Monday, February 09, 2015

Chris Pratt & Matthew Vaughn Talk "Indiana Jones"

"Guardians of the Galaxy" star Chris Pratt responded to the recent chatter of him taking over the lead in the "Indiana Jones" franchise if it were to be rebooted--rather than moving ahead with plans for a proposed Indiana Jones 5.

Pratt didn't say much other than telling that the potential job would be an "awesome opportunity".
Pratt was honored as Hasty Pudding’s Man of the Year over the weekend

Meantime "Kingsman: The Secret Service,"and "X-Men: First Class" director Matthew Vaughn was asked by the site which major film franchises he might be interested in doing were an offer to be made:

"If someone offered me Star Wars or Indiana Jones I would be very interested. When you’re the director, you just don’t know. Something clicks and you go, 'Yup, I wanna go make that story,' so never say, 'never,' to anything."

In March of last year there were rumors that "American Sniper" star Bradley Cooper was being eyed as a potential replacement for Harrison Ford--That notion was very quickly denied...

And then--An unidentified insider told British tabloid The Daily Star that former  Twilight film series star Robert Pattinson was Disney's top choice to replace Ford in the next adventure as the studio considers the future of the franchise:

CEO Robert A. Iger was asked by Variety last year about the notion of further adventures with Indy.

Iger said that they would "love to make another Indiana Jones movie," but they are just focusing on "Star Wars" for now.

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