Thursday, July 31, 2008

Comic Timing

Sony Pictures has announced plans to move ahead with a film centered around "Venom ," a potential "Spider-Man" spin off based on one of the villains in "Spider-Man 3" says The Hollywood Reporter.

Several years ago Jacob Aaron Estes was attached to write a draft of the script but the studio is now considering going in a different direction and is seeking new writers.

It's also unlikely that Topher Grace would be back to play the creature. It's much more likely the slick parasite will attach itself to a different character in the film.

I wrote in my review of Spidey 3 that Venom deserved better than he got in the movie. I'm just not sure a solo effort is the way to go at this point.

The studio is still developing Spider-Man 4" for release in 2011.

Meanwhile, Spider director Sam Raimi will produce another superhero film...

Not Another Teen Movie co -scribes Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson sold their action-adventure pitch "The Transplants"

The ensemble superhero story with a comedic slant is geared for all audiences.

Further plot details were not disclosed.

"Teen" is actually under-rated clever and fun....And this could be too.

Stern Warning

"Shock Jock" and polarizing media figure Howard Stern is finally getting the long discussed remake of the 1979 comedy "Rock 'n' Roll High School" off the ground reports Variety.

The original followed a group of rebellious students who, with the help of punk rock band the Ramones, thwarted a rock-music-hating principal.

"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" actor Alex Winter has been hired to script the update.

Stern remains linked to a remake of the raunchy Bob Clark-directed 1982 comedy classic "Porky's".

I've been a Stern fan for years...I can think of no one better than him to spear-head these retreads...He might even make 'em watchable....

Doctor Doctrine

Mike Myers has started writing a fourth "Austin Powers" film which is tipped to be a homage to his dad according to Deadline Hollywood Daily.

This latest installment of the spy spoof series will focus on Austin's arch-villain Dr. Evil and his relationship with his son Scott Evil (Seth Green).

"It's very personal with a father and son theme loosely based on his own life," a source tells the site.

Myers is co-writing the script with fellow Powers' scribe Michael McCullers who previously worked on the two 'Powers' sequels.

Another Powers sequel is fine and all--but what the masses really want is to see a follow-up this summer's The Love Guru right? I'm kidding of course...

Meantime-MTV asks an important question: Is ‘Austin Powers 4’ A Good Idea Or THE WORST IDEA EVER?

It's no surprise that Meyers is going back to a proven formula--Considering Guru tanked.

Good luck Guys...hope things turn out better than they did in Austin Powers in Goldmember...

Scared Stiff

The gang at iF Magazine say that Halloween (1978) helmer John Carpenter will direct Scared Straight.

The story follows group of juveniles who are trapped inside a prison as part of the "Scared Straight" program when a large-scale riot breaks out, and it is up to inmate Karl Rix to save the kids.

Nicolas Cage will play Rix when shooting begins in the Fall..

As a fan Carpenter's work...I am glad he's back behind the camera rather than just collecting a check for a remake of one of his films done by someone else.

It's just a shame that he is saddled with Cage as his lead-UGH!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hey Marv

Warner Bros.. and Alcon Entertainment are developing a film built around "Marvin the Martian" reports Variety.

The cartoon character made his debut in a Looney Tunes cartoon in 1948. Created by toon titian Chuck Jones, Marvin was often intent on blowing up the Earth, only to be foiled by Bugs Bunny and his cohorts

The new story will have a Christmas theme with Marvin coming to Earth to destroy Christmas but being prevented from doing so when he's trapped in a gift box.

The project is going to be a hybrid of live action and CGI.

Marvin was always a favorite of mine as kid--Thanks in large part to the late great Mel Blanc and his unique vocal skills for him....I'm actually a bit jazzed by this news...

The Dark Night

Guillermo del Toro will produce a remake of the 1973 cult horror-thriller TV movie "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" says The Hollywood Reporter.

The original "Dark" told the tale of a young girl (Kim Darby), who is sent to live with her father (Jim Hutton) and his new girlfriend (Barbara Anderson) The trio soon discover that sinister creatures live underneath the stairs.

