Saturday, September 06, 2014

Review: Chris Esper's "Always a Reason"

The recent suicide death of actor and comedian Robin Williams shocked and saddened the world. It put a spotlight on a very dark subject matter that frankly needs more attention... Chris Esper's latest short film called "Always a Reason" does just that in a very vivid way.

The 3 minute film was submitted to the recently relaunched Project Greenlight for consideration. Sadly though, the film wasn't selected for the top 200, but it is now public and is a must see. If your life has been touched by suicide (as mine has) you will appreciate this film all the more.

It follows a man () who has lost everything and contemplates suicide until a phone call makes him think twice.

The short was co-directed and produced by Esper and Tempesta--who also wrote the script The pic co-stars .

Given the format restrictions--the film does what it needed to do.The performances are solid. If nothing else, perhaps, the more folks that see "Reason" the conversation can begin again...Bravo

You can watch the film by going here

Be sure to read my review of Esper's short film Still Life and the interview I conducted with him in early January of this year.

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