Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blog Update: A Few Requests And More

Hey kids!

I want to address some TLR Issues  that have come up recently...

Checking the blog email--there were several requests from filmmakers asking me to help promote their latest work-normally I would gladly do so but the injury to my right hand means that I am limited in the number of posts--I want to be fair with everyone--therefore even as I explore all of my options going forward I can't do the films justice-therefore the requests will be put on hold until further notice with my sincere apologies.

 Patricia from Buenos Aires suggested voice recognition software--Thanks so much--hope to avoid that route but definitely an option.

Thanks to an easier interface most TLR Tweets come courtesy of Empire Magazine.

Thanks for your loyalty patience and understanding It means so much...

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Live life Happy and all the best.


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