Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out With The Old

The last helping of Cinema Stew For 2010

-Len Wiseman's remake of  Total Recall starring Colin Farell will shoot at the Pinewood Toronto Studios in Canada. The film will be the largest production ever in that city with a price tag at around $200 Million...Farrell is currently undergoing heavy physical training for his role says Digital Spy

-Duncan Jones told Badass Digest he wants to helm the movie based on World of Warcraft

-Asked if he would do any more 'Focker' films, Robert De Niro says "If we did another one or two, I'm fine with that - I'd love to"...

-Filming on "The Avengers" will take place mainly at the studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico with production scheduled to take place between April and September according to.Coming Soon Meantime Two alien races, the Skrulls and the Kree, from the The Kree-Skrull War storyline are said to be the bad guys in the comic book film says AICN The latest casting chatter? RadarOnline reported that actress-singer Demi Lovato, "is up for a role in the new Avengers movie that will start shooting April 1." The rumor has now been nixed Besidest like so many young stars before her she now finds herself in drug rehab

-Matt Damon says that his director pal Steven Soderbergh hopes to retire once he's completed work on the biopic Liberace next Summer and another film with George Clooney after that.
-Damon Herriman (TV's Justified) will play Bruno Hauptmann the man convicted of kidnapping and killing the Lindbergh baby in Clint Eastwood's new biopic J. Edgar says IndieWire. Judi Dench has joined the cast as well--Eastwood told SandwichJohnFilms [via the Playlist]

Salary Impossible??!! Ving Rhames wants $7.7 million to do his cameo in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, more than double his fee for the last film--Say what!?

-Bryan Singer will shoot "Jack The Giant Killer" using the RED EPIC cameras and natural light as the film is set in a time before electricity.Following in Stanley Kubrick's  Barry Lyndon footsteps

-Cate Blanchett, James Franco and Ben Stiller have all signed on to star in director Noah Baumbach’s upcoming drama "While We're Young" Blanchett replaces  Baumbach’s wife, Jennifer Jason Leigh, who filed for divorce from the director.  Greta Gerwig has also left the pic says IndieWire

-Kevin Costner is in negotiations to star in a new Kazakhstani historical drama about the founding of the Asian state. Akan Satayev ("Strayed") will be at the helm says IndieWire

-Topher Grace told MTV that the heavy cocaine use seen on screen in the 80's set teen comedy  Take Me Home Tonight was the big reason for the multi-year delayed release of the pic...The film finally hits theaters on March 4th 2011--The pic looks pretty good for its genre

-Mickey Rourke says he's still wants to make his planned biopic of gay Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas via Bleeding Cool

-Here's your first look at  Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers The 3-D pic starring stars Christoph Waltz, Mads Mikkelsen, James Corden, Orlando Bloom, Matthew Macfadyen, Logan Lerman, Ray Stevenson, and Luke Evans opens on October 14, 2011.

-Director Oliver Stone says in his commentary track on the Blu-ray disc of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps that he and actor, Shia Labeouf have discussed reuniting for the Vietnam War-era movie Pinkville

-Joystiq spoke with Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception game director Justin Richmond, who denies that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie director David O. Russell previously told The Los Angeles Times that the film adaptation would feature a "family dynamic."

-The Daily Blam posts a nifty image of Tomar-Re.a fellow member of the interplanetary Green Lantern Corps from the Green Lantern film  DC  Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns explains. "His nature to examine everything has led the Guardians of the Universe to appoint him the archivist and protector of the sacred Book of Oa. When not studying the nature of the Corps, Tomar-Re patrols the sector of 2813 where he developed a close friendship with neighboring sector 2814's Green Lantern, Abin Sur. Tomar has taken an interest in Abin's replacement, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds). Though Hal is not one for details, Tomar hopes to teach Hal what it means to be a Green Lantern."The pic is out on June 17 2011

-It seems Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) from The Avengers will make a cameo in Thor says The Wrap.

-Diane Kruger will replace Eva Green in Benoît Jacquot's Farewell, My Queen reports The Playlist.

Happy New Year To All Of My Loyal Readers!! You Are The BEST!

Special Heritage

Upon learning that writer David Goyer is influenced by Geoff Johns work on the Secret Origins storyline as he writes Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel I decided to purchase the deluxe collected edition of  the six issue mini series. I had read the single issues after getting them on loan from a buddy...But now I wanted a copy for my bookshelf

The story is told from the perspective of Clark Kent and does not feature his homeworld of Krypton. and starts with Clark's "earliest memory," and is, "his story of self-discovery and the world's story of meeting Superman"

In his introduction for the book Goyer says hat he hopes to gain inspiration for the script from Johns' story...

"As I write this, I am midway through my first draft of a new Superman screenplay," he writes. "It's a task that has stymied many talented filmmakers in the years since Donner's film. And for all I know, it will end up stymieing me as well. … But I've got one advantage that the screenwriters who came before me didn't have—and that's access to all the wonderful Superman stories written by Geoff Johns—first and foremost being the Secret Origin issues reprinted in the very volume you are now holding."