Comics creator Troy Nixey will make his feature film directorial debut on the project

Del Toro and Matthew Robbins will adapt a script from Nigel McKeand original teleplay.

For a 70's TV movie the original was pretty darn effective at giving viewers a case of the willies.

Del Toro and Robbins have worked before on Mimic as a team--so good things should come from this update.

Top Hatter

Johnny Depp is first in line to play the Mad Hatter for Tim Burton's new version of Alice In Wonderland on film for Disney according to Bang Media.

A re-imagining of the classic children's tale by Lewis Carroll. If rumors are true, the project would mark the seventh time Depp and Burton have collaborated on film.

The 3-D version is set for release in 2010.

Stay Tuned for "official" word...

Reaper Reel

Pat Mills (the "Godfather" of British comics) and Clint langley's forthcoming graphic novel "American Reaper" is to be adapted for the big screen says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story is set in a future where identity theft leads to victims having their minds erased and replaced by those of the elderly rich seeking a second youth or by criminals and terrorists with more sinister motives. A team of special agents, known as Reapers, are formed to track down and terminate them.

Trudie Styler-wife of rocker Sting will produce...Does that mean we may see him in the film or hear him on the soundtrack?

The celluloid version will be adapted by Mills, but no cast or director are attached.


The producers of the upcoming "RoboCop" flick confirmed to MTV News that it's not a sequel but a reboot ala "Batman Begins".

Brad Fischer: "None of [the earlier films are] going to be canonical, as a matter of fact. I wouldn't say it's a direct sequel".

Mike Medavoy talks rating:

"Well I was involved with the original 'RoboCop,' and it was an R, and the likelihood is that this will be an R... It's likely to be an R unless the director [Darren Aronofsky] cuts back on some of it."

As to whether original Robo Peter Weller would appear in the film?

Medavoy said it's "the director's choice."

A 3D version of the film has never been discussed....

Since they are starting over--A cameo for Weller-as a nod to what's come before-would work best here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Foundation Faction

Former New Line Cinema big-wigs Robert Shaye and Michael Lynne will produce "Foundation", based on Isaac Asimov''s Foundation novels, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The futuristic sci-fi epic concerns a society that has figured out how to predict the future based on something known as psycho history and it sets up a method devoted to scientific research to ensure its survival.

The plan is to adapt the first book for now, and if warranted develop adaptations of the other two books later.

The trilogy is among my faves in sci-fi lit. But it's going to be a tough sell to adapt However the same could have been said of the The Lord of the Rings and yet both men found a way to get that done

Lock And Keys

Film producer J.C. Spink is keen on casting singer Alicia Keys to play 355 in the "Y: The Last Man" movie report the folks UGO.

Spink is working with director D.J. Caruso on the film adaptation of the Brian K.Vaughn comic about the sole surviving male human.

As for the role of Agent 355, the man's bodyguard who works for a mysterious US government agency, he says "I think Alicia Keys would be fantastic. Or Zoe Saldana. By then Star Trek will be out and she'll be huge. I don't think Jada Pinkett Smith would be right but a lot of people like her".

I would actually pick Saldana over Keys (pictured) for the role She seems a better fit.

Will Shia LaBeouf play the lead role?

He responded "We're trying." (The latest on his recent car crash-"I Don't Know How to Have One Drink")

He also confirms that while the first film will be self-contained, if its a success a trilogy is planned.

Jenny On The Blog

Jennifer Lopez has landed the lead in the romantic comedy "The Governess" according to Variety.

The film centers on a professional thief who, in order to pull off a major bank heist, poses as a nanny to the three unruly children of a wealthy widower. When she starts to fall for the kids and their father, she must decide if she can give up her past for a chance to start over.

Written by her Maid in Manhattan scribe Kevin Wade and Wendy Braff, with an assist from Don Roos, the film is being directed by Nigel Cole and filming set for Fall in Massachusetts.

