Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wahlberg Says "The Six Billion Dollar Man" Is A Superhero

Mark Wahlberg is making the rounds to promote this week's release of remake of the James Caan-led 1974 crime drama "The Gambler".

Collider asked him about about potentially starring in a superhero film, the actor brought up "The Six Billion Dollar Man" suggesting  it is structurally similar to the superhero genre:

"We're talking about doing Six Billion Dollar Man, which is very much a superhero, but I don’t have to wear any kind of spandex cape.  So that would be cool. Howard Gordon is writing the script and people are talking about doing it, but we got a great, great idea and it’s something that’s been in the pipeline for quite some time, so hopefully if we get the script right maybe we’ll make it after we do the Deepwater Horizon."

 "Lone Survivor" star Wahlberg and director Peter Berg are attached to reunite on the long in development film adaptation of the 1970s TV series "The Six Million Dollar Man"--The amount adjusted for 21st century inflation.

The original show followed astronaut Steve Austin () whose body is rebuilt with cybernetic technology after he received a traumatic injury from an aircraft crash. He becomes a force to be reckoned with for the government as a secret agent for the Office of Scientific Intelligence.

Berg, Sarah Aubrey, Stephen Levinson and Bob Weinstein will produce the pic.

Several attempts have been made to adapt the property before. Leonardo DiCaprio was attached in 2011 with Bryan Singer ("X-Men: Days of Future Past") set to direct. Jim Carrey was linked at one point too. However, the property was stuck in a rights tussle between TV series owner Universal Pictures and The Weinstein Company who own the rights to author Martin Caidin's novel Cyborg on which the show was based.

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