Thursday, October 30, 2014

Author Gives Sit Rep On "Robopocalypse" Film

Early last year director Steven Spielberg postponed work on the technothriller "Robopocalypse".

Based on Daniel H. Wilson's novel, the cautionary tale explores the fate of the human race after a robot uprising. Wilson has a Ph.D. in robotics and grounded his tale in a heavy degree of authenticity derived from real robot technology.

At last report Spielberg is still developing it. But like many busy filmmakers--it is one of at least a half dozen projects the director is attached to and it's unclear if or when he will zero in on it again.

 Wilson recently offered an update on the project to the folks at Den of Geek:

"It's basically in the queue as far as I know. You know, Spielberg has other movies that he's directing right now. But Robopocalypse has certainly been worked on. I'm sure that DreamWorks is still very excited about it. That's what all indications are. It's just about being patient, you know? I think one of the films on Spielberg's slate is The Bfg, and that's been floating around for about ten years. I don't really know what a timeline is, but that's certainly normal. So I'm just being patient and working on all my projects. It would be some wonderful bonus points if that ever comes together."

"Cloverfield's" Drew Goddard wrote the adapted script.

"Thor" star Chris Hemsworth was being eyed to star as were Anne Hathaway and Ben Whishaw

Ex Fox chief Tom Rothman was slated to produce the film.

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