Sunday, December 07, 2014

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Turns 35

35 years ago today Star Trek began its cinematic journey exploring the final frontier with the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture--10 years after the cancellation of The Original Series...Ironically the film franchise might not have ever left space dock were it not for the blockbuster release of Star Wars in 1977.

A mysterious and immensely powerful alien cloud approaches Earth, destroying everything in its path, Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner) assumes command of the newly refit starship—the USS Enterprise—and his former crew on a mission to save the planet.

A vintage featurette 

Star Trek: TMP received mixed reviews from critics, many of whom noted the film lacked action and relied too much on special effects. A true assessment. The final production cost ballooned to approximately $46 million--chump change by today's standards. The film earned $139 million worldwide, falling short of Paramount Pictures expectations but it still brought in enough box office warranting Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan to be made...

TMP may not be the best film in the series...But it will always have a special place in my heart as the first piece of Trek I saw and making me a fan thus--The Human Adventure began for me in January 1980 ... Every frame of the film offered this kid something cool to look at...  After leaving the theater with my sister--I started seeking out the classic episodes and the rest as they say is history...

Director Robert Wise may have been hampered by a weak script without a clear ending until well into production but it didn't show back then--Thanks to the great original cast, a cool star-ship an exotic alien named Ilia (Persis Khambatta) great production design by the late Harold Michelson and of course composer Jerry Goldsmith's best film score...I was hooked. I will always be grateful to TMP and Trek for giving me a lifetime of great memories.

Wise was able to improve the film by enhancing the effects and tweaking the pace with the release of Star Trek - The Motion Picture: The Director's Cut....

The Original Teaser Trailer--with voice over by the legendary Orson Welles:

The Original Theatrical Trailer:

Wise And Goldsmith Discuss The Iconic Theme:

Trek creator Gene Roddenberry liked the theme from TMP so much that he made sure it became the title track for the spin-off series  Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Star Trek TMP - Main Theme (First Studio Recording) "Take 1"

Thanks To The Cast And Crew Of Star Trek--The Motion Picture For Starting My Journey Into The Final Frontier

I dedicate this post to my sister Karen who introduced me to the world of Star Trek all those years ago....I love you and thanks. V'GER LIVES!!

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