Lopez has talent as a singer and stage performer no doubt...But her film success is spotty at best in my opinion...And the premise for this sounds woefully predictable.

Taylor Made

Aussie beauty actress Rachael Taylor will star in the carnival-themed comedy "Splinterheads" according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Taylor plays a Carney con artist who dupes and then forms a relationship with a local twentysomething slacker, played by Second City veteran Thomas Middleditch.

Chemistry between Hunter and Middleditch will be key of course...

Brant Sersen will direct the film from his script Production begins next month.

Scott Free

Alexis Bledel (pictured), Scott Porter, Bryan Greenberg, former 80's Brat Packer Andrew McCarthy, Aaron Yoo and Anna Chlumsky have all joined the romantic comedy "The Good Guy " says The Hollywood Reporter.

Porter plays Tommy, a rising Wall Street star in a budding romance with a new girlfriend, Beth (Bledel). He takes new salesman under his wing (Greenberg) who befriends Beth, starting a chain of events that might ultimately lead to his downfall. McCarthy plays Tommy's boss, Yoo plays his crass co-worker and Chlumsky plays Beth's unlucky-in-love friend.

Since Porter says goodbye to TV's Friday Night Lights this season---(story) I'm glad he's finding more film work...He and cutie Bledel seem like a good on screen match.

Julio DePietro directs from his script which is currently filming in the Big Apple.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Spies Like Us

Ving Rhames and Ellen Barkin have joined the star-studded action comedy "Rogue's Gallery" reports Variety.

The story chronicles the battle between groups of government spy teams in an underground facility after their boss is assassinated.

Fouad Mikati helms the project penned by Brian Watanabe and Abe Levy.

This could be, if done in a smart-not silly way be a lot of fun. Ala Ocean's Eleven...

Filming began in downtown Los Angeles last week.

Rob Been Robbed

Dave McNary of Variety reports on the strike II front...

SAG says no to majors' final offer

Sticking point: Non-union work in new media The month-long contract stalemate between The Screen Actors Guild and the majors shows no signs of a breakthrough anytime soon....

And even though an official walkout seems likely...It's still a question of when...Still...have we seen its first casualty?

Ridley Scott's fresh take on the Robin Hood myths will apparently take a little longer to get to the big screen according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Production on "Nottingham" was originally scheduled to start in a few weeks, but has been indefinitely postponed and probably won't be ready to get back and up and running until well into next year.

Script concerns, location problems and the threat of another strike have all combined to convince all involved to shut everything down for now

The studio, Scott and star Russell Crowe all remain committed to the project...

If you take the labor issues out of the equation the other concerns could mean a longer delay period than 9 months.

Last Comic (Con) Standing

Now that Comic-Con 2008 is history....I've gathered some cool stuff from the event via YouTube...






Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dark Victory

The Dark Knight has no trouble staying number 1

Pamela McClintock of Variety:

Warner Bros.' Batman sequel "The Dark Knight" earned a record-breaking $75.6 million in its second weekend from 4,366 theaters, bringing its domestic cume to $314.2 million and putting it on track to reach $400 million in slightly more than a week from now.

It was another sunny weekend at the domestic B.O. overall. Sony's Will Ferrell-John C. Reilly comedy "Step Brothers" opened to plenty of laughs in grossing an estimated $30 million from 3,094 runs, while Universal holdover "Mamma Mia" dipped only 36% in its second weekend to grab an estimated $17.9 million from 2,990 runs for a cume of $62.7 million in its first 10 days, according to Rentrak.

The only title coming in on the lower end of expectations was 20th Century Fox's "The X-Files: I Want to Believe," which opened to an estimated $10.2 million from 3,185 runs. Pic placed No. 4, behind "Dark Knight," "Step Brothers" and "Mamma Mia," respectively.

Studios weren't sure they could match the strength of the same weekend a year ago, when Fox's "The Simpsons Movie" opened to a boffo $74 million. The weekend was down only slightly from last year by roughly 1%.

