Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling Swamped

On a promotional push for September's "Whiteout", producer Joel Silver tells the site Collider that he wants to do a new film version of the comic book hero "Swamp Thing"

"I'm developing a picture now that I'd like to do. I'll hopefully do Swamp Thing, which is a movie we've had for a long time. We think that would be great to do in 3-D...[Ugh!]. There are a couple of projects I'm thinking about (for the format) but not everything. Maybe I'm going to do it. I like it" .

In the comics, the character is a humanoid mass of vegetable matter who fights to protect his swamp home, the environment in general, and humanity from various supernatural or terrorist threats.

Created in the early 70's, the comic was headed towards cancellation in 1983 until Alan Moore came into revamp the book--turning it into into a more literary book aimed at adults.

The hero saw action in two pics 1982's "Swamp Thing" directed by Wes Craven and 1989's "The Return of Swamp Thing " directed by Jim Wynorski. The myths was also turned into an early 90's TV series which lasted for three seasons and a short lived animated series in 1991.

The previous films (especially the 1st one) were campy fun...If they adapt Moore's material (and lose the 3-D hook)--I'm with ya all the way Joel...

Mapping "Mad"

Holly Brix talked to MTV about her script that adapts Magdalena for the big screen....

She promises that it will be a fusion of straight up action with a dash of religious overtone--ala The Da Vinci Code.

"It's definitely a supernatural action movie, so I think 'DaVinci Code' is a good reference as far as all the Catholicism in it. But in addition to that story, it's also a really straightforward action movie…There's not a lot of secret codes to unlock and that sort of thing".

The comics follow young Patience ("Step Up" star Jenna Dewan) a descendant of Mary Magdalene who fights demons and criminals and atheists using supernatural powers.

Luke Goss is playing Patience's mentor, Kristof,

"The movie's never really been a female action movie, because of Kristof. It's more of a two-hander. He's a huge character in it. He's definitely her mentor and fights right alongside her and teaches her everything she knows….They go the whole movie together. He doesn't drop out somewhere along the way... We're definitely trying to set it apart from some of the other movies where they haven't had that compelling male lead, too" says Brix.

Ryƻhei Kitamura, who made his US debut with The Midnight Meat Train) helms the film that is still very much in the planning stages--"we're working out a deal so that I can start writing. We're not at the beginning of the process, but we're just going to script."

She expects things to move fast once the deals are official - "We'll probably have a draft done within six weeks, and then hopefully we'll get financing pretty quickly and can start setting a date for when we can shoot this."

The film will deal with the transfer of power to Patience after her mother's reign as the Magdalena ends.

This one has me intrigued folks....

Hornet Delayed Again!

Sony Pictures has delayed The Green Hornet movie from a mid-Summer 2010 release until the week before Christmas next year--delayed 5 months.

Originally scheduled for July 7th, theMichel Gondry,-directed pic will now debut on December 17th 2010.

The superhero film takes over the slot put aside for Sony's CG and live-action combination take on the classic cartoon "The Smurfs" which will most likely be pushed into 2011.

Filming hasn't yet begun on 'Hornet' and no official reason for the move was given.

Star/co-writer Seth Rogen told HitFix that he was relieved about the delay as it gives the filmmakers a lot "more time to finish and promote the movie"--including at next year's San Diego Comic Con in late July.

OK guys...The pic is seemingly troubled more often than not....Fingers still crossed that all of the delays will be worth it in the end.

Cage Drives Me Crazy

Two of my favorite things (not really) are coming together in one film ...

Nicolas Cage will star in the 3-D revenge action feature "Drive Angry" says THR's Heat Vision Blog.

The story sees a man (Cage) driven by rage-chasing the people who killed his daughter and kidnapped her baby. The vendetta/rescue spins out of control as the chase gets bloodier by the mile, leaving bodies strewn along the highway.

Patrick Lussier, ("My Bloody Valentine 3-D") and Todd Farmer co-wrote the script with Lussier calling action.

Ugh! Cage leaping off the screen coming right at ya...! Shudder...He's hard enough to watch in 2-D!!

Filming on Drive begins in April in Louisiana.

Boys Back In Town?

Sony Pictures is planning a third installment in the action-film series Bad Boys says The Hollywood Reporter.

