Monday, December 22, 2014

"Focus" Peek: "I Like Boobs"

2 new character posters and a trailer have arrived for the heist thriller "Focus".

The story follows a veteran con man (Will Smith) who gets romantically involved with a newcomer to the con business. They get involved which becomes perilous in a business where you lie and cheat for a living.

Rodrigo Santoro plays the magnetic and powerful owner of an international auto racing team. He seeks Margot Robbie's affections, and hires Smith to gain a competitive edge for his racing team.

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa ("Crazy, Stupid, Love") wrote the script that they directed.

Denise Di Novi is producing the film.

The film hits theaters on February 27th 2015.

Smith had been considering the film for some time, he has only now committed to join it. Kristen Stewart was previously attached to co-star, but with Smith's hiring she has now opted out. It's reported that the age difference between the two would be "too large a gap".

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were previously linked to the project in the lead roles. A shame that Ryan and Emma had moved on. They are so great together...Stewart was to star with Ben Affleck but he bolted after a scheduling snafu.

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