The writer also points out the  moment early in the story that really got to him.

"Young Clark is told the truth about his heritage," says Goyer. "He races out into the night, sobbing, stumbling through the cornfields. Eventually, his foster father, Jonathan, finds him. 'I don't want to be someone else,' says Clark. 'I don't want to be different. I want to be Clark Kent. … I want to be your son.' Right there in that moment, Geoff contextualized Superman in a way that I'm not sure has ever really been done before."

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

ItsJustSomeRandomGuy Is Back! The Marvel/DC Comics Zero Hour Saga Continues With A Special 2-Parter

Heroes Villains Lance the bartender and Darkseid...Oh My!! More Great Stuff!

Combat Couple

Gemma Arterton and Andrew Garfield will star in  Michael Mann's biopic about combat photographer Robert Capa says Total Film.

Based on Susana Fortes' award-winning novel, "Waiting for Robert Capa", the story follows the relationship between Gerta Pohorylle a young German woman  and a young Hungarian man named Endre Friedmann who met in Paris in 1935.

As exiled Jewish communist photographers, they decided to change their names to sell their works, and headed to Spain to capture images of the Civil War happening at that time

Arterton added that she hopes to get to work with Michael Winterbottom on his next picture "London Fields" as well

With high profile roles in Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia for Atherton--and The Social Network and the Untitled Spider-Man Reboot for Andrew--this will be interesting to see what develops as a pro like Mann calls action

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Code Blue

The final film frame of 2010 welcomes a trio of limited releases hoping for some attention from Oscar...Among them is Derek Cianfrance's Marriage drama Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams (reviews)

Pamela McClintock of THR

Just as Oscar ballots were sent out, the final three awards contenders are prepping to open in theaters Wednesday -- Another Year, Biutiful and Blue Valentine, although Biutiful plays only in a one-week qualifying run.

Sony Pictures Classics' Another Year, written and directed by British indie darling Mike Leigh, opens in six theaters in New York and Los Angeles. The film stars Jim Broadbent, Ruth Sheen and Lesley Manville.

The Weinstein Co. launches Blue Valentine in four theaters in New York and Los Angeles. The drama, starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, made headlines for earning an NC-17 rating for explicit sexual scenes, but Harvey Weinstein personally appealed the rating and won. Blue Valentine, directed by Derek Cianfrance, goes out with an R.

Roadside Attractions' Biutiful plays in one theater in New York and one in Los Angeles. Directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, the film stars Javier Bardem. It officially opens in a limited run Jan. 28.

After a long downturn in the indie market, business has been picking up. Two films enjoying notable success at the holiday box office are Black Swan and The Fighter.

Blue Valentine in particular hopes to parlay the attention it has gotten because of the ratings dust-up into heightened business.

I wrap up this last Box Office preview of the year with a great quote via EW Studio exec on grim holiday-movie season: 'If I were a projectionist, I'd want to shoot myself'

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family Is Forever

The Comedy Sequel Little Fockers Was The Favorite Gift At The Cineplex Over The Holiday Weekend--While Gulliver's Travels Ended Up Being One BIG Lump Of Coal....

Pamela McClintock of THR:

Universal's Little Fockers may have topped the Christmas box office with an estimated $48.3 million five-day debut, but it was Paramount's True Grit that saw the grittiest grosses, earning an estimated $36.8 million to come in No. 2.

Both pics debuted on Wednesday. Estimates are through Sunday.

Critically acclaimed True Grit -- delivering the Coen Brothers their best opening ever -- scored a surprise win over Tron: Legacy in placing No. 2.

Little Fockers fell well short of the $70 million opening for Meet the Parents over the same five days in 2004, but did gain momentum over the weekend. Overseas, where Paramount is distributing, the threequel grossed a solid $27 million from 3,933 locations in 37 territories for a worldwide opening of $75.3 million. Universal, Relativity and Paramount are equal partners on Fockers, which cost $100 million to produce.

Opening on Christmas Day was 20th Century Fox's Gulliver's Travels, which placed only No. 7 for the weekend, grossing an estimated $7.2 million from 2,546 theaters on Saturday and Sunday.

For the weekend itself, Fockers grossed roughly $34 million, providing the bounty of its five-day $48.4 million total from 3,536 theaters.

True Grit, playing in 3,047 theaters, grossed an estimated $25.6 million for the weekend itself on its way to scoring $36.8 million for the five days.

Tron: Legacy, which was expected to place No. 2 for the Christmas session, grossed an estimated $20.1 million for the weekend from 3,451 theaters and $31.8 million for the five days. Tron, opening Dec. 17, has grossed a total of $88.3 million.

While Gulliver's was soft, Fox Searchlight's Black Swan continued to be a winner for the Fox empire. Specialty pic grossed an estimated $6.6 million from 1,456 theaters for the weekend and $10.2 million for the five days for a cume of $29 million....

