Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Peter Stormare Is Welcomed To "Purgatory"

The great character actor Peter Stormare will play fallen angel Lucius in the fantasy comedy Welcome to Purgatory.

The story follows three new arrivals to Purgatory as they navigate the Afterlife, helped by Guardian Paul. When the the gates of Heaven and Hell are broken, these new arrivals must put things right to avert a celestial war.

Bruce Campbell James Buckley Jillian Murray, Nathan Jones, Stephen Marcus Tony Cook and Tory Kittles also star.

Gene Fallaize is calling action using a script he wrote with Tony Cook.

Tony Cook Fallaize and Evil Dead 2 co-writer Scott Spiegel are producing the film.

Production will take place at Pinewood Studio ahead of a 2015 release.

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