Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Liam Hemsworth Eyes ID4 Sequel

The Wrap reports that "The Hunger Games" co-star Liam Hemsworth has reportedly been offered a starring role in Independence Day 2.

Director Roland Emmerich and co-writer and producer Dean Devlin worked on the earliest draft and then screenwriter James Vanderbilt ("The Amazing Spider-Man," "Zodiac") took a pass to polish the the duo's work. Carter Blanchard ("Glimmer," "Diver") penned a new draft of the script. No story details have been revealed yet or the characters involved.

At last report Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman, were set to reprise their roles as tech whiz David Levinson and Pullman was President Thomas J. Whitmore respectively. Actor Will Smith has decided to skip the festivities--Dean and Roland were prepping two versions of the sequel--one with Smith's character Captain Steven Hiller central to the action and one without him at all.  Smith was undecided about reprising the role That's no longer the case--Smith has reportedly told Fox that he won't be doing the sequel.

 Michael B. Jordan and Randy Quaid are rumored for roles in the project with the latter reprising his role from the 1996 original  "Independence Day".

 The sequel hits on June 24th 2016.

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