Thursday, August 19, 2010

Touched By An Angel

Producer Wayne Rice and helmer Darren Lynn Bousman (the Saw franchise) will team up for "11 11 11", a horror pic based in part on the 11/11 Movement reports Heat Vision..

The theory behind this movement deals with the number's significance in people's lives, specifically its appearance alerting people that angels/guardians are trying to communicate with them.

November 11th 2011 is a Friday, the film's release date is already set for that date.

The script, which Bousman is writing, takes the idea that at 11:11am on that date, the last of Heaven's eleven gates will open and something from another world will enter our earthly realm.

It'll be here not for 11 minutes but 49 minutes.

The tone is said to be atmospheric rather than gory, and desperately wants to avoid comparisons to the Jim Carrey stinker "The Number 23" (as well it should!!) dealing with with similar wild numerology theories.

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