Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beyond High School

Zac Efron says that he's indeed considering doing the "Footloose" remake.

He tells MovieZine.se the redo "isn't really a musical... It'll be some kind of hybrid, that's one of the ideas we've got."

What about a fourth "High School Musical

"A genius idea and a brilliant script! We've graduated now, so... I believe the series should live on, but I'm just not sure of my involvement."

Efron is aiming pretty high outside HSM- "There are so many good directors that I'd love to work with. Zack Snyder would be fun! And Martin Scorsese, Gus Van Sant... those kind of guys."

Those dream goals depend on how well he does in Me and Orson Welles and 09's 17 Again

High School Musical 3: Senior Year opens October 24th...

The Deal Is Dunst

A Marvel double header...

The question of Kirsten Dunst's involvement in further Spider-Man flicks has been answered...Sort of.

She tells MTV: "I'm in".

When asked to officially confirm her casting, she added, "I'm not saying anything, I know there's rumors."

Dunst had one major condition as to whether or not she'd sign on for any future sequels -- that director Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire were on board.

Those two were made official days ago.

Since her one prior condition has been met...

The fourth and fifth films that will be shot back to back

In a joint press release Marvel and Paramount announced an agreement under which the studio will distribute Marvel's next five films worldwide.

The deal, an extension of the original agreement made by Brad Grey when he took over as CEO and Chairman.

The highly anticipated live action releases include Iron Man 2 (May 7, 2010), "Thor" (July 16, 2010), "The First Avenger: Captain America" (May 6, 2011), and "The Avengers" (July 15, 2011). The distribution agreement also includes room for "Iron Man 3."

Variety has added details...

Payne Reliever

"Max Payne" director John Moore won his battle with the Motion Picture Association of America and the film now has a PG-13 rating according to Cinema Blend .

Initially rated R by the MPAA, Moore strongly criticized the ratings board in an interview - calling the ruling unfair.

Moore and his editors "trimmed some frames more for the sake of trimming frames"

The director also tells the Game Daily gang that he is planning a "Gamer Dedicated Cut" of the film:

"It's a little slower and a little more atmospheric. There are some rougher edges on it, but it's not going to be a bloodfest. I want this to be the Max Payne that I set out to shoot. It's not that I wanted to release one version in the theaters and make a cheap buck by following up with a blood-drenched DVD version. The movie you see in the theaters will be an intense experience and the movie you see on DVD will be as intense an experience with some extra sensibilities for people who really adore the game."

The DVD has become the problem solving friend of the filmmaker in situations like this....

Standing Stall

With actors still signing movie deals and the 08-09 TV season well underway...

On the strike II front:

SAG refocuses on three key issues...

While the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers stands by its June 30 offer

Screen Actors Guild leaders are seeking to zero in on three make-or-break issues as a means of jumpstarting their stalled contract talks with the majors, but the studios say there will be no new talks unless SAG is prepared to change its positions on those issues...

Which side will blink in order to end the stalemate?

Stay Tuned...

Monday, September 29, 2008

On The War-Path

Mark Millar's on a roll in Hollywood. His six issue comic book mini-series "War Heroes" has been picked up says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story centers around an experimental military program that grants ordinary soldiers superpowers. A small group of the super powered soldiers escape from the government to form a criminal organization. Soon a hero rises among them.

The search for a writer is underway and no start date has been set.

Dual Role

For all the talk that either Sam Riley or Christian Bale would play Robin Hood in Ridley Scott's Nottingham...

As it turns out--Russell Crowe will play not only the Sheriff of Nottingham but ALSO the part of Robin Hood.!

Crowe himself confirmed the rumor to the press at the LA junket for "Body of Lies" (due October 10th) over the weekend.

He told MTV News that the dual roles are "a good old clever adjustment of characters. One becomes the other. It changes."