Peter Craig (scribe on the upcoming pic "The Town," "Cowboy Bebop") has been tapped to write the screenplay and the hope is to bring back helmer Michael Bay, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence..

In the series Smith and Lawrence played Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett who often got caught up in cases involving car chases and explosions.

No deals have been inked though, all parties have expressed a willingness to return if a story can be agreed upon though.

The original Bad Boys opened in 1995 to $141 million worldwide and Bad Boys 2, in 2003 to $273 million worldwide.

Smith, Bay, and Bruckheimer are always pretty busy--timing could be tricky--Just today it was announced that Bruckheimer has picked up the film rights to Derek Haas' (3:10 to Yuma, Wanted) short story "Shake" says The Hollywood Reporter.

Though the second film had its issues--Chemistry between Smith and Lawrence is undeniable

If BB three does happen then a 2011 release is reasonable.

Mickey Loves Marvel

Market Watch reports that The Disney company has agreed to acquire Marvel Inc. in a stock and cash transaction worth $4 billion.

Under the deal terms, Disney will have ownership of Marvel including its more than 5,000 Marvel characters including "Spider-Man" "Iron Man" and "The Avengers"

Marvel shareholders will get $30 per share in cash plus 0.745 Disney shares for every Marvel share owned. The boards of Disney and Marvel have both approved the deal, which now needs the backing of the Marvel shareholders and competition authorities.

How this move will impact the company's long term movie plans is not certain.

A conference call is taking place this hour...

Stay Tuned Folks...

Alive And Well?

Although Rob Zombie's Halloween II opened to poor reviews and smaller box office than its predecessor that hasn't deterred The Weinstein Company from moving ahead with a third entry in the rebooted "Halloween" narrative for release next Summer.

And guess what? It's called "Halloween 3D, and the studio is already in negotiations with a new director according to The Los Angeles Times.

Though the article will not say who, the director has experience in the genre and has a "different take" on the the whole thing. Changing directors is a move I applaud

I said just yesterday that the poor showing of H2 probably meant that Zombie's era had thankfully come to an end...But I was not expecting the folks in charge to go the 3-D route at this stage--then again given The Final Destination's success it's no shock I guess.

The 3-D idea...will make $$$ But as a film--It will probably make the 1982 film Halloween III: Season of the Witch seem like a great piece of cinema

'Bo' Ties

Plans for a fifth film in the Rambo series are officially underway says Variety.

This time we will see John Rambo taking on human traffickers and drug lords to rescue a young girl abducted near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Like last year's Rambo Sylvester Stallone will star and direct. Shooting is due to kick off next Spring....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest In Hell Michael Meyers?

In the weekend battle of the horror franchise sequels The Final Destination bloodied Halloween II to take the top spot..

Pamela McClintock of Variety:

Warner Bros. and New Line's "The Final Destination" in 3-D was the destination of choice at the weekend box office, easily beating the Weinstein Co.'s "Halloween II" in grossing $28.3 million from 3,121 runs on the strength of the upcharge for a 3-D ticket.

"Halloween" grossed $17.4 million from 3,025 theaters to come in No. 3, behind "Destination" and the Weinstein Co.'s own "Inglourious Basterds," which held well and placed No. 2 in its second sesh.

Weekend's other new entry, Focus Features' "Taking Woodstock," proved a disappointment. Directed by Ang Lee, "Woodstock" grossed an estimated $3.7 million from 1,393 theaters. Film placed No. 9 for the sesh.

Among holdovers, "Basterds" fell 47% to an estimated $20 million from 3,165 runs for a domestic cume of $73.8 million. Overseas, the film grossed an estimated $19.4 million from 2,891 runs in 31 territories for a foreign total of $59.1 million. Worldwide tally is a boffo $132.9 million.

Adam B. Vary of EW:

For many, the creative relevance of 3-D cinema remains very much an open question....

Halloween II (2009) Publicity Still

Let's be real here... as pointed out Destination's got a higher tix price--and has as much to do with its win over H2 as anything else...The reviews for both pic were equally "scary". Still Chris Nashawaty of the same mag says: Rob Zombie is a talented director, but this weekend proves Michael Myers' day is done

Zombie's vision of the franchise might have been put out of its misery but I doubt that this is the last hurrah for the series...Michael's come back from the dead before...

