Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"The Maze Runner" Movie Gets IMAX Debut

IMAX Corporation and 21st Century Fox have announced that the film adaptation of author James Dashner's bestselling 2009 book "The Maze Runner" will be digitally re-mastered into the large format and released across all US IMAX locales for a one-week engagement on September 19th.

The young adult dystopian story follows Thomas (Teen Wolf series co-star and NJ native Dylan O'Brien) who awakens with no memory and finds that he is among a community of boys trapped inside an enormous maze. He soon learns they are part of a mysterious test, and finds it is his destiny to join the ‘maze runners’ and lead them to freedom.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster will portray Newt, an early friend for Thomas The character is a pertinent one to the entire story British actor Aml Ameen will play Alby, the honorable but stern leader of the Gladers. Kaya Scodelario ("Moon") is playing Teresa, Thomas's best friend, who falls into a coma after arriving with a message that she's the last one, and speaks to Thomas through telepathy. Will Poulter plays Gally an immediate foe to Thomas and doesn't trust him. Patricia Clarkson will play the enigmatic Chancellor Ava Paige, the woman who is testing children in order to find the strongest warriors

Noah Oppenheim wrote the first draft of the script when Catherine Hardwicke was due to helm, Grant Myers wrote the next draft of the script for new helmer Wes Ball (Ruin).

Fox already has enough confidence in their young adult film adaptation of The Maze Runner that they're moving ahead with a sequel--"The Scorch Trials".

Ball and some of the film's cast showed up during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con at Hall H to debut a fresh trailer and scenes from the film. Towards the end of the presentation, Ball announced that development on the sequel was underway with hopes to start production as early as towards the end of the year should the first film be successful.

The panel followed a secret fan screening of the film which garnered enthusiastic reviews across social media.

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