I have faith in Scott and Crowe to be able to pull this off...Very few actors-Bale and Joaquin Phoenix Denzel Washington Al Pacino--can go toe to with Crowe.

As to the delay of the picture:-"It's one of those things where we're taking our time with. You don't want to be doing Robin Hood unless you're going to be doing it really f*cking well. It's got to be the best one ever done otherwise you should do something else."

Feel His Rath

Twilight co-star Jackson Rathbone has landed anorher high profile gig...He has been cast in the film adaptation of Clive Barker's comic Dread say the folks over at STYD.

Adapted and directed by Anthony DiBlasi, the story centers on Quaid, a student of philosophy, who is obsessed by his own nightmare of an axe murdering clown. He conducts a series of experiments to see how other people react to the things that scate them. Soon, his own dread, plots its own revenge.

Rising star indeed...Twilight will put him on the map....If done right-Dread should keep him in the limelight long enough for the release of the 2nd Twilight flick.

Production begins next month in the UK.

Hammer Man

Actor/Director Kenneth Branagh is in talks to direct the film adaptation of comic book hero Thor says Variety.

The story follows disabled medical student Donald Blake who has an alter ego as the hammer-wielding Norse god Thor..

Mark Protosevich wrote the script.

The choice of helmer is a bit odd yet intriguing.

Branagh's closest action-heavy flick is 1989's Henry V .

I do like Branagh's thriller Dead Again and he's a skilled filmmaker...Remember Jon Favreau was an inspited choice for Ion Man and we all know how well that turned out.

Thor.-the movie hits in 2010

Age Is Just A Number

Director David Fincher and Brad Pitt are together again for their 3rd film--The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ...

Here's the latest theatrical trailer...

Looks like another winner to me

Button opens in theaters December 25th 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shia Flyin' High-Ya

Shia LaBeouf's new flick Eagle Eye de-clawed the competition to land at number 1...

Pamela McClintock of Variety:

DreamWorks/Paramount's thriller "Eagle Eye" scored the best opening since summer in grossing an estimated $29.2 million at the domestic box office from 3,510 runs.

The casualty of the weekend was Spike Lee's World War II film "Miracle St. Anna," which opened to a disappointing $3.5 million from 1,185 runs to come in only No. 9.

Otherwise, the box office was generally robust, even with Friday night's presidential debate and the economic crisis.

"Eagle Eye" easily topped the box office chart, while Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures' Diane Lane-Richard Gere romantic drama "Nights in Rodanthe" place No. 2 in its bow, grossing an estimated $13.6 million from 2,704 runs, according to Rentrak.

Samuel Goldwyn's Christian-theme pic "Fireproof" was the surprise of the weekend in grossing an estimated $6.5 million from only 839 theaters and coming in No. 4.

Sony holdover "Lakeview Terrace" came in No. 3 in its second sesh, declining 53% to an estimated $7 million from 2,467 theaters for a cume of $25.7 million in its first 10 days.

Focus Features' "Burn After Reading" continued to do well, declining 44% in its third frame to an estimated $6.2 million from 2,649 for a cume of $45.5 million.

Exodus Films and MGM's holdover toon "Igor" benefited from being the only fresh family film in the marketplace, declining only 30% in its second weekend to an estimated $5.5 million from 2,341 for a cume of $14.3 million.

"Eagle Eye," toplining Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan, solidifies LaBeouf's box office appeal. The last film to score a bigger opening was Universal's "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor," which debuted to roughly $40 million over the Aug. 1-3 weekend.

"Eagle Eye" nabbed a per screen average of $8,319, while "Fireproof" enjoyed a per location average of $7,764.

"Fireproof," toplining Kirk Cameron ("Growing Pains"), saw the strongest opening for a faith-based film in recent memory. Goldwyn aggressively marketing the film to church groups, including word-of-mouth screening. Cameron also has his own ministry, "The Way of the Master," which he co-founded in 2002.