Reel American Hero

After reading lots of negative stories online--as well as mostly unflattering reviews about G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra...My expectations were sufficiently lowered going into it...Add to the mix that I had all but bypassed cartoon series from 20 years ago...My only knowledge of the universe and characters was in playing with the toys for a brief time in the 70's....Imagine my surprise upon leaving the theater to note that the pic actually was better than I thought it was going to be.

Not a picture to change the medium or its genre by any stretch--It's just a highly entertaining action packed summer romp...Pure and simple...and guess what? There's nothing at all wrong with that...

In the near future, weapons expert James McCullen (Christopher Eccleston) CEO of MARS industries has created a nanotechnology-based weapon capable of destroying an entire city. He sells four warheads to NATO, which asks the US Army to deliver the warheads. Duke (Channing Tatum) and Ripcord (Marlon Wayans) are delivering the warheads when they are ambushed by the Baroness (Sienna Miller), whom Duke recognizes her as his ex-fiancee Ana Lewis.

Duke and Ripcord are rescued by Scarlett (Rachel Nichols), Snake Eyes (Ray Park) and Heavy Duty (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje). They take the warheads to The Pit, G.I. Joe's command center in North Africa, and upon arriving rendezvous with the head of the G.I. Joe Team, General Hawk (Dennis Quaid). Hawk takes command of the warheads and excuses Duke and Ripcord, only to be convinced to let them join his group after Duke reveals that he knows the Baroness.

McCullen is using the same nanotechnology to build an army of soldiers with the aid of the Doctor (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), detonating the warheads to cause panic and bring about a new world order. Using a tracking device, McCullen locates the G.I. Joe base and sends Storm Shadow (Byung-hun Lee) and the Baroness to retrieve the warheads with assistance from Zartan (Arnold Vosloo)...

Director Stephen Sommers unleashes an assault of action that will dazzle razzle and excite--somehow making it work. The film knows exactly who the target audience is--doesn't try to hide it or turn it into something else--Which made me as an adult strangely content. For once--I didn't care that a summer film had effects and action on overload... It's not supposed to be intricate and sophisticated--If you were expecting that here. Find it elsewhere

The cast is just fine also helping things along by not taking the material or themselves too seriously.

The script by Stuart Beattie, David Elliot and Paul Lovett connected dots creating backstory where none had existed before...Cobra Command and its Cobra Commander are given an origin for example...

One could pick apart the film all day long for sure--One effects shot involving Ripcord and the White House looked super cheesy and fake---But the film's problems didn't matter all that much really. The sequel set up is there...And I would go back for another round

The best way to ensure that you enjoy GI Joe TROC as an adult is to simply go with it and accept it as escapist entertainment built around action figures and toys targeted for young boys.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buy 'Tar" Now

James Cameron hyped sci-fi action epic Avatar doesn't hit theaters until December 18th...Tix are already on sale

Such a move is unheard of and early sales are said to be going "healthy" according to spokessuits for online film ticket seller Movietickets Com

Over 75 AMC locations, most of them equipped with IMAX 3-D, began selling tickets starting last Friday, to coincide with Avatar Day.

Its unclear if any other theater chains will follow AMC's lead in offering early advance ticketing on the film. At present, no-one can offer anything but tickets for the first midnight performances.

Further show times will not be determined until the film's running time is locked, early estimates put it between 150-180 minutes. Yikes!

Based on some reaction to the footage already screened--The geek gurus over at G4tv were said to be "unimpressed" and EW said Close, but no cigar... and my gut feelings after seeing the teaser trailer--I'm not buying into the hype on this one just yet...If ever..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Murder Quad

Bokeem Woodbine Peter Jason, Noah Bean and True Blood's Deborah Ann Woll have joined the cast of the supernatural thriller "Little Murder." says The Hollywood Reporter.

The post-Hurricane Katrina mystery centers on a disgraced New Orleans police detective trying to find the killer of a beautiful cellist - with the girl's ghost assisting.

Josh Lucas, Terrence Howard and Lake Bell star.

Father/son duo Gerald Di Pego ("The Forgotten") and Justin Di Pego. wrote the script with Peter Antonijevic calling the shots.

