Thursday, January 22, 2015

Simon West Will Chart The Next "Blob" Redux

Simon West ("The Mechanic," "The Expendables 2")  is due to helm the latest version of the 1958 horror/sci-fi classic "The Blob" says Deadline.

Iconic screen tough guy Steve McQueen starred in the 50's classic, which saw an object from space falls into a field, containing a red blob-like substance that absorbs the humans it contacts and grows exponentially. Zombie's new pic will take a different route.

That film got a sequel in 1972 called Beware! The Blob. And then there was Chuck Russell's horror infused remake from 1988 which was a mix of classic effects techniques

West says the new film will be CG heavy.:

"With modern CGI we can now fully realize the potential of The Blob. The world I create will be totally believable, immersive and emotionally satisfying. It’s a thrill to introduce an enduring icon to a wider audience and a whole new era of fans.”

 Chris Haney (Avatar, Avengers Assemble) will oversee the VFX in post-production.

Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten will produce the update.

Production hopes to begin this Summer.

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