On the specialty side, Paramount Vantage's "The Duchess" and Warner Bros.' "Appaloosa" both remained players in their second frames. "Duchess" grossed an estimated $570,000 from 55 locations for a per screen average of $10,364 and cume of $836,932. "Appaloosa" grossed an estimated $145,00 from 14 locations for a per location of $10,357 and cume of $478,702.

Fox Searchlight saw disappointing results for Anjelica Houston-Sam Rockwell pic "Choke," which opened to an estimated $1.3 million from 435 runs for a per screen average of $3,069.

Nicole Sperling of EW:

The Shia LaBeouf thriller flew above the competition this weekend with a $29 million box office haul...

Shia's on a roll his last 4 flicks have opened in the top spot but will fans follow him if he steps away from his comfort zone to do a dramatic film?

Scary Knight

First he talked about his aborted Superman film...

Now... Brett Ratner reveals what he would do with it if he got the chance to do a Batman movie.

He tells MTV:

As a kid, Batman was my thing. I’m a little jealous that I didn’t get to direct it, although Nolan did a great job. But there are so many characters in the Batman series, so many characters that I love, that the opportunities for spin-offs are endless.”

Did he mean to say sequels..instead of spin-off? I sure hope so because I think his notion is a terrible idea . Even though Bats has a loaded rogues gallery of villains to draw on To build an entire film around them without The Dark Knight around would be a mistake.

Remember Catwoman?

I'm afraid in Ratner's hands we would get a free-for-all ala Batman & Robin...As someone who enjoyed X-Men: The Last Stand more than most...I see where he could be tempted to do another comic book franchise...I imagine TDK in his hands though and a cold chill runs down my spine.

Ratner goes on to suggest Robert Downey Jr. for the Joker in future. flicks...

Now time for a sports break

--You Gotta Believe! Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies on clinching the NL East division title...Again!! Good Luck In The Baseball Playoffs!!!!

The Chicago Bears, who should be 3-0 instead of 1-2 take on the Philadelphia Eagles in a prime-time contest--

Bears won't back down at home against the Eagles today as Eagles' Westbrook, McNabb questionable ....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tolkien-0, Studio-1

In legal news:

A judge has ordered the estate of author J. R. R. Tolkien can not collect punitive damages against the studio that brought the film trilogy to the cineplex according to the folks over at The One Ring.

Tolkien's heirs said New Line Cinema failed to pay any royalties from the estimated $6 billion they say the films grossed worldwide. The lawsuit is seeking more than $150 million in compensatory damages based on breach of contract, fraud etc..

Via The AP:

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lori~Ann Jones also ruled this week that the estate and Tolkien heirs have established a legal basis for the fraud claim against New Line.

As part of that allegation, the lawsuit claims New Line sent millions of dollars to Time Warner Inc.'s AOL, improperly claiming they were for advertising expenses. The lawsuit also claims the studio built production offices and facilities in New Zealand and listed them as expenses for the "Lord of the Rings" films, although the heirs claim they are now being used for other New Line projects.

New Line's attorneys successfully argued that Tolkien's heirs had to demonstrate a "public wrong" under New York law - which governs the contracts - to claim punitive damages if they win at trial. Jones ruled that the heirs' grievance "is clearly seeking to vindicate private wrongs."

New Line now has 10 days to answer the lawsuit. A trial has been scheduled for October 2009.

Stay Tuned to see the studio suits answer the clam...

RIP Paul Newman (1925-2008)

Legendary film actor Paul Newman who personified cool... passed away on Friday after losing his battle with Lung Cancer. He was 83...

Publicist Jeff Sanderson said he was surrounded by his family and close friends.

He got his start in theater and on television during the 1950s, and went on to become one of the world's most enduring and popular film stars..

He was nominated for Oscars 10 times, winning one regular award for The Color of Money-playing Eddie Felson-a role he originated in The Hustler 25 years earlier and two honorary ones.