Production is already underway in Detroit and New Orleans.

Punching In

Oscar Isaac is joining the cast of Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch" reports Variety.

Set in the 1950s, the story follows Babydoll (Emily Browning) who is confined to a mental institution by her stepfather, who intends to have her lobotomized in five days. While there, she imagines an alternative reality to hide her from the pain, and in that world, she begins planning her escape, needing to steal five objects to help get her out before she is deflowered by a vile man.

Vanessa Hudgens, Carla Gugino,, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone, Scott Glenn, and Abbie Cornish co-star. Snyder co-wrote the script with Steve Shibuya.

Filming is to kick off this Fall-

Isaac did fine work in both Body of Lies and Che: Part One. And it's nice see that Snyder added some more testosterone to this pic even though I'm sure the ladies will kick plenty of butt...

Punch is scheduled to open March 25, 2011.

Golden Harted Spy Gal

Taken star, Maggie Grace is in negotiations to join Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz for the as yet untitled spy thriller from director James Mangold. says The Hollywood Reporter.

The spy picture sees a lonely woman (Diaz) whose seemingly harmless blind date suddenly turns her life upside-down when a super spy (Cruise) takes her on a violent worldwide journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite power source.

Grace is playing Diaz's sister, who is getting married, excited that Diaz will take the place of their late father and walk her down the aisle.

The filming on this pic starts in October.

Blabbing The Blob

Fresh off his return to Haddonfield with Halloween II-'09, Rob Zombie plans to write, direct and produce a $30 million remake of 1958 horror classic "The Blob" says Variety.

Iconic tough guy Steve McQueen starred in the 50's classic, which saw an object from space falls into a field, containing a red blob-like substance that absorbs the humans it contacts and grows exponentially. Zombie's new pic will take a different route...

Exact details are not yet known but Zomibie says "my intention is not to have a big red blobby thing -- that's the first thing I want to change."

Can you make a Blob film without a "blobby"?

2 things are for sure about the new Blob flick--we will see lots of gore and hear a lot of F-bombs

Chuck Russell directed an update back in 1988. Three years ago yet another remake was being worked on but quickly aborted...

The latest film is of course aiming for an 'R' rating. Production will begin next spring.

Horray For Shohreh

The fabulous actress Shohreh Aghdashloo is in talks to join the cast of the sci-fi thriller "The Adjustment Bureau" says Variety.

Based on the Philip K. Dick short story, that follows a smooth-talking congressman (Matt Damon) whose political future is thrown in doubt after a mysterious ballerina (Emily Blunt) comes into his life.

Anthony Mackie also stars.

George Nolfi is calling action on the film from his own script. No production date has been set yet.

House Warming

Daniel Craig has finally committed to join the cast of the psychological thriller Dream House, reports Variety.

Craig plays a New York publishing executive who relocates his family to a small New England town, only to learn that their new home was the scene of a vicious murder.

Jim Sheridan directs the film from a script by David Loucka.

Craig will star in the film once he completes his run on the Broadway play "A Steady Rain" co-starring Hugh Jackman.

Craig had circled the "House" since June.

Shooting begins on January 25, 2010..

Wedding Crashed

Robin Williams has joined the cast of romantic comedy Wedding Banned says THR.

The story centers on a long-divorced couple who kidnap their daughter on her wedding day to prevent her from making the same mistakes they did.

The divorced parents rekindle their relationship as they elude cops and the angry groom.

Jack Amiel and Michael Begler wrote the script but

No director is attached yet.

Williams'' last wedding style rom-com 2007's "License to Wed" stunk up the room big time...Here's hoping that this one turns out better--and at least makes audiences laugh throughout.

Bright Side

Pete Postlethwaite and Helen Mirren have signed on to join the cast of the latest film version of Brighton Rock says THR.

Based on Graham Greene's celebrated novel, the story has Sam Riley starring as Pinkie, a young gangster who marries a waitress named Rose (Andrea Riseborough) to keep her quiet after she sees him commit a revenge killing.

Mirren and Postlethwaite will play Ida and Phil Cokery, a couple who try to save Rose and expose Pinkie.