Keith Staskiewicz of  EW

Third chapter of franchise leads weekend box office, but below expectations; ''True Grit'' a strong No. 2

Next Up: 2010 closes out with NO MAJOR wide releases on the calendar--Among the pics bowing in limited release is Derek Cianfrance's attention getting Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams

Friday, December 24, 2010

Aliens On Jet Skis

Here's the latest extended look at the February 18th sci-fi action adventure I Am Number Four

Based upon the James Frey novel the story follows nine aliens who flee to Earth disguised as teenagers.

The title character, (Alex Pettyfer), soon learns the enemy alien race that caused them to abandon their home planet are still hunting them.

Kevin Durand Teresa Palmer Dianna Agron Timothy Olyphant and Callan McAuliffe also star

 D.J. Caruso called the shots from Alfred Gough and Miles Millar's adapted script

I know I'm not in the target demo on this but in doing research about the book the consensus seems to be great premise poorly executed Will the film do better in that regard?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sling Shot Effect

Ron Howard spoke with The Los Angeles Times about casting his film adaptation of The Dark Tower books

"Howard didn't dodge the topic [of casting lead character Roland] and nodded when names such as  Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Jon Hamm w were mentioned."

Howard told the paper, "Sure, those are some names and on 'The Dark Tower' fansites they're all about Viggo [Mortensen]."

Craig, Jackman And Mortensen? Who Will Play The Gunslinger?

"We love Roland the Gunslinger but we also like coming back to these worlds and these places. On one hand it is grounded and relatable but on the other hand it's scary and strange and mind-blowing," said Howard. "There's this dream quality to it and the mystery in that is what it's all about – being compelled forward without all the answers

What about taking on such a huge challenge?

It is going well, and it has been incredibly stimulating to work on," Howard told Deadline. "It's dense, a great author's life work is not to be taken lightly. It has been utterly fascinating to explore it, and we are having great creative conversations. I've begun tossing and turning at 3 in the morning over it, so that's a good sign."

Howard, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and producer Brian Grazer will adapt The Dark Tower, with author  Stephen King-simultaneously developing the property as a TV series. The first season of the TV series is designed to bridge the first and second movies.

The first movie in their Dark Tower film trilogy is on the calender for a Friday, May 17, 2013 bow

Not Enough Hours In A Day

Chatting with Assignment X former  24 executive producer Howard Gordon says  that the proposed film adaptation of the hit TV series has been put on indefinite hold.

Billy Ray ("Breach," "Shattered Glass") wrote a script for the big-screen incarnation of a day in the life of hero on the run Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), but the studio passed on on the premise.

"There was a script, but ultimately it wasn't the right proposition. It wasn't strong enough or compelling enough to the studio obviously to move ahead with it."

Gordon says that he's not involved in the project anymore but says director Tony Scott "has an idea that he is going to run it by or has run it by Kiefer Sutherland. I don't know what the status of it is."

Let's face it the very format works better as a weekly one hour drama-and might have a hard time as a feature-I'm a big fan of Ray's work and would love to what his script entailed/why the suits passed. I gotta be honest and also say that the notion of Tony Scott running Jack's life has my mind spinning with what could be.

Tick Tock Tick Tock  Tick Tock....

Mega Stew

Just Because I am not gonna be posting a lot for the rest of the year...doesn't mean that I stopped keeping an eye on the industry.....

-Buffy the Vampire Slayer series cast member Nick Brendon told EOnline that the planned film reboot without any of the show's stars is not a good idea - "I hope their vampires don't glitter. You know, listen...I think it's a mistake, I think that it's trying to kind of-they have to reach a whole completely new fanbase. And we already have that fanbase"..

-Oscar Isaac has joined the cast of the independent ensemble drama "Ten Year." about a high school reunion says THR Also just signing on Rosario Dawson and Lynn Collins  Screenwriter Jamie Linden will make his directing debut from a screenplay he wrote.  Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Kate Mara, Brian Geraghty, Justin Long, Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Anthony Mackie, Scott Porter also star The pic begins production this month in New Mexico.

- DVD Active reports that award season and critical fave The Social Network is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on January 11th 2011--a mere 15 weeks after its theatrical run begun on October 1st

-The Wrap reports that Alec Baldwin has been offered the part of Dennis Dupree, an ex-rocker who hangs onto his glory days by operating the Bourbon Room, a club on the Sunset Strip--in the upcoming movie adaptation of hit Broadway musical Rock Of Ages. Meanwhile EW broke the news that Gwyneth Paltrow has also bee asked to join the pic Word coming straight from the actress herself who is reading the script this week. No indication on what role she would play was given

-12-year-old JEOPARDY! winner Thomas Horn has scored the lead role in Stephen Daldry's adventure "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" reports Deadline.Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock also star.

-Ving Rhames tells Movieweb that "I may be doing something very small in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocal but I will just say that the budget changed dramatically and I'll leave it at that." Would he do a cameo? "Hmm... Cha-ching could create that but it's up to them".