His film career included more than 50 movies including "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" opposite popular contemporary Robert Redford, The dynamic duo would reunite for The Sting ...

Cool Hand Luke is one cinemas greatest characters ever brought to life...He worked with Alfred Hitchcock on Torn Curtain... His wife, actress Joanne Woodward on Mr. & Mrs. Bridge...Dramas "The Verdict," and "Absence of Malice"...and the great Road to Perdition...Newman's last high profile role was for Cars where he provided his voice for the role of "Doc"

Read more about a life in film, cars and charity and The Food Entrepreneur...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Olson Takes A Shot

Josh Olson will adapt Author Lee Child's thriller novel "One Shot " says Variety

"One Shot" is part of a series of books about Jack Reacher, an ex-Army policeman. In this Case he seeks the truth behind a murder case in which an ex-infantry trained sniper is arrested for shooting five random victims.

Some key details are still being worked out because the original submission for the project comes from a now ex Cruise/ Wagner-employee.

If you've seen A History of Violence then you know of Olson's skills...

And He's plenty busy now--he still has his revisionist version of L. Frank Baum's Oz books in the pipeline, as well as an adaptation of Dennis Lehane's short story "Until Gwen" which he will direct.

Admire Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren will play a Mossad agent for director John Madden's "The Debt" according to Variety.

An English-language remake of Israeli thriller "Ha-hov", the story deals with three Israeli Mossad agents tracking down a Nazi war criminal over 30 years.

Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman will adapt the script.

Production starts next year in the U.K., Germany and Israel.

Mirren as an agent-should be a winner She has the chops to pull it off...

Madden's next pic Killshot is awaiting release

Reserved Space

Brad Furman is set to call action on the suspense thriller Valet says Variety.

Matthew Aldrich is rewriting Alan B. McElroy's original script inspired by true events of a parking attendant who becomes obsessed with a female customer and slowly insinuates himself into her life.

Furman biggest film thus far The Take was a sold crime drama.

The project is being fast-tracked to begin shooting early in '09.

We Must Be Sure

Here's the theatrical trailer for the movie with the multiple release dates... Valkyrie -

Ans then take a look behind the scenes with Bryan Singer, Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise...

Look for it in theaters on the 26th of December...Unless they change the date again...

For Eyes

This weekend movie-goers can choose from 3 new wide releases:

Director D.J. Caruso re-teams with Shia LaBeouf for another thriller Eagle Eye (reviews); Spike Lee brings James McBride's novel Miracle at St. Anna (reviews); And Richard Gere and Diane Lane spend Nights in Rodanthe (reviews)

Dave McNary and Pamela McClintock of Variety:

DreamWorks/Paramount's government-run-amok thriller "Eagle Eye" should shake the box office awake this weekend, while films going after older auds could see traffic slowed by Friday night's planned presidential debate.

Latter category includes Warner Bros.' Diane Lane-Richard Gere romantic drama "Nights in Rodanthe" and Disney World War II drama "Miracle at St. Anna," directed by Spike Lee.

Studio distrib execs expect the weekend B.O. to be impacted by the debate, if it goes ahead. Republican nominee John McCain was trying to delay the showdown with Democratic candidate Barak Obama because of the economic crisis, but by Thursday afternoon, McCain aides were indicating that he would show up.

Toplining Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan, "Eagle Eye" will open in 3,400 theaters and is rated PG-13.

Pic revolves around two strangers who are framed as terrorists, only to find out that the U.S. government is setting them up.

This weekend last year, Disney's family pic "The Game Plan" opened to $22.9 million; "Eagle Eye" is expected to do north of that, and perhaps even reach $30 million. Also on the same weekend in 2007, Universal's "The Kingdom" opened to $17.1 million.

Most are betting on "Rodanthe" to come in No. 2 for the weekend, and possible hit double digits. Film opens in 2,704 theaters. In September 2003, Lane starrer "Under the Tuscan Sun" debuted to $9.7 million.