The novel was previously adapted in 1947 starring Richard Attenborough and Carol Marsh. The new film will stick closer to the source material but change the time period from 1939 to 1964.

Rowan Joffe’s directing from his own adapted screenplay.

Shooting is scheduled to start in October.

Fly By

Weeds co star Demian Bichir has landed in the Irish indie drama The Runway says The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie is based on the true story of a South American pilot who crashed near a town in County Cork in 1983. The townspeople came together to build a runway to get the pilot home and briefly inspired the nation.

Short-film/commercials director Ian Power wrote the script,and makes his feature length directorial debut on the pic

Til' Death Do You Part

This weekend at the cineplex: 2 horror sequels will duke it out for the top spot; While the iconic event of the counter culture movement is remembered...

Rob Zombie returns to Haddonfield Ill--and so does Michael Myers-for Halloween II (reviews); Just as "Death" itself takes a 4th group of good looking young people to The Final Destination (reviews)--In 3-D no less...Or is that 4-D?; Ang Lee is Taking Woodstock (reviews) and comedian Demetri Martin is along for the ride...

Pamela McClintock of Variety.

In an unusual blood fest, two horror films are opening directly against each other Friday at the domestic B.O. -- Warner Bros./New Line's "The Final Destination" and the Weinstein Co.'s "Halloween II."

While the two films are likely to cannibalize each other, "Final Destination" could get an extra boost from the added charge for a 3-D ticket. Pic opens in a total of 3,121 theaters, of which 1,678 are 3-D locations.

"Halloween II," bowing in 3,025 runs, staked out the date first, while "Final Destination" didn't have much room to maneuver because of the limited availability of 3-D screens.

Focus Features hopes the rock 'n' roll appeal of "Taking Woodstock" will expand beyond baby boomers as it opens nationwide after unspooling in New York and Los Angeles Wednesday.

Getting off to a solid start, "Woodstock" posted a per-screen average of $5,828 with $11,700 from Lincoln Plaza in Gotham and Arclight Hollywood. "Woodstock's" theater count goes up to 1,393 this weekend.

Focus is bowing "Woodstock" in the same slot as adult-skewing "The Constant Gardener" in 2005. The latter opened to roughly $8.7 million from 1,424 runs.

"Woodstock," co-written by Focus topper James Schamus and costing under $30 million to produce, is expected to open more modestly. Focus says the film is positioned perfectly as an adult alternative over Labor Day...

EW's Adam B. Vary asks Will 'The Final Destination' and 'Halloween II' massacre each other?

Summer '09 bids adieu as we learn All About Steve from a Gamer who Extracts info any way he can by using four Carriers and their signals....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mad Woman Gets "Life"

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks has inked to co-star in the romance comedy drama "Life as We Know It. says Variety.

The film, written by Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk Robinson, follows two unattached adults (Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel) whose lives are turned upside down when their mutual best friends die in an accident and name them as caregivers of their orphaned daughter.

Hendricks will portray the best friend to Heigl's and Duhamel's characters. Heigl and her mother Nancy are executive producing.

Greg Berlanti will call the shots Barry Josephson and Paul Brooks are producing. Filming kicks off in Atlanta this Fall.

Party Plank

The very busy Steven Spielberg is set to develop a film based on his late pal Michael Crichton's posthumously published novel Pirate Latitudes reports USA Today.

Arriving in bookstores around Thanksgiving, the adventure tale is set off the coast of Jamaica in 1665. The story involves a daring plan to infiltrate Port Royal, one of the world's richest and most notorious cities, and raid a Spanish galleon filled with treasure.

Screenwriter David Koepp,, who adapted Crichton's novels“Jurassic Park” and the sequel “The Lost World” for the big screen has signed on to write the script for the film.

Spielberg on the book, "Michael wrote a real page-turner that already seems suited for the big screen. Michael and I have had almost two decades of solid collaborations. Whenever I made a film from a Michael Crichton book or screenplay, I knew I was in good hands. Michael felt the same, and we like to think he still does."

Spielberg plans to produce and is considering directing, but will wait on Koepp's script before making any decision. Spielberg is also sitting on a remake of Harvey possibly producing a live-action Halo pic, and even the sci-fi flick Interstellar written by The Dark Knight scribe Jonathan Nolan

Pirates of the Caribbean is a fun film franchise and all--but expect Crichton to have taken the lore of these treacherous sea farriers up a notch.

