Sunday, December 14, 2014

Review: Chris Esper's "Steak Knives"

Took some time out to watch Chris Esper's latest short film called Steak Knives...

The comedy, penned by , follows John () whose life is threatened by his wife Katrine () when he gives her steak knives as a birthday gift.

I am afraid this one was just a bit off--While the premise is a good and had lots of potential-I was distracted by some dubbing issues here. The performances were solid. Esper is a very talented filmmaker who deserves attention...and is in fact getting some spending a few months in LA at  Odd Lot Entertainment--his trip wraps this week.

Have a look at "Steak Knives" anyway--issues aside you gotta admire any film that is dedicated to history's notorious Lizzie Borden.

You can watch the film for yourself by clicking here

Be sure to read my review of Esper's short films Still Life and "Always a Reason" as well as the interview I conducted with him in early January of this year.

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