Thanks to the runaway success of Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight," Warners crossed the $1 billion mark in 2008 ticket sales on Sunday, earlier in the year than ever before. Warners predicts it will overtake Paramount for top in market share by the end of the coming week.

Imax continues to see record-breaking results as well. (Nolan shot several segments with large-format cameras.) For the weekend, "Dark Knight's" Imax haul was $4.6 million from 94 theaters for a per location average of $48,500.

The previous record-holder for best second weekend at the domestic box office was "Shrek 2," which earned $72 million over Memorial Day weekend. "Dark Knight" didn't have the benefit of a holiday.

Warners also continues to see strong results for New Line and Walden Media's 3-D action-adventure "Journey to the Center of the Earth," which placed No. 5 for the weekend, grossing an estimated $9.4 million from 2,688 runs for a cume of $60.2 million in its third sesh, underscoring the value of being able to charge more for 3-D shows.

Joshua Rich of EW:

'The Dark Knight': Still No. 1!

And still a record breaker, as ''Step Brothers'' scored and ''The X-Files'' flopped at the multiplex

From one-time TV hit to film flop...THE X-FILES will go sown as the biggest disappointment of Summer '08

Comic Relief

A couple of tid-bits And then it's all about SDCC '08...

Alan Moore has zero interest in seeing the upcoming film version of his "Watchman" comic and isn't shy with his feelings about the film's director Zack Snyder.

Another script review is out for the supervillains in prison project "Supermax"

IGN's Straight Outta Comic-Con Coverage...

SDCC 08: The Experience

SDCC 08: Kevin Smith Makes a Porno

With Superman & Seth Rogen?

SDCC 08: Yo, Joe!

More details about Rise of Cobra

Video Interviews:Witch Mountain, Twilight, Ninja Assassin, RocknRolla.

SDCC 08: The Spirit Materializes

Director Frank Miller and the cast hit Comic-Con.

SDCC 08: Punisher Talks

The new Frank Castle on P U N I S H E R . W A R . Z O N E. EW says the film looks a little lackluster...You be the Judge:

I agree with the mag....

SDCC 08: Piranha 3-D

Alexandre Aja talks about the R-rated 3-D remake.

SDCC 08: Wolfman Attacks

SDCC 08: Crank 2

Amy Smart strips for sequel!!!

The RED BAND Trailer for Quarantine....Looks like a cross between Cloverfield and 28 Weeks Later/28 Days Later...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zoning Commission

Leonardo DiCaprio wants to bring the ultimate sci-fi anthology series "The Twilight Zone" back to the big screen...

The Hollywood Reporter says that DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way and Warner Bros.. have been soliciting pitches and scripts for features based on the show, aiming for some top-shelf talent to take on the monumental challenge.

Warners owns the rights to the episodes that were written by creator Rod Serling, which is quite a large number of them,-and are hoping to make one feature-length movie based on one or several of these stories.

Of course this has been tried once before in 1983 with mixed results....It's gonna be tricky...

Don't forget the episode Death Ship is already on target for the cineplex from Summit Entertainment...

Iron Gun

Bryan Singer is committed to bringing yet another comic book to life on the big screen--his
second deal of the week.

Freedom Formula from Radical Comics won't publish till August but fans attending Comic-Con 2008 will get a sneak peek according to Variety.

The story'’s described as a futuristic version of Top Gun-in which pilots don’t fly jets but wear tough exoskeleton suits that resemble Iron Man.

A genetically engineered flyboy learns that he comes from a bloodline that has the power to change the world.

At first glance I'm rather lukewarm over the premise....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Metal Heads

It has been officially made official...

MGM and Darren Aronofsky made a deal to put him in the big chair for the RoboCop reboot.

David Self will write the screenplay.

Ar first glance DA may seem an unlikely choice but I submit that his unique film making talents may be exactly what's need here.

And Self has already proven his ability to adapt work from another medium Road to Perdition and Thirteen Days folks.

