Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Get Ready For "Halloween: The Next Chapter"

At last report, actress Scout Taylor-Compton was set for The Weinstein Company's  Halloween 3-D a sequel that would continue the storyline started in the Rob Zombie directed pair of films rather than another reboot of the film series. That plan seems to have changed. Schmoes Know reports that the studio is moving in a new direction.
Producers Bob Weinstein and Malek Akkad are instead making "Halloween: The Next Chapter". The plan is to continue within the same continuity as the two Zombie films, but move forward with a different character--thus  scrapping the original script by Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer. Kinda like the way "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers" shifted the focus to Laurie Strode's daughter.

Whether Taylor-Compton will return as Laurie Strode, and who will be writing and directing this new chapter in the horror series is unknown.

If you read my review of Zombie's 2007 remake of the 1978 classic Halloween--you know that I loathe nearly everything about the film...Hard to believe then that I think Zombie's Halloween II was even worse!!!

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Brittani Burnham said...

Even though Zombie's movies were shit, I do like Scout Taylor-Compton, and I hope she at least gets a part in it so she's not out a job.