"St. Anna" opens in far fewer theaters (1,185). Disney took a similar approach with two previous Lee films, "Summer of Sam," which opened to $6 million, and "He Got Game," which bowed to $7.6 million. "St. Anna" should fall in that range.

"St. Anna" is based on the real-life story of the all-black 92nd Infantry Division, who fought in Italy. Pic is tracking strongest among older males, and should appeal heavily to African-Americans.

Among holdovers, Sony's "Lakeview Terrace" and Focus Features' "Burn After Reading" will remain strong players. Through Wednesday, "Lakeview's" cume was $7.9 million and "Burn's" was $38.6 million. "Lakeview," which came in No. 1 last weekend, enters its second sesh, while "Burn" heads into its third weekend.

Nicole Sperling of EW:

Shia LaBeouf-on-the-run thriller looks like it will easily shake off the weekend's two other new releases.

Eagle Eye has an edge but the critics are not all that thrilled by it.

Next Up: Michael Cera and Kat Dennings take a wild ride in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist ...And the cineplex goes to the dogs in Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Parting Gifts

"Harold & Kumar" writer/director duo Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg will do the same for the comedy"'Til Beth Do Us Part " says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story focuses on two twenty¬something males whose friendship is put to the test when one of them becomes engaged.

The story is said to be"more grounded" than their stoner franchise with fewer "zany flourishes".

Shooting on Till begins early 2009.The pair are still signed on to write theHarold And Kumar 3rd 'Kumar' film with an option to direct.

If You Don't Know Bo...You Will

Team Apatow gets a new member...

The Hollywood Reporter says that 18-year-old songwriting comedian Bo Burnham is in negotiations to do the music and possibly star in a Judd Apatow-produced comedy

Burnham and Luke Liacos will co-write the script that's touted as an anti-"High School Musical" though it is not a parody. Burnham began recording his songs in his bedroom a couple of years ago and has since become an online sensation.

Truth be told I knew of Burnham but never actually heard him till now..And he's hilarious!! i'm bo yo. , New Math, Bo Fo' Sho' and Rehab Center for Fictional Characters are just a few of his best bits.


Anyway the movie should be very funny...

Apatow meanwhile, is prepping for an October start on Funny People.

Gervais' New Space?

After his great appearance on sunday's otherwise very boring Emmy Awards Ricky Gervais is being touted as a potential host of next year's Academy Awards ceremony says EW:

Ricky gets my vote!

Foxy Fish

Hottie Megan Fox is being courted to star in the film adaptation of the late Michael Turner's comic book Fathom --according to the folks over at IESB.

The story centers on a young woman named Aspen who goes on a water-based adventure after discovering she's part of a race of aquatic humanoids named The Blue.

Writers are currently being sought for the film.

The project had at one time been in development with at Lightstorm Entertainment and fell apart due to scripting issues. and now rests at Fox Atomic.

Never read the source material But...As long as she is scantily clad--I'm good to go.

Getting Dirty

MGM.has tapped writer-director Steve Pink of Accepted to script a remake of the 1988 comedy "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" says The Hollywood Reporter.

Itself a remake of the 1964 film "Bedtime Story" with Marlon Brando and David Niven.

'Scoundrels' starred Michael Caine and Steve Martin, (pictured) and was directed by Frank Oz, had mirror-opposite con men competing to scam money from a seemingly guileless American woman and banish each other from their South of France hunting ground.

The new incarnation will be updated for a contemporary time and Pink is working out how to make their actions credible whilst still behaving in totally outrageous and absurd ways.

Pink has a pretty solid track record--The right casting is crucial though.

A Man Of Many Hats

Johnny Depp was also on hand at the Disney Showcase in and turned not one rumor into reality but 3.

Here's a clue: As Depp took the stage actor was in a Jack Sparrow costume but wearing The Lone Ranger mask.