-The Playlist reports that reps for  George Clooney have shot down reports the actor is rumoured to be starring in one of the three biopics in the works about auto industry guru John DeLorean .Clooney will however take over the male lead role from Robert Downey Jr. in  Alfonso Cuarón's  long troublrd sci-fi drama "Gravity" says The Hollywood Reporter. Sandra Bullock wlil play the main character, a female astronaut who becomes trapped in space after debris wipes out her space station. Production kicks off in the Spring and Clooney will film his role once he wraps up work directing the political pic The Ides of March

-Sacha Baron Cohen is circling a remake of the Spanish language comedy “Torrente" says The Los Angeles Times. Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel are penning the script.

-Author David Liss' historical thriller novel "A Conspiracy of Paper:" has been optioned for the big screen according to Variety. Set in 18th century London, the story follows Benjamin Weaver, a retired Jewish boxer investigating the mysterious death of his estranged father. His investigations uncovers the beginnings of a strange new economic order based on stock speculation. Danny Strong ("Recount") will adapt the script while Ridley Scott and Tony Scott will produce.

-James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma "Knight and Day") is attached to direct the contemporary Western revenge thriller "The Gunslinger"says Heat Vision. John Hlavin's spec script centers on an ex-Texas Ranger who sets out to punish the men who killed his brother. Andrew Lazar and Cathy Konrad are producing. Production is aiming to kick off in the Spring.

-Dreamworks Animation has won the film rights to Maintenance comic book series from Jim Massey and Robbi Rodriguez says THR The book concerns janitors Doug and Manny who work for TerroMax, Inc., the world's biggest and best evil science think tank. When they're not dealing with toxic spill monsters and menial time machine repairs, they have to contend with their boss, a multitude of mad scientists, jetpack-equipped cavemen , alien repomen, and the cute girl who works at reception The project was originally set up at Warner Bros for McG to direct, but now there's no writer, helmer or producers attached.

-The Globe and Mail says that production for Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel seems to be headed to Vancouver in the summer of 2011. "[Zack Snyder's] next feature's coming here," said Peter Leitch, chair of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of British Columbia and president of North Shore Studios and Mammoth Studios. Leitch did not name MOS as the film in question, though obviously that's what Snyder is doing next -- and a source for the paper confirms the story. While reports say that actor Dominic Pace. wants to play evil genius Lex Luthor and is campaigning for a chance at the role And writer David Goyer says that writer Geoff Johns work on Supes was a big influence on him, specifically the Secret Origins storyline says CBM The six issue mini series is told from the perspective of Clark Kent and no single issue takes place on his homeworld of Krypton. and starts with Clark's "earliest memory," and is, "his story of self-discovery and the world's story of meeting Superman" I gotta say the book is fantastic!!

-Dennis Quaid has joined the cast of the thriller "Beneath the Darkness" to Variety.The story centers on a teenager (Tony Oller) who tries to unlock the secrets inside the house of a shady mortician (Dennis Quaid) who is a respected community figure. Aimee Teegarden, Devon Werkheiser, Brett Cullen and Stephen Lunsford also star. Martin Guigui directs from a script by Bruce Wilkinson with filming already underway

-Author Tom Rubython's biographical novel Shunt: The Story of James Hunt is in the book to flick pipeline reports Deadline.The biopic is being tipped for rising young actor Alex Pettyfer (above) to play the renowned race car driver. A writer is being sought

-Teri Polo and Dermot Mulroney have joined the cast of the kidnapping thriller "Beyond" says Heat Vision. The story centers on a veteran detective and a questionable television psychic teaming up in the hunt to find the detective missing grandchild, no matter the cost. Polo will play the mother of the child,  Jon Voight and Julian Morris also stat for helmer Josef Rusnak

-Eric Bana  Olivia Wilde  and Charlie Hunnam (above) are all in talks to join the crime thriller "Kin" reports Variety.The story follows a desperate brother (Bana) and sister (Wilde) who are fugitives evading the law and find themselves wrecking the holiday homecoming of a troubled ex-boxer (Hunnam) Stefan Ruzowitzky directs from an original script by Zach Dean

-Bana is also wanted to play former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln  for Timur Bekmambetov for the lead role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter reports The Wrap.

-Ty Olsson is set to play the role of Bella Swan Kristen Stewart)'s step-dad Phil Dwyer in the currently shooting  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 reports

-Author Bret Easton Ellis  will write a Spain-set thriller screenplay called "Bait" says Variety. The story follows a disturbed woman who holds a group of American students hostage in shark-infested waters.Jonas Pate will call action

-"Thor" star Chris Hemsworth (pictured on the set) told E-online that he's discussed a rough outline of The Avengers story with director Joss Whedon but he hasn't seen a hard copy of the script yet. Meantime a white supremacist group is ticked by the notion that black English actor Idris Elba  will be playing the Norse mythological god Heimdall in the picthat they're urging a boycott of the upcoming comic book movie. The Guardian reports that the U.S.-based Council of Conservative Citizens has established a web site to allow other like-minded people to join the boycott  because of the change in the character's race...Ummmm I have no words so I will instead move on....

