Tuesday, July 26, 2016

TLR Gets Another Writer!

I am sooooo excited to announce that my cousin Vincent Lobascio will be posting on TLR! I told him that he can post as little or as much as he likes There's no set schedule or topic.

I will continue posting as much I can--eg The Stephen Manley Chat--Still I cannot thank Vincent enough ...This will allow me to rest my hand and wrist--Doc says I stll need to do less if I want the injury to my right hand to ever properly heal.

Vincent's first post?

A review of the much talked about animated film Batman: The Killing Joke! I think you will find his take entertaining and interesting.....

Show him support and let us know what you think of his posts.

Thanks for your continued loyalty to TLR.

All the best T

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Brittani Burnham said...

Welcome, Vincent!