Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ted 2 Trailer #1: "We Need A Donor"

Universal just released the first peek for the comedy sequel Ted 2.

Ted saw Seth MacFarlane co-writing, directing and lending his voice as adult talking yet still cuddly bear, with Mark Wahlberg starring as his human buddy John Bennett.

Morgan Freeman will play an iconic civil rights lawyer who comes into the picture when Ted needs to resolve some legal issues. MacFarlane was reportedly said to be looking for a high-profile actor to play what has been deemed a fun role, and showed interest in Freeman from the start.

 A Million Ways To Die In The West star Amanda Seyfried is set to play the female lead this time out. Mila Kunis the female lead in the first film is only expected to reprise her role as Lori in a “tiny appearance”, if at all.The change is due to a creative decision on behalf of MacFarlane and co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild and not some falling out between the "Family Guy" creator and one time Oscar host and Kunis....Jessica Barth is set to reprise her role as teddy bear Ted's girlfriend/cashier co-worker Tami-Lynn. William Shatner will cameo as himself and will be appearing at a superhero fan convention to answer questions about his role in "T.J. Hooker," and will grow quickly annoyed as fans keep asking him about "Star Trek".

Dennis Haysbert is also slated to make a "fun cameo" in the film. Details of his appearance are not known-- as are Mad Men's John Slattery and Liam Neeson. No role specifics here either.

I gotta say I was quite skeptical that the team could up with something that could work here once the novelty of the talking Ted played out in the first film. The premise of the new film seems Bear-able and could be fun--if done right--we shall see...

"Ted 2" hits cinemas on June 26th.

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