-Talking with the recent trailer launch for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, director Rob Marshall offers up additional story details "The whole opening and the first third of the film takes place in London. So we start on dry land and there is an impostor that Jack is looking for. He then escapes from the palace, gets captured by King George and there is a huge carriage chase" He adds "We set sail and that is sort of the second act. It’s a new ship, Blackbeard’s ship, the ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge.’ Then Barbossa has a new ship called the ‘Providence.’ The third act is this incredible jungle adventure through caves where they are looking for the Fountain of Youth.” Pirates 4 comes to theaters May 20, 2011

Phillip Noyce has opted out of doing any sort of sequel to the Angelina Jolie spy thriller "Salt". He told Moviehole "Those three [alternate] Blu-ray cuts [of the film] represent just about everything I have to offer on Evelyn Salt. If there ever is a sequel, better its directed by someone with a completely fresh take on what I believe could be a totally entertaining and complex series of stories" says Noyce.

-Warner Bros.suits have come across 17 minutes of lost footage fromStanley Kubrick's 1968 sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey in a Kansas salt-mine vault. The footage is said to be "perfectly preserved" according to World Press But it's not part of the helmer's final edit and so the studio has "no plans to expand or revise Mr. Kubrick’s vision". It's possible the footage will end up as an extra on a future DVD and/or Blu-ray release..says Hollywood Elsewhere

-Christina Hendricks ,Olivia Munn ("Iron Man 2") and Seth Meyers have joined the cast of a film adaptation of author Alison Pearson's I Don't Know How She Does It:" says The Los Angeles Times. The first-person comedy follow a high-powered financial worker (Sarah Jessica Parker) who is also the mother of two young children and trying to balance the various competing elements of her life. Hendricks would play a friend of Parker's character, Munn a work colleague.Pierce Brosnan and Kelsey Grammer also star. Douglas McGrath directs the film when shooting kicks off in January. I will certainly miss seeing Olivia as co-host of Attack of the Show

-McG (This Means War, Terminator Salvation) and Breck Eisner both want to call the shots on the film adaptation of the classic  board game Ouija says Heat Vision. Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are penning the script for this "four-quadrant supernatural adventure" Helmers s Sylvain White (The Losers), Pierre Morel (Taken), Scott Stewart (Legion) and John Moore (Max Payne have all circled ths pic at one point since its development began The studio is targeting a November 2012 release.

-Author Dan Brown the bestselling author and creator of the Robert Langdon novels, is performing a rewrite on the screenplay adaptation his own novel, The Lost Symbol according to The Hollywood Reporter, Brown will take over scripting duties from Steven Knight, who did  the first draft No word on a release date yet, but the trade speculates that the suits could be eying a summer 2013 bow. Series director Ron Howard,, has not committed to return yet Star Tom Hanks has not signed up to reprise his role as Langdon either

-Norwegian filmmaker Harald Zwart ("The Karate Kid remake) is poised to direct Bakugan a film version of the popular strategic game and anime series Bakugan Battle Brawlers says The Wrap The game has players use marble-like balls that transform into powerful monsters when rolled on game cards.

-Terry Gilliam will mentor effects animator Tim Ollive's directing debut 1884 says Variety The pitch is described as a film made in 1848 with steam power, narrating a tale of laughable imperialist derring-do and espionage set in a futuristic 1884, when Europe is at war, steam-powered cars fly in the sky..."  Gilliam and Ollive have had a long standing industry friendship.

-The wife of HR Giger, Carmen Scheifele, says the Swiss surrealist painter who designed the creature for the original 1979 Alien is back at work designing for g for Ridley Scott's  Untitled Alien Prequel #1..

-Asked about the disputed rights to the Terminator franchise and whether she'd be up for producing another one, Gale Anne Hurd  says "It’s very sad. You feel like you gave birth to something and it’s been adopted and those adoptions haven’t worked out. Of course I’d be interested in doing another one. I’d love it" Sad Indeed...

-Christian Bale will star in Chinese director Yimou Zhang latest film Nanjing Heroes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Based on the historical Nanking Massacre of 1937 “I met Christian in America and was impressed with his serious book research for the role,” said Zhang. Bale would play a priest character named John who helped many Chinese people flee from death. Filming will start on January 10. In 1987 Bale got his big break at the age of 13 in Steven Spielberg’s under appreciated gem Japan-occupation set Empire of the Sun

- Electronic Arts is developing "Madden Curse," a sports comedy feature that explores a Jinx that seems to befall National Football League players who appear on the cover of EA's popular Madden NFL video game series-named for sports legend John Madden with career shortening injuries shortly after reports The Wrap. The story will follow a former Madden video game champion who is forced out of retirement just as he finds himself on the corner of the game's cover -- and subject to the curse. Done right this could be a great sports comedy.

That's it for now... But you can expect more Stew Before 2010 closes out! Also I have Big Blog News coming very  soon

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Go From LittleTo Big

Anyone needing a break from last minute holiday shopping? You could always take in a movie...

