Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"World War Z" Sequel Is A Reboot?

Here's an update on the sequel to "World War Z" at Paramount and Skydance.

As previously reported  Steven Knight ("Locke") will write the script from which "The Impossible" and "The Orphanage" director Juan Antonio Bayona is going to call the shots.

Contending with numerous production problems including a pricey restructured third act,"Z" was on course to be one of Summer 2013's duds. Instead, the zombie film ended up getting good reviews and making a very nice $540 million worldwide. 

Brad Pitt is slated to return as producer and star. The first film helmed by Marc Forster seemingly ended the story, so how the sequel will handle this is not yet known.

The film--which is now on disc--bears little resemblance to the Max Brooks' created comic book on which it's based. Set a decade after a virus has turned much of the planet's population into zombies, the story follows a journalist interviewing subjects from around the world about their experiences during the 'zombie war'. The book fuses elements of political satire, war and survival horror as it explores how various nations, governments and individuals respond to the crisis.

The book is actually an anthology, each chapter is essentially an interview of a different subject in a different part of the world allowing each chapter to focus on how people and nations reacted to the crisis before, during and after

Bayona will do the film adaptation of author Patrick Ness' award-winning children's fantasy novel "A Monster Calls" before doing "Z 2"

Speaking about his decision to accept the job of writing the zombie sequel, Knight dropped a surprising bit of news about the next film in an interview with Indiewire:

"I thought, why not? What fun. It’s not quite like the other. We're starting with a clean slate. When [the studio and PItt's Plan B Productions] have signed off, we're on!"

Does this mean the franchise will reboot? Another big question is will the sequel will be more faithful to the original work. Production on the follow-up is targeting an October start.

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