Puff Piece

Variety reports that John Cho and Kal Penn will reunite for a third Harold & Kumar flick .

Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, who wrote the first two films in the series and directed the most recent adventure will be back as well

The news comes as the 2nd one, Escape from Guantanamo Bay, hits DVD on Tuesday.

Neil Patrick Harris who plays himself in these movies will most assuredly be popping in as well...

The title of the pic has not been announced as yet...

Yes--these films are "dumb" but at least they are pretty smart about it. Penn and Cho have great chemistry and Harris is a hoot.

Do You Believe?

This weekend: Chris Carter brings Mulder and Scully back in The X-Files: I Want to Believe (reviews); while Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are Step Brothers (reviews-just from the clips I have seen the comedy looks really dumb....)

Pamela McClintock of Variety:

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' "The Dark Knight" has a real shot at crossing the $300 million mark at the domestic box office this weekend. If so, it would become the first film in history to hit that mark in its first 10 days.

While filmmaker Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" will dominate overall, two new players will try to grab their share of attention -- Sony's R-rated Will Ferrell-John C. Reilly laffer "Step Brothers," which is expected to come in No. 2, and 20th Century's "The X-Files: I Want to Believe," which could see itself in a battle with holdover "Mamma Mia!" for No. 3.

"Step Brothers" opens in 3,094 theaters; "X-Files," 3,185.

The specialty side of the biz heats up as Miramax opens "Brideshead Revisited" in 33 theaters in select markets, while Paramount Vantage bows docu "American Teen" in five theaters. (On Wednesday, Vantage saw widespread layoffs as it ceases to be a standalone specialty unit and becomes a label under big Par.)

Roadside Attraction releases Crosby, Still, Nash & Young concert docu "CSNY: Deja Vu" in six runs.

Through Wednesday, "Dark Knight's" cume was $222.1 million from 4,366 theaters after opening to a record-breaking $158.4 million last weekend. Film also has enjoyed record-breaking weekday numbers -- not counting holidays -- grossing $24.5 million on Monday, $20.9 million on Tuesday and $18.4 million on Wednesday.

"Dark Knight" would need to gross more than $62 million to reach $300 million this weekend, assuming it grosses $16 million on Thursday. Some box observers put the weekend number as high as $75 million to $80 million. Movie has become a phenomenon, and is already destined to gross north of $400 million domestically.

It took "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" 16 days to reach $300 million in domestic grosses, and 17 days for "Star Wars -- Episode III: Revenge of the Sith." Last summer, "Spider-Man 3" crossed $300 million in 19 days.

With "Dark Knight" taking up so much of the oxygen, it's difficult to predict how well "Step Brothers" and "X-Files" will do, although "Step Brothers" is tracking strongly and has the advantage of being the only new comedy.

"Step Brothers," penned by Ferrell and producing partner Adam McKay, is a raunchy romp about two grown men who move in together with their newly married mom and dad. Film was produced by Judd Apatow and Jimmy Miller.

Film is skewing slightly male, and slightly younger among both men and women. Box observers say the film could gross between $25 million and $30 million for the weekend, although they stress that the weekend is tough to read because of "Dark Knight."

Prospects for "I Want to Believe" are harder to pin down. It's been a decade since the feature film "The X-Files" was in theaters, and the follow-up is smaller in scope. Because "I Want to Believe" is skewing male, "Dark Knight" could take away business from the film.

"I Want to Believe" reteams series creator Chris Carter with series stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, who also made the first film together. Follow-up was penned by Frank Spotnitz and Carter.

Fox minimized their financial risk by making "I Want to Believe" for just under $30 million. Film was held up in development as Carter sued Fox over profits to the TV series. Storyline isn't about alien abduction, a main staple of the TV series and the focus of the 1998 film, which grossed $83.9 million domestically, and $105.3 million worldwide.

A year ago, Fox used the same weekend to bow the feature adaptation of another hit TV series, "The Simpsons," to boffo results.

"Mamma Mia!," sporting a cume of $40.6 million through Wednesday, opened to $27.7 million last weekend, the best bow ever for a musical.