First up though he is indeed set to play the Mad Hatter for Tim Burton's 2010 adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland".

Matt Lucas also stars in the re-telling of the Lewis Carroll tale which will combine live-action and motion-capture footage.

Shooting is expected to begin in November for a March 5th 2010 release.

Depp also confirmed he has signed on for both "The Lone Ranger" flick and a fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean " movie.

Ted Elliott &Terry Rossio wrote the film, a new take on the origin of the famed western lawman.

Disney later confirmed to IESB that Depp isn't playing the title character but his trusted indian sidekick Tonto

If Depp weren't busy enough Variety recently reported-he will also re team with Pirates helmer Gore Verbinski to voice the lead character, in the animated Range about a household pet that goes on an adventure to discover its true self.

John Logan penned the script from an idea by Verbinski

National News

Film producer Jerry Bruckheimer and my "favorite" actor Nicolas Cage attended the Walt The Mouse House Showcase and told the crowd that a third "National Treasure" film is in the works.

Director Jon Turteltaub will be back behind the camera for round three, as will much of the original cast.

The first two films in the series made a boat load of cash...But for me Cage ="meh"

No plot details for the next one were given ...A 2010 release is being eyed.

Exact Opposite

The Hollywood Reporter says that Anne Hathaway has joined the cast of big screen adaptation of The Opposite of Love:" .

Based on Julie Buxbaum's fiirst novel, Hathaway plays a commitment-shy attorney who finds her life turned inside out when she rebuffs her ready-for-marriage boyfriend.

Hathaway has come a long way since her The Princess Diaries days...The Devil Wears Prada and Get Smart now this...

Kara Holden is set to adapt the dranedy said to be in the vein of Jerry Maguire.

The Queen And The Princess

The Disney folks held a special 'Showcase' for invited guests at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood today where all sorts of announcements were made.

Oprah Winfrey will lend her voice for a role in the company's animated film "The Princess and the Frog " due for release next Christmas.

The queen of daytime talk plays the role of Eudora, the mother of the lead character, Princess Tiana (Anika Noni Rose) in the story of a young princess living in New Orleans French Quarter during the Jazz Age .

Angela Bassett was rumored to be circling the part

Ron Clements and John Musker call the shots on the traditionally animated musical....

Landing Ms. O is a big deal...I'm hopping this is a fun film without any real deep adult messages for the wee ones like Aladdin and not Happy Feet which got bogged down by it's own weight of self-importance--Too many animated flicks are following that lead. I say let kids have fun and save the serious stuff for the grown ups

Belle Ringer

Camilla Belle has joined the cast of the psychological thriller "Three Stories About Joan" says One India.

Her boss will be Bruce Willis who makes his directorial debut on the film.

Belle plays Joan in the story about the three phases of her life that prompt her to lose her grip on reality. Willis will play Belle's character's father.

Belle played in the needless remake of When a Stranger Calls...Hopefully she will have better luck with Willis around

Christopher Alexander and Sam Applebaum wrote the Joan script and production is scheduled to begin in October in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stone, Paper, Scissors

Singer/actress Emma Stone joins Ryan Reynolds, Lisa Kudrow and Jeff Daniels in the comedy "Paper Man" says Variety.

The story has a man struggling to recapture his mojo as a successful novelist and in a happy marriage

It's obvious that Stone likes appearing in comedies...The House Bunny and Superbad...now Paper...

Kieran and Michele Mulroney, wrote the screenplay and are set to direct. Shooting begins in November in Queens and Montauk, New York.


Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey may be teaming up...

The always chatty Michael Caine spilled the beans that he's on a project with the duo.

Talking with MTV News about his upcoming schedule, he says he has the vigilante film "Harry Brown" in the works after that though he says:

"I'll probably do a film with Scarlett Johansson. I forget what it's called. It's an adventure film."

"I was told yesterday that they have Matthew McConaughey as the guy. I've got go home and read it again. It's a heist adventure film."

