killer says Heat Vision.

This re-telling of the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale follows a farm boy (Nicholas Hoult) who unwittingly breaks a long-standing peace between the humans and giants when he goes after a princess who the giants kidnapped.

McGregor is poised to play the leader of the king’s elite guard, who helps fight giants.

The great Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy, and John Kassir also star.

The role of the princess has yet to be cast--Australian actress Adelaide Kane and Eleanor Tomlinson (Alice in Wonderland) have emerged as the leading candidates though

Singer directs from a script by Christopher McQuarrie, Mark Bomback, and Darren Lemke.

Shooting kicks off late March in London.

Who Will Be Bourne?

Every studly looking actor in your late twenties or thirties with and the ability to carry an action franchise is testing for Tony Gilroy's upcoming "The Bourne Legacy" according to Variety and Deadline

Jake GyllenhaalTobey Maguire, Josh Hartnett, Michael Fassbender, Luke Evans, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund, Oscar Isaac, Kellan Lutz, Alex Pettyfer, Michael Pitt, Joel Edgerton, Paul Dano and Benjamin Walker are all on the list as possible candidates for the role of Bourne in the upcoming since Matt Damon is not reprising the role..

From L to R: Gyllenhaal, Fassbender, Evans, Kitsch, Hedlund,  Isaac, Lutz,  Pettyfer

Gilroy has previously stated this is NOT a "reboot or a recast or a prequel", instead "there will be a whole new hero, a whole new chapter...this is a stand-alone project. Jason Bourne will not be in this film, but he's very much alive…We're going to show you the bigger picture, the bigger canvas. When you see what we're going and see what we're doing it'll be pretty obvious....but Jason Bourne's actvities in the first three films is the immediate trigger."

Gilroy wants to screen test all of the actors which, combined with availability, willl pare down that list.

My top 3 picks from the list are Jake Hedlund, or Taylor---Fassbender could also but he would be an even better antagonist for Bourne

Shooting is hoping to kick off in the Spring.

Sex Drive

Oscar weekend at the cineplex offers moviegoers a choice between either an adult comedy, a 3-D actioner or more of the Bieber dude--Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis and Christina Applegate get a Hall Pass (reviews) from directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly; While Nicolas Cage learns to Drive Angry (reviews); And of course Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Director's Fan Cut (reviews) hits just 3-D screens

Pamela McClintock of THR

The Farrelly brothers’ R-rated comedy Hall Pass is on track to win the weekend box office race, while Paramount’s Insurge Pictures releases an updated version of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never in a maverick move designed to encourage repeat viewing.

'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' Might Get Director's-Cut Release While Still in TheatersJustin Bieber: Never Say Never Director’s Fan Cut, boasting 40 minutes of new footage, will only play in 3D theaters. Movie’s cume is a healthy $52.9 million as it heads into its third weekend. The original version will continue to play in regular theaters.

Tracking shows Hall Pass, starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis, opening in the mid- to high-teens, a solid start for the siblings. Warner Bros. debuts the New Line film in 2,950 theaters

There’s less interest in Nicolas Cage's supernatural action pic Drive Angry 3D, also rated R.

Summit Entertainment is releasing Drive Angry in the U.S. for Avi Lerner’s Nu Image/Millennium Films. Film goes out in 2,061 locations in the U.S., of which 2012 are 3D runs.

Both Hall Pass and Drive Angry should draw a heavily male audience, although Hall Pass is showing some traction among younger females.

Hall Pass — also starring Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate and Richard Jenkins — is the Farrellys’ first movie since The Heartbreak Kid in 2007 and tells the story of two men whose wives give them permission to go on vacation from their marriage for one week.

Also starring Amber Heard, Drive Angry stars Cage as a man who breaks out of hell to prevent the cult that murdered his daughter from sacrificing his infant granddaughter.

Drive Angry could end up in a battle for No. 2 with holdovers Unknown, Gnomeo & Juliet and possibly I Am Number Four.

Summit is projecting an opening grossing in the high single digits, or low teens, for Drive Angry.

With the Academy Awards on Sunday, Oscar contenders could see healthy business on Friday and Saturday as moviegoers rush to see films they’ve missed. (The Oscar ceremony itself could take a bite out of the box office Sunday evening.)

A healthy number of award movies have prospered at this year, both domestically and overseas.

The King’s Speech has grossed $236.2 million worldwide, followed by The Social Network at $222.8 million. Black Swan has earned $203.7 million, while True Grit should jump the $200 million mark this weekend (True Grit’s global cume through Wednesday was $198.3 million)...

 John Young of EW:

Will 'Hall Pass' give the Farrelly brothers their first No. 1 hit in a decade?