Wednesday, February 04, 2015

"Stargate" Redux Gets New Scribes

Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are in final negotiations to write the script for the "Stargate" franchise film reboot at MGM and Warner Bros. says Heat Vision.

The original 1994 film followed the discovery of a device that creates a wormhole allowing scientists and military person access to a distant world. There, they discover an enslaved people who are descendants from ancient Egyptians and worshiping an alien 'Ra'.

The plan is  to kick off a proposed trilogy that explores the film original premise about an ancient artifact in Egypt which turns out to have the ability to create a wormhole between worlds.

Kurt Russell and James Spader starred in the original which went on to gross over $200 million worldwide. Emmerich and Devlin weren't a part of the three small screen incarnations.

The original film's director Roland Emmerich would return to call action while writer Dean Devlin will produce the new film.

Wright and Woods recently worked with Emmerich on the script for "Independence Day 2" at Fox. In fact it was their draft of the ID 4 script that got the studio excited enough to green light that movie.

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