The film he is referring to must be "Brilliant", a Barry Levinson caper flick announced two years ago with SJ attached.

With these 2 steaming up the screen-The wardrobe budget should be very light

Worth Her Salt

Despite rumors that Angelina Jolie left the actioiner Edwin A. Salt...the folks at Moviehole now say they have confirmed that Jolie has officially signed on the dotted line.

The film centers on a CIA officer who is fingered as a Russian sleeper spy. She avoids capture by superiors who are convinced she is out to assassinate the president. While trying to reunite with her family, she struggles to prove someone else is the traitor.

Phillip Noyce has begun pre-production with a projected projected production of February 16th 2009.

An insider source says that the film will now be known as "Salt".

The Company You Keep

Ben Affleck is in talks to star in the drama "The Company Men" according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"ER" producer John Wells pulls triple duty as director, producer and writer on the film about a man who is laid off and must cope with the financial consequences and the fallout at home.

The script calls for a second male lead who is as yet cast....

Party City

Heather Graham and Justin Bartha are teaming for the comedy The Hangover says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story sees three buddies, (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis), who lose their best friend (Bartha) at his Caesars Palace bachelor party just 40 hours before his wedding. The trio must attempt to retrace all their steps from the night before and figure out where things went wrong. Graham will play a Vegas local who crosses paths with the guys and might know more about the groom's location than she lets on.

Sounds like fun--if a bit predictable--like most comedies set in Vegas...

Todd Phillips calls action from a script by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. Production begins this week in sin city.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All That Jazz

Nick Cassavetes has signed on to direct a period love story based on "The Beautiful and Damned" says The Hollywood Reporter.

The film will chronicle the relationship of author F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda . Keira Knightley is in discussions to play Zelda.

The couple were icons of the Jazz Age known for living large, soaring high and crashing hard....

Although toasts of town in the 1920s, their courtship and marriage was fraught with jealousy and strife . Fitzgerald used their relationship as material for his novels, and Zelda-- who tried hard to find an artistic identity of her own and ended up being admitted to a sanitarium .

Hanna Weg is scripting.

Production is scheduled to begin April '09.

Chill Pill

Shane Black is set to helm the spy thriller "Cold Warrior" says Variety.

As the title implies the film follows a Cold War-era spy who comes out of retirement to team with a younger agent to confront a domestic terrorism threat put into motion by Russia.

Charles Mondry penned the screenplay...

Black is still one of the premiere action guys in Hollywood...And given the eerie echoes of the past happening today...Aspects of this his project may end up being quite timely.

"From Hell's Heart..."

"Wanted" director Timur Bekmambetov will helm a re imagining of the Herman Melville. 1851 classic story "Moby-Dick" reports Variety.

Adam Cooper and Bill Collage will update the tale in a script that will forgo Ishmael's narration in favor of a an "action-adventure revenge story" that allows the filmmakers to depict the white whale's decimation of other ships prior to its encounter with Ahab's vessel the Pequod.

Ahab will be depicted more as a charismatic leader rather than the brooding obsessive,.

This a controversial decision in and of itself considering the whole point of the novel is to depict the destructive nature of relentless obsession.

Still-I am quite curious to see where this could go....The writers of the comedy Accepted Hmmm...

Welcome Back Old Friend

Legendary British horror production company Hammer Films is back!

Filming on "The Wake Wood" begins this week in Ireland according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Timothy Spall, Aidan Gillen and Eva Birthistle star in the story about grieving parents who are given the opportunity to spend three more days with their only daughter after she is killed by a savage dog.

David Keating calls the shots from a screenplay he co-wrote with Brendan McCarthy.

A release in the Fall of '09 is planned.