Jeff Bridges is going up against himself (and Tron Legacy) in Ethan and Joel Coen's True Grit (reviews) remake; Ben Stiller, Teri Polo and Robert De Niro lead a family reunion to meet the Little Fockers (reviews) While Director Sofia Coppola takes Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning on a father/daughter trip Somewhere (Limited, reviews)  On Saturday Jack Black goes for BIG laughs in Gulliver's Travels (reviews)

Pamela McClintock of THR

The Christmas rush continues in theaters Wednesday as threequel Little Fockers and the Coen Brothers' Western remake True Grit enter the fray while Fox Searchlight's Black Swan expands nationwide into a total of 1,461 theaters.

Little Fockers, opening in 3,536 runs domestically, has every chance of winning the Wednesday-Sunday race because Disney's Tron: Legacy is playing more narrowly than expected and Fockers is a broad comedy with cross-gender appeal.

There's concern that the 2010 holiday session has gotten off to a sluggish start for bigger studio titles, although comparisons to last year are tough because of Fox megahit Avatar.

Little Fockers is borrowing its release pattern from the 2004 sequel Meet the Fockers, which bowed on the Wednesday before Christmas (the holiday also fell on a Saturday that year). Meet the Fockers grossed $70.5 million for the five days.

However, Universal insiders expect Little Fockers to gross closer to $60 million over the five days, saying threequels often fall off.

Starring franchise players Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro, Little Fockers also sees the return of Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman's last-minute return to the cast required reshoots.

Universal, Relativity Media and Paramount Pictures are equal partners in Fockers, which cost $100 million to make. Paramount is distributing overseas, where the film all but opens day and date.

Originally, Fox was going to open 3D family film Gulliver's Travels Wednesday opposite Fockers and True Grit. At the 11th hour, the studio decided to push back the release to Christmas Day to allow more time for marketing and distance it from other 3D titles.

Paramount opens True Grit in slightly more than 3,000 runs domestically, marking the widest opening ever for Ethan and Joel Coen, whose films usually roll out slowly. True Grit's commercial hopes draw from its cast -- Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin -- and the fact that the 1969 True Grit is a classic.

Paramount is looking for True Grit to gross about $20 million for the five days, but rival studio execs say it could do more. Film is tracking best among men...
Read more....

Keith Staskiewicz of EW asks: 'Fockers' to outdraw 'True Grit'?

Game Over

I saw TRON Legacy--Joseph Kosinski’s sequel to the 1982 cult classic Tron last night...And as someone who loved the original as a kid during the arcade revolution-I was really looking forward to the follow up. Unfortunately though despite some ambitious intent the film never lives up to the whole Legacy thing

As the story opens it's 1989, Kevin Flynn (a CG de-aged Jeff Bridges), an innovative software engineer and the CEO of ENCOM International, tells his eight-year-old son Sam (Owen Best) about a new "digital frontier" he has created called The Grid, a virtual domain existing inside the ENCOM mainframe. Kevin tells Sam of the two programs helping him, Tron and Clu (Bridges). Tron keeps The Grid secure, while Clu is tasked with creating the perfect system.

Twenty years later, Sam (Garrett Hedlund), haunted by Flynn's mysterious disappearance, is visited by his Father's pal Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) who tells him that he received a page that originated from a supposedly disconnected number at Flynn's abandoned arcade. Exploring the arcade, Sam discovers a concealed door leading to a computer laboratory in the basement. Attempting to discover what his father was doing--he pulls up the logs and reissues the last command entered In doing so Sam activates a digitizing laser which transports him to The Grid.

Soon after Sam is captured and taken to the game arena where he receives combat armor and an identity storage battle disc from four Sirens, including Gem (Beau Garrett). When Sam attempts to escape he is pitted against Rinzler, (Anis Cheurfa) a master of the games, who discovers that Sam is not a program, but a User. Sam is taken to Clu, who Sam initially believes is his father. Clu brings Sam into a Light Cycle match with several other programs, and Sam is nearly killed just as Quorra (Olivia Wilde) rescues him, taking him to a distant hideout in the Off-Grid Outlands. There, he is reunited with his father Kevin. It is revealed that during The Grid's development the so-called "isomorphic algorithms" (ISOs) manifested out with the potential to unlock mysteries in almost every field of science, religion and medicine. Clu saw the ISOs as imperfect beings and following his programming, betrayed both Kevin and Tron and seized control over The Grid. He then systematically eliminated all ISOs. It is further revealed that the portal to the real world, which takes massive amounts of energy to sustain, cannot be open indefinitely and ultimately closes: it can only be opened from the outside.

Quorra tells Sam that Kevin can choose to "re-integrate" with Clu at any time, but that the process would destroy them both. Seeing how determined Sam is to go back, Quorra tells him about a program called Zuse (Michael Sheen) who she believes may be able to provide safe passage for both Flynn's to make it out of The Grid....