Joshua Rich of EW:

The new Mulder-Scully adventure and Will Ferrell's ''Step Brothers'' will try -- and fail -- to unseat ''The Dark Knight'' from its box-office throne...

Based on the critical reaction to both X and Step it appears likely that The Dark Knight will remain on top...And then it becomes the battle for 2nd place....

Next Up: The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor is unwrapped...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Going Geek

Comic-Con 2008 has begun!

J.J. Abrams kicks things off ...

'Dark Knight': Batman's big score

Tracking the wild crowds, the smashed records, and what's next for the Caped Crusader -- and Christian Bale


Wolverine rocks Fox!

Hugh Jackman's surprise appearance at panel met with howls of approval...


Screaming throng greets 'Twilight' cast...

Stay Tuned fot more...

Cash Cowl

"The Dark Knight" is the first film ever to cross the $200 million mark in just five days.

The comic book flick made an additional $20.87 million on Tuesday pushing up its domestic total to $203.8 million since its opening last Friday

Christian Bale's legal woes did little to slow TDK down..In his first comments on the matter Bale says:

It's a deeply personal matter," after attending the Spanish premiere of the film in Barcelona. "I would ask you to respect my privacy in the matter

Further Frank-N-Furter

A film that defines the term cult classic is headed for remake-ville

MTV is planning to redo 1975's "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" reports Variety.

The update will use the original screenplay by Jim Sharman and Richard O'Brien It may also include music not featured in the original film.

No director or casting decisions have been made as yet. That said, the hope is the project will be ready by Halloween 2009.

The kitchy casting of the 70's version will be a hard act to follow...

Powder Power

Evan Wright("HBO's Generation Kill") is set to write the feature film "Cocaine Cowboys" according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film follows Jon Roberts, an injured Vietnam War vet who by age 20 ended up involved in gangland takeovers of New York City nightclubs in the early '70s.

By the end of the decade, Roberts landed in Miami, dealt billions of dollars worth of coke for the Medellin drug cartel and ultimately spent 10 years in prison.

Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg are attached to the feature.

Billy Corben's popular 2006 documentary of the same name dealt with some of Roberts' story.

Never saw the docu but if Wright does as good a job here as he has with "Kill" then this should be good--assuming Berg and Walberg remain.

Blood Type

Director Phillip Noyce will develop a remake of the 1935 Errol Flynn pirate acrtion classic Captain Blood reports Variety.

Flynn starred as a doctor wrongly sentenced to slavery in the Caribbean, where he and his comrades become avenging pirates.

Flynn is the ultimate pirate and is going to be a hard act to follow...Casting is key.

The potential U.K./Australian co-production will most likely be helmed by Noyce who's going to have to find a way to balance Blood with two other thrillers - "28th Amendment" and most likely "Edwin A. Salt".


Jamie Kennedy is set to produce the indie drama "In NorthWood according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Nick Stahl plays a man condemned to a mental hospital for committing a murder.

First-time director D.W. Brown, is also a playwright who was Kennedy's acting teacher, will call action on his own script.

Kennedy is known more for making us laugh...I wonder if he'll appear in the film

Shooting begins this month.

Hair Care

John Waters is set to write a treatment for a sequel to last year's hit musical flick "Hairspray" according to Variety.

The follow-up would most likely peek in on the the Turnblad family after the end of the first film.

Director/choreographer Adam Shankman, songwriters Marc Shaiman and Scott Whitman are expected to be back.

The studio plans to reunite the original cast who all had been optioned foe a 2nd feature and have the film out mid-July 2010.

Not much of a surprise really...Will every cast member return though?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How Like A God

Peter Berg will produce and likely direct a film based on Radical Comics" Hercules: The Thracian Wars" according to Variety.

The story is set years after Hercules, the legendary son of Zeus finished his famous twelve tasks and is now the leader of a group of ancient mercenaries for hire.

The Diomedes King of Thrace soon hires them to train his men to become the greatest army of all time and they realise how far they have fallen.