This is a real kick...There's nothing quite like spending a rainy Saturday afternoon watching some of the company's flicks from 60's and 70's in particular--recapturing that Hammer vibe for a sophisticated modern day crowd is going to tough....Again so curious and stoked

Ready And Waiting

English actor Tom Sturridge has joined the cast of "Waiting for Forever" according to The Hollywood Reporter

Sturridge plays a slacker who tries to reconnect with his childhood love, an actress in Hollywood (Rachel Bilson who was announced yesterday). Jaime King also stars as the young man's sister-in-law, who helps him after his brother rejects him.

Sturridge has been acting since childhood Gulliver's Travels and Vanity Fair. His chemistry with Bilson is key and if it works this could be his breakout role.

James Keach directs from the Steve Adams script when cameras roll on Monday in Utah.

If Not Now When

Italian Blog Bad Taste reports that Frank Miller was in Rome showing off new footage from "The Spirit" (due in U.S. theaters December 25th) and told the crowd:

I don’t believe a movie is real until I see the title on the screen. But I can tell you that I’m very close to begin ‘Sin City 2′ with Robert Rodriguez. We have to arrange a few things and we’ll be back in action.”

As I have said before...This project can't happen soon enough for me...It's been delayed for too long and far too often.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Think Before You...

Carrie-Anne Moss has joined the cast of the psychological drama Unthinkable according to MTV News.

Samuel L. Jackson stars as a black-ops interrogator who teams with an FBI agent attempting to interrogate terrorists while dealing with the so-called rule book.3 nuclear devices are set to go off in three different American cities... time is running out and Jackson's character operates off the books which allows him to cross that fine line.

Additional cast members are expected to be announced in the next few weeks. Gregor Jordan directs the film, from a script by Oren Moverman and Peter Woodward

Sounds very 24ish circa Season Two...Still Jackson and Moss should make an interesting on screen pairing

Filming begins next month.

Cage Goes On A Witch Hunt

Nicolas Cage is set to reunite with Dominic Sena for the period piece "Season of the Witch " says Variety.

Written by Bragi F. Schut., the film centers on the journey of 14th century knights transporting a girl suspected of being the witch responsible for spreading the Black Death

Production is scheduled to begin in Austria and Hungary come November.

Sena and Cage's 2000 film Gone in Sixty Seconds was OK at best-a film about the plague with Cage over emoting What a joy...

Lady In Waiting

Rachel Bilson has joined the indie romance drama "Waiting for Forever" reports Variety.

The tale revolves around a young slacker who's happy without a job and decides to spend the rest of his life with his love -- a 25-year-old TV actress living in Hollywood.

Steve Adams penned the script

A former resident of "The O.C." Bilson was pretty good in Jumper from earlier this year...Her chemistry with the Slacker is key...

James Keach calls action when Forever goes into production at the end of September in Salt Lake City.

Tucking Tail For Tales

Paramount Pictures has stepped in to takeover full financing on Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's"Tintin " trilogy after Universal Pictures passed on them last week due to concerns over cost reports Deadline Hollywood Daily.

With the economy in a slump and then some--studios are cutting costs wherever possible-- when the dual directors submitted a $130 million budget to produce the 3 films based on the Belgian comic last week, Universal said no thanks.

Now comes word Viacom has just stepped in and offered the big time directors full financing on the project which was supposed to start production next month. No word as yet if any of this issue will cause a delay.

With no less then 30% of the film's gross going to the film's directors, the property will have to make on the order of over $400 million before a studio would see a dime - meaning the property needs to do well both at home domestic and abroad.

Jackson's Weta Digital has already spent $30 million developing performance-capture technology to make the boy detective, his dog and the rest of his motley crew come alive.

Internationally the two dozen or so graphic novels have been a success and quite popular for many decades. At hone however they remain barely known works which raises a serious question about the film's domestic viability.

Yet with the dream duo of Spielberg and Jackson, Steven Moffat adapting the script - the film already has more going for it than most adaptations

How awkward though...since Spielberg and DreamWorks officially split from Paramount last Friday...