Friday, April 07, 2017

Review: Chris Esper's "The Deja Vuers"

Filmmaker Chris Esper's certainly been quite busy since I first met him in 2013--having produced the 13 episode series In the Bedroom, launching the media production platform and directing a handful of shorts--among those The Deja Vuers.

The 8 minute fantasy comedy follows Chuck () who experiences deja vu when he spots Morgan () sitting on a park bench - a woman that he remembers from a dream but has never really met. When their paths intersect, a portal opens which takes each of their lives into unexpected directions.

Esper and writer have concocted a whimsical little movie that examines how we relate to our past, while living in the present, hoping for a better future. The chemistry between Salvi and Devine is quite good--leading to some very humorous back and forth. Morgan clearly wants nothing to do with Chuck--while he hopes to score a date (at least).

The fantasy element of the piece is elevated--thanks to the gorgeous cinematography by 
Evan Schneider. It has a dream like quality to it with its soft lighting and use of saturated coloring. It reminds me of the way that the legendary Geoffrey Unsworth (2001: A Space Odyssey) used to photograph films. Esper's light touch certainly knows how to draw the viewer in--using a very simple filming approach and getting the most from what he has. Less is more if you will. It works beautifully here.

The Deja Vuers has received some well deserved attention on the festival circuit--and shows no signs of stopping.

, and also star in the film.

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