The script by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and director Kosinski try very hard to let the sequel have that same wow factor that the ahead of its time first film had but somewhere along the way this pic gets lost under the weight of too much tech speak and convoluted narrative-Sure its look is eye-popping at times but that was not enough to keep me entertained for 2 hours plus. Another thing the story lacks is humor. A few lame attempts but that's it

There were action sequences yes--but not as many as I thought there would be. There are so many scenes heavy with dialogue that seem to go on forever-- that when things finally get moving again its like a shot on the arm but it is fleeting.

If you are a regular reader here you already know that I have a strong dislike for the use of 3-D...I think it only serves to take the viewer out of the film as you wait for things to pop off the screen....To my surprise the theater I saw the flick in was only showing it in the format--After a little sticker shock over the ticket price--I figured well if any film was tailor made to take full advantage of 3-D it would be TRON right? Wrong! Save for a few moments there wasn't many wow bits. In fact the 3-D trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides made better use of the technique!

The only bright spot for me was the prank sequence in the beginning of the film where Hedlund showed me that he can be quite the action hero if given proper daring do stuff to er do.

I was really hoping for a better Tron sequel worth the 28 year wait.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Legacy Fufilled

Tron Legacy wins the weekend derby for the top spot-James L. Brooks' How Do You Know only knows #8-despite big names...

Pamela McClintock of THR

Disney's Tron: Legacy far and away topped the weekend box office with a $43.6 million opening from 3,451 locations, but that didn't take the sting out of an overall soft frame.

Overseas, Tron: Legacy grossed $23 million as it rolled out in 50% of the territories, for a worldwide total opening of $66.6 million. Imax theaters provided a record proportion of the total gross, or $12.5 million.

Warner Bros.' new 3D family pic Yogi Bear debuted to $16.7 million, while most had expected the family film to jump the $20 million mark. The movie, playing in 3,515 theaters, came in No. 2.

James L. Brooks' How Do You Know, from Sony, was an out-and-out disappointment in its opening. Placing No. 8, the romantic comedy opened to only $7.6 million from 2,483 locations. Picture stars Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson.

Sony/GK Films' The Tourist even beat How Do You Know, grossing $8.7 million from 2,756 theaters in its second weekend to tie with Disney holdover Tangled for No. 5.

Weekend's other new wide entry The Fighter had an advantage over the rest in costing just $25 million to produce. The awards favorite came in No. 4 with $12.2 million as it expanded nationwide, playing in 2,503 theaters....

Karen Valby of EW 

Sequel to '80s cult fave scores gets a quarter of its haul from IMAX; rough start for ''How Do You Know'' ($7.6M)

Gonna try and see Tron tomorrow--If I do I will let you know my impressions

Meantime--The next box office frame kicks off Wednesday...

Jeff Bridges is going up against himself (and Legacy) in Ethan and Joel Coen's True Grit remake; Ben Stiller, Teri Polo and Robert De Niro lead a family reunion to meet the Little Fockers; While Director Sofia Coppola takes Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning on a father/daughter trip Somewhere (Limited)  On Saturday Jack Black goes for BIG laughs in Gulliver's Travels

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"I Remember The Pain..."

I got an unexpected Christmas present from Team Spontaneous (Deven Lobascio and Jason Mayer) today...the teaser trailer for their latest film called Down the Road! I knew they were working on putting one together....But was not told that it was dropping today

The revenge thriller follows a group of college students who may have escaped their personal troubles only to find themselves fighting for their lives when a madman comes calling...

Jen Dance, David Bonner Clint Howard and Shaun Paul Costello star....

Holy cripes boys! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a really good feeling about this one! It may be frigid outside But I got the chills siting inside watching that!

The Pest Is Impressed!!!!!!!!!!!

As I did before with The Pendant-TLR will be covering the new pic as we move into next year...

Be Sure And Follow Down The Road on Twitter and Facebook as well!

Friday, December 17, 2010


The Holiday box office gets going with Jeff Bridges passing on the Tron Legacy (reviews) to his son Garrett Hedlund...Cartoon fave Yogi Bear (reviews) goes CGI for his big screen bow Reese Witherspoon. Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson ask How Do You Know (reviews) of director James L. Brooks And Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale duke it out in front of a wider audience in the biopic The Fighter (reviews)

Pamela McClintock of THR:

Hollywood is once again overstuffing the Christmas stocking with films of all shapes and sizes, hoping to benefit from the most lucrative and intense stretch of the year at the box office.

Moviegoers will embrace some of the presents; others, not so much.

This weekend, there are four new wide players: Disney's 3D tentpole Tron: Legacy, which is expected to top the weekend; Warner Bros.' 3D family picture Yogi Bear; Paramount/Relativity Media's The Fighter; and Sony's romantic comedy How Do You Know, directed by James L. Brooks.

A film opening during the year-end holidays can earn five or six times its opening number, and sometimes more, thanks to kids and college students being out school and many adults taking time off. That's unheard of the rest of the year, when the average multiple is three to four.

Before Sunday even rolls around, distribution execs are usually able to tell their bosses how much a film will ultimately make, based on opening numbers. Not so for Christmas, whose lifetime grosses are more difficult to predict because of the unusually high multiple.