Ryan Condal will adapot the script, based on a five-issue comic book series by Steve Moore that published in May.

It certainly has been a day filled with comic to film news has it not?

Raking Up

Summit Entertainment has accquired the film rights to the Kevin J. Walsh graphic novel "The Leaves" reports Variety

Walsh will write the screenplay as an action thriller that revolves around a New York doctor who travels to Mumbai for a friend's funeral.

He soon meets an Indian fortune-teller who identifies him as the man who will bring about the apocalypse. Anticipating that Customs might frown on that kind of declaration, the doctor goes on the run.

The film is the third in Virgin Comics The Asura Analogues, stories based on the Asura demons common in eastern Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

Mary Max

Business Wire reports that a film version of the comic book "Magdalena " is being cast

Jenna Dewan plays Patience, a young woman who discovers that she is a part of the lineage of female warriors descended from Mary Magdalen. Patience must accept her destiny in time to save the world from a supernatural evil.

Luke Goss of Hellboy II is set to play Kristof, an agent sent by the ultra secret organization that has been the guardian of the lineage of Magdalena.

Top Cow publoshrs the book.

Y Oh Y

Garth Franklin of Dark Horizons attended a special event tied to Eagle Eye...and got an update on the film version of Y: The Last Man in the process...

Director D.J. Caruso:

"My agent keeps going 'Oh my god, Warner Bros wants this', which is great" says Caruso.

A script is expected to be turned into the studio shortly.

The comic told of a young escape artist monkey named Yorick and his pet monkey becoming the last two men on Earth every mammal possessing a Y chromosome dies. With society collapsed, Yorick sets out to find his girlfriend Beth who was on holiday in Australia.

Caruso says that he sees the story as a trilogy with the first movie "basically where you pick up six weeks after the incident then progressing down only a five or six week journey from that point on until the end of the first movie."

Caruso claims the angle with Beth will be downplayed, and their presently working out how the 355/Yorrick relationship will work on screen. He also says that
Shia LaBeouf "really wants to do it" and he hopes to start filming on the project in January for release in 2010.

The Vertigo comic is very unique in the story it tells...I am just not sure that LaBeouf is the right fit...

Wes Speaks For Freddy

Noted writer Wesley Strick (Cape Fear remake) has been tapped to pen the script for another remake -"A Nightmare on Elm Street" says The Hollywood Reporter.

The original 1984 film was penned and directed by Wes Craven. The updated version is said delve deeper into the psychology of nightmares and Freddy Krueger himself.

With Strick on board, I'm actually more jazzed by the idea now...

The studio suits are planning for a release next year to co-incide with the 25th anniversary of the original.

Beat It

Robert Hoffman has joined the cast of the indie '80s comedy "We Got the Beat" accotding to The Hollywood Reporter.

The retro tale center ons Brad, a high school football player who sets out to prove he's more than just a jock by quitting the team and turning his heavy metal band into a pioneering boy band .

Hoffman will play Garth, the boy-toy and live-in lover of Brad's mother.

The title dieives from rhe classic song by the Go-Gos of the same name...

Filming begins this month in Massachusetts, with Jon Artigo directing from his script.

Hoffman proved he's got moves from his turn in Step Up 2: The Streets...and for the 2nd time today...gotta love the premise...

Steel Trap

Warner Bros. and Bryan Singer's Bad Hat Harry Productions have acquired the flick rights to Rob Liefeld's upcoming comic "Capeshooters" reports Variety.

The story follows two slackers toured paparazzi who specialize in shooting covert videos of superheroes. The duo find themselves on the run after they stumble onto evidence that a revered superhero is actually a villain.

J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani will adapt the screenplay.

The premise sounds like fun...

At least Singer's still in the comic book mindset as I wonder aloud about the progress of Superman: Man of Steel?

Keepers Of The Flicker

Replacements for Ebert & Roeper have already been named...