Lively Town

Gossip Girl beauty Blake Lively has joined the ensemble cast of Ben Affleck's upcoming crime pic "The Town" says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on Chuck Hogan's novel "Prince of Thieves," the story follows a bank manager (Rebecca Hall), the career criminal (Affleck) who stole more than her heart and the dedicated Federal agent (Jon Hamm) trying to bust the crook and his gang that also has Jeremy Renner as a member.

Lively is playing Affleck's troubled ex-girlfriend and sister to Renner's character. Chris Cooper is in negotiating to play Affleck's father.

A big get for Lively--working for and opposite Big Ben...

Filming starts next month in Boston.

When Your Numbers' Up

Former Smallville masterminds Alfred Gough & Miles Millar will write another aliens on earth scenario called "I Am Number Four" reports Variety.

Based on the James Frey and Jobie Hughes novel about a group of nine aliens who flee to Earth, disguised as teenagers, when their home planet is destroyed. The refugees assimilate into a high school on Earth when they discover that the enemy which wiped out their planet is now hunting them on their new turf.

Michael Bay will produce and may direct the film..

Swing Set

Martin Freeman and Mandy Moore are reuniting for the romantic comedy "Swinging With the Finkels" says The Hollywood Reporter.

The pair, who both appeared in the 2007 film Dedication together will play husband and wife in the film. Jonathan Silverman and Melissa George, also cast play another married couple. The great Jerry Stiller also has a role in the pic.

Jonathan Newman wrote and directs, from his short film Sex With The Finkels.

Filming kicked off yesterday in the UK.

Lucky Street

Hayden Christensen on board while John Leguizamo and Thandie Newton are still in negotiations to join the indie thriller "Vanishing On 7th Street" says The Hollywood Reporter.

The Machinist and Session 9 (both great pics) director Brad Anderson helms and co-wrote the story set in a once-thriving city where shadowy forms cause residents to inexplicably disappear. Five survivors fight to stay alive while grappling with the meaning of existence.

Christensen is playing a reporter. Newton would play a desperate nurse and Leguizamo a subway operator.

Anthony Jaswinski (Killing Time), co-wrote the script while Hayden's brother Tove Christensen Celine Rattray and Lawrence Mattis will produce.

Anderson has also done great things on TV's Fringe...HC has done lots of these kinda quirky sci-fi pics-like Jumper and Awake...His best turn though was indeed playing a journalist in Shattered Glass. Does the combo mean a better pic...? Time will tell...But with Anderson on it--the answer should be yes.

Shooting is set to begin on October 12th

They Like Mike

Mike Leigh has begun production on his new untitled film--his first since last year’s acclaimed Happy-Go-Lucky-As usual for Leigh the plot is being kept under wraps reports THR.

Leigh regulars Imelda Staunton, Michele Austin, Jim Broadbent, Phil Davis Karina Fernandez, Oliver Maltman, Lesley Manville, Martin Savage, Ruth Sheen and Peter Wight star in the film that will shoot in London for the next nine weeks.

David Bradley and Stuart McQuarrie, newcomers to Leigh's films, will join them. Many of Leigh's regular crew members like cinematographer Dick Pope are also returning.

Georgina Lowe produces the film .

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ninth Gets Going

Channing Tatum Jamie Bell, Mark Strong and Donald Sutherland (playing the bad guy) have joined Kevin Macdonald's The Eagle of the Ninth remake says The Hollywood Reporter.

The film revolves around a young Roman centurion named Marcus Aquila (Tatum) who investigates the mysterious disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in second-century Britain.

The script is written by Jeremy Brock, who last worked with Macdonald on the Oscar-winning The Last King of Scotland.

The film started production yesterday.

Meantime plans are in motion for me to see current "it" guy Tatum in action in this summer's G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra for myself in the next day or so--when that happens I will share my thoughts on the pic thereafter....


The British tabloid The Sun ran a story that Megan Fox has signed on to play Catwoman in the next Bat-film due to hit theaters in 2011...That nugget has been officially shot down by the studio suits...

People Magazine: "It's rumor. It's not true. There is no script. There is no project to be cast in."