A year ago, Fox's Avatar grossed $77 million in its launch on its way to grossing $760 million domestically. Initially, many pundits wondered why the film opened so low.

Sony's Nancy Meyers-directed It's Complicated opened to $22.1 million over Christmas weekend last year, and it wound up with $112.7 million domestic -- a multiple of more than five.

Tron: Legacy, opening in the same slot as Avatar, is tracking well among males of all ages. Observers expect the film to gross north of $40 million as it goes out in 3,451 theaters (including Thursday midnight runs).

Disney began introducing Tron: Legacy -- a follow-up to the 1982 cult classic -- to fanboys two years ago and to exhibitors more than a year ago. The marketing campaign began in earnest nine months ago. Usually, fanboy-centric pictures are rated PG-13; Tron is rated PG.

The movie is getting heavy play in Imax theaters, with the large-format exhibitor expecting strong returns. Overseas, the film also has a major rollout. It cost nearly $170 million to produce.

Jeff Bridges returns in the role of Kevin Flynn, while Garrett Hedlund plays his son.

Yogi Bear brings an even more recognizable character to the big screen, at least among older moviegoers who grew up on the popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

The CG/live-action hybrid, playing in 3,535 theaters, is expected to do well among younger kids and should do steady business throughout the holiday session.

Warners will be happy as long as the 3D film opens to $20 million or higher this weekend, considering the strong multiple it should have. (Stuart Little opened to $15 million on the same weekend in 1999 and cumed $140 million domestically.)

The weekend's two wild cards are The Fighter, which goes out in 2,503 locations after a limited bow last weekend in New York and L.A., and Fox Searchlight's Black Swan, which makes a major play in expanding from 90 theaters to 959. On Wednesday, Swan ups its screen count to 1,426.

Both films are early awards favorites, as is the Weinstein Co.'s The King's Speech, which expands from 19 locations to 43 Friday. All three picked up significant Golden Globe and SAG nominations this week....

John Young of EW

'TRON: Legacy' to cycle past its competition

The Critics Have little for the 3 big releases of the week-Despite that fact as part of my schedule early next week--I plan see Tron for myself....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

RIP Blake Edwards 1922-2010)

Andrews And Edwards Worked With Each Other Several Times

The great director Blake Edwards passed away late Wednesday evening after losing a battle with a recent bout of pneumonia. His wife Julie Andrews and other family members and friends were at his side in the hospital. He was 88.

Edwards was one of the most influential comedy filmmakers from the late 60's through to the 80's. He's best known for directing Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther Film Series

But he also worked with Audrey Hepburn in the romance classic Breakfast At Tiffany's, And then there's the drama Days of Wine and Roses, in which Jack Lemmon and Lee Remmick give two of the best performances of their careers The comedy 10 that made Bo Derek a household name and the obsession of Dudley Moore's mid-life crisis Victor Victoria (for which he got an Oscar nomination for the screenplay), The Party," "The Great Race," "S.O.B.," and "Skin Deep" among others 

He was also behind the TV series "Peter Gunn"

My parents loved the Pink movies with Sellers and I have fond memories growing up watching them together

Acting Skills

The Screen Actors Guild Award nominations were announced today.

Here's the list of film nominees in the five acting categories: "The King's Speech" "The Social Network" and The Fighter" came out on top with four nominations while "The Kids Are All Right" and "Black Swan got 3.

Notable lockouts include The Town "Animal Kingdom," Blue Valentine
and Another Year


“Black Swan”
“The Fighter”
“The Kids Are All Right”
“The King’s Speech”
“The Social Network”


Jesse Eisenberg, “The Social Network”
Colin Firth, “The King’s Speech”
James Franco, “127 Hours”
Jeff Bridges, “True Grit”
Robert Duvall, “Get Low”


Annette Benning, “The Kids Are All Right”
Nicole Kidman, “The Rabbit Hole”
Jennifer Lawrence, “Winter’s Bone”
Natalie Portman, “Black Swan”
Hilary Swank, “Conviction”


Christian Bale, “The Fighter”
Mark Ruffalo, “The Kids Are All Right”
John Hawkes, “Winter’s Bone”
Jeremy Renner, “The Town”
Geoffrey Rush, “The King’s Speech”


Amy Adams, “The Fighter”
Helena Bonham Carter, “The King’s Speech”
Mila Kunis, “Black Swan”
Melissa Leo, “The Fighter”
Hailee Steinfeld, “True Grit”

The 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will be held on January 30, 2011

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis The Season

It's hard to believe that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the film Home Alone....

The original song from the soundtrack Somewhere in My Memory with music by film music composer John Williams and lyrics by his frequent collaborator Leslie Bricusse is among my favorite tunes during this time of year....

I post this video in Memory of my late Mom, who always made the holidays extra special...My late niece Kayla whose smile was like getting a visit from Santa....And Finally my lovely Becka--Gone way too soon...Miss You All...

Happy Holidays To All Of My Loyal Readers! All The Best