Ben Lyons (pictured top) and Ben Mankiewicz were named Tuesday as co-hosts of show when its new season begins Sept. 6.

Lyons, the son of film critic Jeffrey Lyons and reported on movies for E! Entertainment.

Mankiewicz, the grandson of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz and great-nephew of director Joseph L. Mankiewicz, was a host for Turner Classic Movies.

'Movies' begins new era on Sept 6th....

At least they both have hefty film backgrounds are not totally unknown...Still's gonna be weird...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Circus

As if The Dark Knight needed any more attention...

Batman star Christian Bale was arrested Tuesday on allegations of assault, police said.

British media had reported that Bale's mother and sister complained they were assaulted by the 34-year-old actor at the
The Dorchester in London on Sunday night, a day before the European premiere of "The Dark Knight

Bale denies allegations of assault

Bale has denied allegations of assault made by his mother and sister, hours after he was arrested, questioned by London police and released.

Don't know what effect if any this is gonna have on Bale's career long term or how long the details of what really happened will remain a "private matter".., But I wonder if he will attend Comic-Con to promote Terminator Salvation this weekend...? My advice Address the issue as soon as you can personally and more in depth so that the press can put it to bed quickly...

Stay Tuned...

The Chosen Choice

Michael Rymer is set to direct and co-produce the feature film adaptation of the popular Top Cow comic "Witchblade" Variety.

The fantasy involves a jewel-encrusted gauntlet that bestows extraordinary powers upon the possessor, one chosen female from each generation.

Rymer, no stranger to genre work. is filming the "Battlestar Galactica" series finale and recently wrapped production on an NBC two-hour series pilot called "Revolution".

No Way Out

Shawn Levy is srepping back from his latest gig and will now only produce, not direct, the coming-of-age dramedy "The Way Back " according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The character-driven film, centers on a teenage boy from a broken home who strikes up an improbable friendship one summer with the operator of a water park.

The script is by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash (TV's Adopted)

Levy has left the helmer's chair for reasons unclear at the moment.

No new director has officially been named as a replacement, but Thomas Bezucha was considered at one point.

Future Progress

McG has posted an update on the official production blog for "Terminator Salvation":

"We are half way through filming. Our teaser is in theaters and playing before The Dark Knight. You will see that this is a movie inspired by the first films, but is a true new beginning in that it takes place in the future.

All three Terminator films took place present day, with Terminators traveling back in time to attack. This picture takes place after Judgment Day. It happened. Everything is gone. The story of the movie is the "brink moment" Reese always talked about.

From a technical perspective, we have set out to achieve a completely new visual style that hasn't been seen before. We're shooting the film on color stock but are using a method inspired by the Oz process which was developed at Technicolor by
Mike Zacharia and Bob Olson.

Basically we are adding three times as much silver. It creates a surreal texture that is in keeping with the notion of the entire picture - feeling detached from the world we know today. Every morning and every night
Christian and I work on the story. Sam's contribution has been excellent. We are committed to putting the story and character first and then supplementing that with action and visual effects.

It is our intention to make a film on a large scale with the nuance and subtext of a high quality independent picture. The richness of the story is really coming out now. It's a Prometheus tale really, how creating life creates real responsibility - and if left unchecked, can be our undoing.

The entire crew takes the making of this film very seriously. I made a point of hiring key personnel that are passionate about getting this right. Everyone is well versed in the mythology.

Comic-Con is this weekend. I look forward to sharing the film with the passionate.

T4 arrives in theaters May 22, 2009...

Accident Prone

Fox Atomic accquires Peter Baynham's comedy spec "Accidentes" as a potential vehicle for Sacha Baron Cohen says Variety.

Cohen would produce and possibly appear as an ambulance-chasing personal injury lawyer of Latin descent who transforms from contingency attorney to hero of the working class when he helps an immigrant win a judgment against his wealthy employer after a landscaping mishap.

Baynham and Cohen shared an Oscar nomination for scripting last year's "Borat" movie....

Cohen's really trying to shake Borat and that's a good thing...