Consider the source folks...

Still-Fox in that skin tight leather outfit with a whi--ahem...Sorry...

Meantime-AICN reported that franchise helmer Christopher Nolan may shoot his next flick in the series entirely in IMAX after the success of the format-filmed segments of "The Dark Knight".

While Nolan has said how much he really enjoyed working in the format and would love to have done more with it on 'TDK'....

Why would the filmmakers need to shoot the whole thing in the popular format. The studio made the last movie for roughly $200 million and it earned over $1 billion worldwide.

There’s no reason to bring folks into the theater using the format all the way through when they are going show up anyway. Why go to all of the extra added trouble and expense when they don't have to?...

The site acknowledges that this is rumor only for now. While the theory behind doing the whole pic in the AICN story does sound plausible, I think it's just a dream notion for now...

300 Runners

Choreographer-turned director Kevin Tancharoen -whose upcoming Fame remake lands in theaters on September 25th, takes on the sci-fi actioner "Arcana says Variety

Exact details are being kept a secret, but Tancharoean says it's "a unique blend of the graphic-novel backdrop - like Blade Runner-and shot like 300, and has a little bit of The Warriors mixed in there, with a little bit of martial arts, so it's got a lot of crazy elements in there. It's going to be really cool. We're writing it right now actually - a guy named John Ridley is writing it; I'm very happy we got him.".

Ridley also wrote George Lucas' produced pic Red Tails.

Blade Runner and 300 are very high marks in their respective genres--I am dubious over the comparison of Arcana to reach those heights.

The Oldest Profession

Actor/director Jason Winer will helm the dark comedy Shining City says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based upon Seth Greenland's book about a recently unemployed suburban milquetoast dad whose brother dies and leaves behind a dry cleaning business. He discovers that the business is a front for a prostitution ring, takes it over and starts yuppifying it up -- giving the girls 401(k)s and health benefits -- and bringing on his wife to help run things. But a rival madam finds out about the the operation, and threatens to take them down.

Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel (Hot Tub Time Machine) are writing the adaptation.

Sounds like it could be lots of fun...

No production date has been set.

Lover Not A Fighter

Following roles in Hollywood pics The Mummy 3 and The Forbidden Kingdom-and the upcoming actioner The Expendables--Jet Li is headed back to Chinese cinema says The Hollywood Reporter.

According to Zhang Hongyan, publicist for the Hong Kong-based Edko Film, the project has tentatively been titled "Ocean Paradise".

"It's a movie that's very different from his previous movies," Zhang told a Chinese newspaper, and added that Li would not fight in the film.

Li came into his own in the Hong Kong film industry before kicking major butt in Hollywood, where he landed starring roles in Lethal Weapon 4 and Romeo Must Die.

Li is the best at all of the martial arts stuff...And while I understand his need to take a break from the action genre--I hope he comes back to it sooner rather than later.

Money Mom

Actress Susan Sarandon has been tipped to play the mother of Shia Labeouf's character in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, the sequel to Oliver Stone award winning pic Wall Street says Variety.

This is a no brainer of a role for Sarandon. I hope the movie offers up a scene or 2 between Michael Douglas--who returns as Gordon Gekko--and Sarandon

Carey Mulligan and Josh Brolin have yet to officially be cast--but have been circling the sequel forever...

Filming begins next month from a script by Stone and collaborator Allan Loeb

Dead On

Wanted helmer Timur Bekmambetov wants Angelina Jolie to come back for the sequel--"Wanted 2"--despite what happened to her character the last time out

Telling MTV, “If you remember from the first film, we have a recovery room with the baths of wax. We know how to do this, but it's still tough to do, because the bullet is inside her head. But there has to be a reason for her to come back... and we know the reason.”

Let's face it-- you sell more tix with Angie in the follow-up--then without her...

The sequel is planned to start shooting this winter.

Soul Searching

Are you ready for Soul Train The Movie...?

Variety reports the longest-running syndicated TV program will be the focus of a forthcoming movie.

Screenwriter Malcolm Spellman (Dead Presidents) will write it--while series host and producer--the venerable Don Cornelius will also produce the pic.

The show ran from 1971-2006.

Spellman is planning to set the film in the 1980's And it will follow a "body popper" who sees his ticket out of the ghetto in a planned Soul Train tour around the country.

Since the series spanned over 3 decades--I'm sure that both historical, and or biographical info about its evolution will be included.

"All of the hip-hop street dances you see today were born during that time period and were first seen on that show, and I remember doing all of them when I was a kid," said Spellman.

I'm glad that Cornelius--called the "godfather of cool" by Spellman is gonna be there to see this one through at least...

Core Beliefs

THR has news that a director Ericson Core has signed on to helm xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.

The original idea of re teaming original director Rob Cohen and actor Vin Diesel--after they both opted out of the dreadful xXx: State of the Union is gone. Cohen dropped out to instead take the reigns of a flick called Medieval

Michael Ferris and John Brancato (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, The Net, Catwoman) wrote rhe sceenplay with a recent polish from Rich Wilkes--who penned the first XxX pic.

This makes things interesting for Core ("Invincible") who--we just found out-- will also call action on Barry Morrow (Rain Man)'s script for the golf biopic about Moe Norman.

Never was a fan of the XxX flicks...Meh. Core should stick to his 18 holes of Golf...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funny Villain

Fresh from writing next summer's comic book sequel Iron Man 2-- Justin Theroux proves that he still likes to act...He is set to play the villain in the comedy "Your Highness" according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel star in the film, which was written by Ben Best and McBride; It centers on an arrogant, lazy prince (McBride) who must complete a quest to save his father's kingdom.

Theroux will play Leezar, an evil wizard with a bejeweled magical staff who kidnaps a princess (Deschanel).

David Gordon Green is calling action on the pic as this posts

Don't Get Cocky

Director Peter Berg talked about it last week...And now comes word that duo Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara have been hired to write the sequel to Hancock says The Hollywood Reporter.

Story deets are being kept quiet at this point, though the writers will work with star Will Smith and Berg to build on the premise in the first movie.

The original film written by Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan centered on a boozy, irresponsible superhero who undergoes an image makeover by a public relations man. It later is revealed that the hero is part of a line of immortal beings who have been around for more than 3,000 years and begin to lose their powers when in proximity to fellow immortals..

As my regular readers know--not a fan of the 1st flick--The one suggestion I would say right now if I could talk to the new scribes...Use Jason Bateman's publicist character as much as possible.

Jail Bait

The lovely and talented Elizabeth Banks is in final negotiations to star opposite Russell Crowe in "The Next Three Days" says THR.

A remake of Fred CavayƩ's 2008 French thriller "Pour Elle", about an ordinary couple who find themselves in an unthinkable situation when Banks' character finds herself imprisoned for a murder she claims she didn't commit. Her husband (Crowe) desperately tries to clear her.

Paul Haggis is doing triple duty on the pic directing, writing and co-producing.

Banks who is always keeping busy steps into the role originally to be played by Diane Kruger

2 of my faves side by side in one pic...How cool is that!! Banks and Crowe could read the phone book and would probably be great...

Shooting kicks off next month.

Kiss And Tell

Be still my heart! Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are going to hook up on screen for Darren Aronofsky’s dark new thriller Black Swan!!!

The original story came from this site which claimed to have somehow obtained the Black Swan script and found within its pages a gratuitous lesbian sex scene between the 2 beauties.

When the folks at Collider asked Kunis about the notion she refused to address it. kinda

Yes. I’ve heard about this from everybody. I mean, something got out.”

What she won’t say is whether what got out is accurate. Or for that matter, assuming it is accurate and this is in the script, are they actually shooting it as is? She added the script “got a recent rewrite last weekend.”--from Aronofsky

Keep in mind that the script was originally written by John McLaughlin and subsequently updated by Mark Heyman,.. Hence, the scene in question may not have survived later drafts

"I can’t really deny or confirm (anything) because I’m not allowed to talk about the script but all I’m going to say is that I can’t imagine anyone getting their hands on this project."

If this sexy twist was let out of the proverbial bag--the rewrites would seem in order--assuming that Aronofsky won't want to fool us in some other way...

Whatever we can hope that the plot point is still a reality can we not?

Black Swan sees Portman as a talented ballerina tormented by a rival who, may or may not, be a figment of her imagination--Kunis plays the rival.